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Zoo Pride Day - July 1st 2019 - Kicking off Zoo Pride Week from July 1st - 7th!

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    Zoo Pride Day - July 1st 2019 - Kicking off Zoo Pride Week from July 1st - 7th! is Officially Starting a World-Wide Holiday for Zoophiles all around the world.

    Today, we would like to set the precedent for the advocation, celebration, and Self Acceptance of the Zoophile Community. For too long, the zoo community has been separated, divided, and isolated in support of our own identity. The deepest love for our animals that we are fortunate, thankful, & grateful we can enjoy for the so short period of time they are here on earth to grace us with their presence and love.

    We want to set precedent, for a holiday for zoo's all around the earth, to give thanks to the beautiful animals we love so dearly, to set aside a day to celebrate the ethical, beautiful relationships we have with our animal partners. This hasn't been attempted before on such a major zoo site, to bring the community together that has been fractured for too long, for a day where we can put aside all the differences we have, the political, the economic, the religious, the philosophical, the ideological and things like these that split us.

    On this Day, Let us make a shout together that we are here and we are happy to be zoo!

    Not just Happy, We are PROUD to be Zoo!

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    Zoo Pride Week will be on the first week of July, with Zoo Pride Day being on July 1st.

    In celebration, we will be holding

    - A Art contest for the logo to change during Zeta Pride Week, Just like how Google Changes their logo for holidays. - Officially Closed!

    - A General Art contest for Zeta Pride Week

    -Zoo Pride 2019 Thread -

    - A Show your Zeta's Thread, where you can display your ζ's drawn on your body or on any object in celebration!
    - An Special Title Awarded to the artist who wins the art contest in each category!
    - Possible Raffle for some Monero to support a local zoo whom needs a helping hand!
    - Or just hang out with your zoo friends and share the day together here or IRL!

    Show your support for our holiday by adding a link to this thread in you signature! This way we can establish this date in the heart of every zoo.

    Zoophilia is Freedom - ZThorse Interview on ZTT.

    knottymilf needs a t-shirt! ;-)


    • spunkbeastX
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      But would she wear it? I don't mean in the lounge....
      Would actually be highly erotic to witness in the street, but unless she has a wig and shades and a fast getaway car...not going to happen. Shame.

    • knottymilf
      knottymilf commented
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      you don't know me very well, then.

    I am happy to be here


      Hmmmmm... I'm proud to be zoo every day


        This is great, maybe one day we’ll be accepted by the public


          I assume someone is going to announce this on a major network? Otherwise it will do no good.


            We could use a hashtag on Twitter. I'm up for it. #zoopride
            would be a good way of finding similar interest profiles also.
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            • ZTHorse
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              Just be cautious when posting on twitter. Its very doxxable.

            this guy would love a t-shirt also. I would love to print up a few, and give them away as door prizes. I wonder what the winner would think, IF they did not know what the Design really meant.?


              I'm really not concerned with anominity ZTHorse I may end up the male version of Whitney Wisconsin (Lynn Lew) lol. I'm already to deep into spiritualism to care. I live my life within its respected bounds. I show respect to everyone and lead a trail with my own path. I am making my path to lead the furtherance of darkness and to corrupt.


              • ZTHorse
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                Very good. If you did want to make a twitter post, you could use that hashtag #zoopride.

              id love t oshow off my pride, but i dont want thos community to be associated with the LGB bullshit that causes so much trouble. also i think assing ζ to your name would most likley set you as a target,


              • Coreyblake1990
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                I'm part of the LGBT community. I respect your view just as you should mine. Things in the open cause people to become desensitized with it over time. Everybody has a right to free will without people trying to enforce a fabricated standard. Life is a free will opportunity.

              Hey milf if I were closer I could just paint something on your chest just in case you didn't want to cover it up or anything ... Just thinking out loud... LoL


                Hey everyone! Zoopride is coming up in July. Are you ready to fight and stand up for your rights? Express who you are! Some people have a wired mindset. They were brought up with a certain standard. We need to stand our ground and proclaim our rights within existence. Humanity is continually evolving. Don't accept defeat. Your enjoyment should not be at a cost of hate! Stand loud and proud! Who is going to be retweeting/hastaging #zoopride in July with me. Together we are many. Let's stand together and bring about a new zoo movement! (Zoosbook post)

                I think a white horse should be our mascot
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                • ZTHorse
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                  Nice. you should submit this to the art thread.

                I've pondered about it a few time the idea of wearing the Zeta pride symbol on a T-shirt in public. I reckon the only people that would know it's meaning would be other Zoo's so you'd get the occasional wink and nod from passers by and then you can be like "Hell yeah high five" or something lol


                  Lovely day.


                    our mascot (atleast for us wolf lovers) should be a plumpy juicey Knotted cock!