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Hi there!! :))))

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    Hi there!! :))))

    So I realized I never actually described myself! My name I'd like to keep disclosed, but you can call me Starr. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. I love to sing, dance, produce music, garden, box aka sparring, sew, fix electronics, draw, paint, write, read, swim, working out, weight lifting, making jewelry, play ukulele, making movies, beekeeping, baking, cooking, and many things more, although I would love to make a career out of singing. I wouldn't mind being a housewife as well I have a very large vocal range. I love musical theater and Broadway musicals and would love to be part of one one day. I love makeup and nails, and fx makeup as well. I meme well, hehe. I do have a bit of dark humor too, I don't get offended easily, I'm very open-minded and easy to agree with. I'm sensitive but not soft. I'll deck you in the face while crying. My music tastes range from tejano music, to bollywood music, I love all genres of music
    I'm into ddlg and petplay, minus the hoods and paws. I am also a soft mdlb mommy, and mistress at times, but I'm mainly a sub lg. I do get clingy, jealous, but very loving as a little. My age range is about 3-4 in littlespace. I don't like all the same things as most littles. I like pink, but I also like space, dinosaurs, bees, reptiles, bugs, and all that fun stuff.
    I'd love to chat with you! You can also add me on (DELETED)

    Hi from another lg/pet!! *waves and blows kisses*