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Question to people that post homemade zoo content.

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  • Question to people that post homemade zoo content.

    (Question is the last paragraph if you don't want to read a bunch!)

    I have had a few people repost some of my videos to various other sites, and one person reposted one video a day after I did on the exact same site!

    Fortunately only one of those 3~4 people tried to claim my video(s) as their own, and when I politely asked him to either give proper credit to me, or delete it, he promptly told me to "Fuck off" and never contact him again. Granted, I never put any watermarks on my pics or videos, so I made it rather easy.

    The other people just happened to really enjoy my content, and wanted to share it on sites that I didn't have a presence on already.

    There was another person sharing my stuff on Kik in various groups, and I happened to be in a group when he decided to share some. They were quite surprised to find me there!

    So my question to you is, has anyone had one of their pics or videos stolen? And if so, how did you and the other person handle the situation?
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    I was walking in the same shoes once then I figured you cannot do much. I shared my videos to a few people privately then they ended up everywhere on the net even on paysites. So people were earning money with it. Despite I made a huge stamp at the side of the video that it was shared with XY on site XZ and it is the property of ME. Of course I terminated every connection with them in an instant.
    Yes it was sad and annoying at the same time but I couldn't do anything. I reported the videos to the site admins they put them down but they reappeared again and again. After a year or so I gave up the fight. Simple people claiming it was their stuff did not bother me at all. There are trolls and liars everywhere. Free sharing sites or forums wasn't an issue for me either, after the few occasions I uploaded every material I had in my library anyway. I recorded everything not only for me to keep hidden in the depths of my HDD but for the porn-hungry-hord on the net. So I eventually give in and up fighting against. I made a few more short videos keeping in mind that I have to edit out all ID marks and stuffs then they went to the net straight.

    I know it is a little depressing but if you are not making a page where you sell your stuff for money and use some kind of DRM, it will appear everywhere sooner or later. Ignore the trolls and report the sites asking for money for your stuff.


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      This is a problem in that while one has copyrights... because most places define sex with animals as a crime, there's no recourse for sending a take down, with any real legal weight.

      In the more straight porn world, this has been a problem for years, but in the recent past there have been infringement cases where the porn producers have won... at great legal expense.

      It is pretty much a state where one has to accept that one's work will be abused, and one then decides to post or not depending.


      • DuskLuck
        DuskLuck commented
        Editing a comment
        Exactly. Bestiality is a misdemeanor in my state, so I can't take legal action. And even if I could take action, I wouldn't due to the nature of the material in question.

        I knew from the beginning that my stuff would be reposted or "stolen," but I wanted to share regardless.

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      The most you can do is watermark your material to bring traffic here, then you can monetize your own profile, and hopefully you will receive the income vs the one stealing it.
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        True, at-least its available for you to do so.
        Zoophilia is Freedom.

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          It often happens that someone uploads a video made by someone else just to earn credits so that they can download more. Yes it is a motivation killer. Annoying watermarks 'made by <username> for <sitename> will stop most of it, but there are sites and persons who don't even care about that.


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            I stopped posting on BF for this reason. The moral here is if you don't want the world to see it and claim it... Don't post it.!
            The Internet is just like a seive... whatever you put in it comes straight through the other side.


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              Best you can do it keep some original photos or video you haven't uploaded, and if you need to prove to someone you're the owner of something posted put a large watermark over the un-uploaded stuff to demonstrat you have content not in the original. Keep the originals and you can always prove you're the content creator.


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                I remember my stuff going on other sites as soon as I started posting videos (8 chan is where its mostly spread I find :P) I don't like it much personally, but again there's nothing we can really do about it except post our content on a platform that will protect it within its sphere. Meaning while although I can't control what content get's spread/stolen elsewhere, I can take solace in the idea that I have a place where I can not only protect my original work but also find an audience and fan base that can actually follow me in my adventures.

                As far as the copyright stuff goes and watermarking I don't bother with it personally. If someone else tries to claim my content elsewhere I can easily post a link to the original source (even verify it with a picture and hand written message on the original source post) in an attempt to expose their jackassery. Also I'd suggest trying to capture as many memorable scenes as possible so that people can more easily recognize your style, like Zooskool's star Vixen. I can practically point her out in any video she stars in cause she keeps her appearance consistent and the dogs she plays with are also memorable.
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