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    Image Board Tags

    A few notes on tags for the image board:

    If you enjoy this site, especially the image board, please consider taking the time to add tags to the posts. started off as just an image board I could dump content too, and by now its quite a collection but the site would be a lot more useful if all of the posts had proper tagging. Anyone can add tags, you don't need any special permissions.

    Please add any relative tags you see fit and if you could, focus on the primary tags:

    Primary Tags

    Ideally, every post would have primary tags in the format "<gender>_<species>". For example, if a post contains a human female and a male dog, the primary tags should be:


    This will ultimately allow people to better search for what they want by combining tags, like searching for both "female_human" and "male_k9" like so:

    Can you only tag the first message of a thread or any comment you add? Tried adding tags to one of my comments but didn't really seem to work.


      I think the above post was in reference to the image board and not this forum. But no, tags on the forum are only for the original poster / topic starter.