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    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little here, I did have an account on bF but I admit I was not very active in the slightest, mainly since I've always been more of a lurker. I also have been pretty hush hush about me very much enjoying zoophillia. but dunno if I'll ever work up the courage to actually try something myself haha, regardless you guys seem pretty cool so I hope to talk to some of you left and right

    so my name's horse, I'm 25 yo not a native English speaker so sorry for my errors. I do a school/work combination (meaning I go to school one day in the week and I work the other days). I like to draw and listen to music, my favorite animals are horses, mean they are sexy as heck, but I can also appreciate other animals such as cows, pigs, dogs, goats, deer and a few more. And I find it really hot to see others just getting busy.

    I sadly don't have any animals myself but that's okay

    I quite enjoy watching vids involving pee n some scat (not always, depends a bit) the mistress beast vids where she fists a cow are pretty hot, sadly could never find the one where she goes full on with a strapon. Least not one where it wasn't locked behind a pay wall, while i do make money i sadly don't have the privecy to make payments without being quastioned. It's not a bad situation but still annoying as you can imagine. I also like to see females with female animals, which is a bit harder to find, which understandeble. but it makes me happy when I find such vids any time

    but yeah guess that is all I have to say, for now, see you guys around!

    Perhaps this place should have an area for introductions?

    Anyways, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay and try to stay active.


      Hi, our families grow up quickly. I am very happy ...
      "Inasmuch as one thing suits our nature, she is necessarily good." - Baruch Spinoza -