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    Site's media style...

    Really enjoy the site but i must say i wish the media content was layed out more like streaming (tube style) instead of direct download. It seems old fashion to me and also if there's going to be direct downloads then i wish there would be screenshots or previews that way i'm not wasting my time on the same old content we've seen over and over. Just my opinion.

    Please no streaming, the download option makes more sense to me.

    Posting previews is what the people posting the video need to do.

    Et ceterum censeo HJSplit esse delendam.


      Always a good idea to make a suggestion to the admin group.

      However, I believe most of the folks here are okay with the present format.

      On preview images,
      That's up to the uploaders to provide a few still-image snapshots in their posts in relation to their videos.

      As to downloading directly (If the uploader chose to upload to his/her post),
      Usually, all you have to do is click on the download links (which are JavaScripted) and a download pop-up window should open.


      I'm sure the admin team would be more than happy to hear any reasonable suggestions?

      - Pan

      There are times I wish to be as an animal, myself. Human life has become too complex, and sometimes very irritating.


        From the little I know (and it's not much) streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth which directly equates to more cost. I prefer free to convenience. I do agree that previews are helpful and most either post them with the video or within a few replies someone posts a screen shot. Just a matter of scrolling down a bit to find it.