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    Ask a good Question, Get a good Answer

    In this game, you are supposed to ask, well, a good question, so you can get a good answer!


    Poster 1: Who is the first to forget a love, the one who is left, or the one who leaves?

    Poster 2: They say that those who were left never forget. They have the sweet, sad memories and songs in
    their head for a long time. And pity is with them. And those who leave, no one is with them. They have no memories
    and no songs. So, I think they are the first to forget.

    Pardon me for breaking the rules by asking a bad question, but what are the rules of this post??

    Poster 3:

    Rules are:
    No inappropriate things
    No Flame Wars

    And so on....

    Have Fun!

    I'll start:
    What is your idea of a perfect date?

    My idea of a perfect date is being with a mare in a quiet field, and I'm rubbing her while she nibbles on some grass.

    What do you think the meaning of life is?


      42 of course.

      Was the world actually safer back in the day, or has ease of sharing information just increased our awareness of the bad that has always been around?


        The internet is a double edged sword , the bad was always there but now it can’t hide
        is there life elsewhere in the universe ?


          Although I don't really believe in UFOs as for there being life out there somewhere I'd have to say the possibility is there for it.
          What in your opinion would be the greatest thing holding back zoophilia recognized as a sexuality and to keep it from becoming legalized


            Most people's initial reaction to it and reluctance to tolerate differences in sexual preferences. I don't even care if people view zoophilia as some weird kink, as long as it's legal.

            Why are there still homeless people in wealthy countries like the US?


              The world views us as some kind of abusive perverts and I can’t see it changing ever, even in a one in a zillion chance it became legal it wouldn’t matter a jot as friends family and the world would still shun us
              its heartbreaking seeing starving children in Africa and the rest of the world.......any solutions


                Wealthy countries does not equate to everyone being wealthy. It takes time and hard work to make money and if that is not present in a person they often end up homeless. Just because you live within a wealthy country does not mean you automatically are wealthy. Living in a wealthy country just means there are more opportunities for help which again require some work from the person which often never happens.

                How is it 2019 and we still do not control the weather?