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    heard about this place recently, thought i'd give it a shot.

    zoo exclusive (not attracted to humans), mostly straight male; not very experienced, but have 3 dogs and 2 equines i'm active with.

    interested in almost all mammals to some degree, though sadly, i'm most attracted to animals that are difficult if not impossible to be with (bears, hyenas, big cats, dolphins, kangaroos, etc.). thankfully, i'm not too picky in most regards, so i'm happy with dogs and equines, but it always feels like there's more out there that i wish i could experience. will likely add a few cows and possibly sheep to the homestead at some point... looking forward to expanding my horizons.

    i'm interested in furry art, but my preference tends to be having at least one 'feral' in the mix (feral on feral or feral on anthro/anthro on feral), with as much realism in the art as possible (good fur textures, anatomically correct whether feral or anthro, etc.).

    can't think of anything else to say at the moment, so i guess i'll stop there for now.