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    ohh that sounds nice all of it
    Dark secrets is often the most fun.


      I use to finger my ex every time we were in the car. Even played with her during an entire Cirque De Solei performance. Playing around in public is a huge turn on Hehe


        In the midst of all of rope pulling, apple bobbing, lectures, and other summer games my attention was constantly being redirected to a lone black stallion in a old coral. His massive plump full black balls almost glistening in the light when his tail would flick to revile those almost breast sized beauties hanging taut between his legs. It almost hert (well the constant growing pressure in my jeans sure did) knowing I might never have an opertunity again to have my first encounter with such a magnificently beautiful equine creature.

        I started going over plans and devising ways as to how and when I could eventually one day be with this stallion. I failed to find a reasonable plan of action. As the day was winding down and the hosts started closing down the events for the day, and I thought we were on our way back to camp our team leaders made a surprise announcement that we would be staying the evening for a community barn raising.

        The sun had set by this time and it was getting nice and dark out. While the band played, and the hundreds of people twirled and swirled, I could only imagine myself getting my hands around that stallions magnificent member. After noticing the camp leaders and other campers were fully enveloped by the festivities and I had shown my face, having gone through the line a time or two, I knew now was the god gifted time to enjoy a equine for the first time.

        I casually made my way out of the massive barn and away from the crowds of people, hearing the music fade as I made my to his coral. With the given amount of light, I could make out the detailed beautiful silhouette of this massive animal. I went around the coral opposite the path. I picked some tender grass. I put my hand through the fence clutching the treat extended outward to see if he was friendly enough to come over. The horse just stood where he was, in the center of the coral, looking at me peculiar and then snorted. I quietly called him, in a variety of ways that I thought might get him to come over to me, and not draw anyone’s attention to us. To my great satisfaction he began to walk over to me. He walked up to me head on and began to eat from my hand, I had only fed a horse once before so I knew to keep my hand flat, his lips tickled and prodded my had for more, coating my had in his viscous saliva, in the search. I picked more grass and fed him, sneaking in pets when he would allow.

        He was standing more at an angle now so I could see all of his stallion glory as he nibbled and lapped at my now slimy hand. To my great surprise and glee he started to drop, and so did I. I was now completely rock hard. His massive horse cock was drooping down hanging there elegantly. I coxed him sideways, in hopes of getting my hands on that big dangling horse cock and making him as hard as me. I could pet his rump but couldn’t quit get my hand on what I lusted after. I climbed the fence, I was so nervous and horny, my hands where shaking (I could get caught by any number of the literal hundreds of people at any moment) my stomach was filled with butterflies, and my underwear with a mass of precum. While clambering over the fence the stallion moved a little ways to give me some space. Once in the enclosure, the horse began to act a bit nervous, I had brought some grass with me and fed him to calm him down. He allowed me to pet him again and to work my way backwards with the strokes.

        I unzipped my pants and freed my precum covered cock and began to stroke myself with the hand that the horse had made nice, slick and sticky. The combination of the copious amounts of frothy precum and sticky horse saliva was pure bliss, I stroked myself and his rump simultaneously. The horse began to get even more erect, I could see the magnificent tip dropping down again. He stomped his hoof. I was so close to cumming. I caressed my hand lower and felt his hair line end and began to feel his supple skin that leads up to his hairless penis and scrotum.

        I felt the heat radiating from the area as I slowly wrapped as much hand that I could around his monstrously thick cock. As I began to reveal in the moment and squeeze his cock and feel the sheer girth and fantastical heft to it, I was on the constant verge of cumming. I continued squeezing feeling the heavy cock growing in my my hand with each tug and squeeze, all the while squeezing and tugging myself. My knees gave way and I trembled, thick forceful white streams of cum came flying from the tip of my thick cock, thighs and ass clenching, my tight balls pulsed and spasmed as they emptied there contents into the dark. A large amount of sperm was still left on my unfaltering erection and hand; I collected as much of my cum as I could and combined it with our spit and used it to help my friend with his now gigantic heavy fully erect cock (it must have been at least two feet long!!). All the moisture from our body’s fluids helped to remove the light layer oily smegma that ran the length of is magnificent delicious cock, witch only added to the layer of glorious texture of that creatures fantastic veiny flared cock. I got down and with both hands really began to stroke and get a feel for that mushroom flared head that was pure bliss to finally have in my actual hands, I couldn’t believe this was actually finally happening. I kept spitting on the huge horse cock so my hand could slide over the huge thick veiny length more easily. I was in the midst or worshipping this fine animals amazing delicious penis when I saw flashlights approaching.

        I hadn’t noticed the faint music had stopped playing. I scrambled out of the coral, leaped over enclose like show house and hid behind a large pine tree, I waited for the group of flashlights to pass. As they approached I noticed some of the voices in the group. My hands still nice and slimy, I tried as best I could to wipe them off on what plant matter I could find. I waited till they had passed, then got back on the trail behind them and approached from behind and said “Hey guys what’s up” it was a my camp crew and team leader. “******!! We’ve been looking for you!”

        **First sorry ever**

        True story.

        Should I write more?

        Someone please check my grammar.

        Message me for more info.