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Anyone need a new, inclusive Gender and Sexual Acceptance forum?

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    Anyone need a new, inclusive Gender and Sexual Acceptance forum?

    If the answer is yes, I... happen to have one, and I'm desperately hoping y'all will use it. It's a darkweb site...


    ...but for those without the Tor Browser...

    ...a simple web gateway works too...

    Rules are a bit stricter than here (no porn), but otherwise it's a welcoming and inviting site with a forum just for you and Admin protection against morons deciding to troll or harass you in the guise of white knights. And if the admin here is interested...

    http://suc3qey3jhnjy4vlkezowdrqx5c34...on/links.htm#c does link back to here under "communities, zooerotic," as, well, the only other known zoo community. Since the site suggested the admin was looking for linkback and link exchange...

    Some will be for it, some will be uninterested, but it's here for those that want one. You get integration and a protected legal playground on the darkweb. I get forum activity that isn't viagra spam. Everyone wins, and despite the incoming headache of being linked on the clearweb, I look forward to those of you who want a place joining us... and whether you think it's right for you or not, thank you for your time.

    We on zooville treat and respect all users equally including trans-gender users. This post will be moved to the link dump section.

    Zoophilia is Freedom - ZThorse Interview on ZTT.


      Bless you.