Pronounced "Zig" "Tao"

What is ZGTOW? ZGTOW is a alternative perspective on the popular philosophy called MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way. ZGTOW stand for Zoophile's going their own way, and it is a reaction to modern 3rd wave feminism and the rights of men being stripped in justice system, in the family courts, and in traditional standards men are held to by society.

The social contract between men and women as been broken since feminism has gone mainstream. You see the corrupt family court systems, you see false rape accusations destroy life long careers and goal without due process, you see #Metoo witch hunts, and ultimately you see the bigoted Duluth Model. Even the concept of "consent" has changed to where the women can decide at a whim that she didn't "feel" good about sex, then accuse you of rape when consent was infact given. The system of justice has been corrupted to favor for women, at the detriment of men.

MGTOW's understand concepts such as hypergamy, Gyno-centrism, and the Cock-Carosel. These behaviors found in the nature of the female, and alongside the dangerous powers and rights given in the feminist court systems, allow them incredible manipulative power. Understanding the risks to a mans life, love, career, finances and goals, MGTOW's walk away from marriage seeing the benefits are only for the women sake. 50% of marriages end in divorce, 70% of those divorces are initiated by women, and 90% of the women will obtain sole custody of any children. It is a no-win scenario, the only way to win is NOT TO PLAY.

MGTOWs and ZGTOWs do not find VALIDATION of their lives from a women. They do not need the approval of a woman, marriage or relationship to feel whole. They self-actualized, their interests, pursuits and goals is what gives their lives meaning, not the pat on the head of a woman. This is truly what ZGTOW/MGTOW is, it is finding validation and meaning from your life outside of a woman but in your own pursuits.

MGTOW's advocate for short-term relationships, sex dolls, sex toys, escort services and replacing the womans role for reproduction with surrogacy if desired. This way men can have control over their lives and domain. Responsibility with authority. Balanced and complete. Ultimately, if you take sex off the table between men and women, you see her value plummet like a rock.

However, the MGTOW perspective on sex is cold, and i would say lacking a soul. Most zoophiles practice bestiality, sex with animals, in a ethical, loving and respectful way. You could say zoophiles discovered the true value of human pussy thousands of years ago. They discovered that sex with animals is often just as, or even more pleasurable than women. In todays modern society, this ancient practice is indeed one of the most important tools to have in a MGTOW's set if he is willing to accept the truth. The truth that the golden vagina of a women, isnt all that its cut out to be compared to the many other species compatible with the human sex organs.

Many zoos are not MGTOW, and some MGTOW are zoos. I am a MGTOW that is a zoo, or ZGTOW. I choose NOT to get involved with women, as doing such would pose a great risk of a false allegation. If you think this is paranoia, Lets not forget the Mike Pence rule, or how wall street business execs are now asking for chaperons to prevent this. The risk of dating, courting, and having sex with women is too great with the current laws in place in most western countries. That is why I find supreme satisfaction in sexual relations with my mare and K9 girl. So much so, My mates have become "wives" in the human sense, and I love, cherish, and treat them so. The Juice is Not WORTH the Squeeze, to risk my goals in dating in the gynocentric system we are in.

I will post more articles on this subject, hopefully to open the eyes of zoos, MGTOWs and anyone else willing to read, that Zoophilia is practical, logical, and ethical for the modern world. It should be seen as alternative lifestyle, and one that give the power back to men, to walk away from a system that harms them, and to be happy doing so.

Zoophilia is freedom.