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I want to be a human pet.

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    I want to be a human pet.

    I'm a pup and I'd love to be owned as a human pet. Wearing collars, leashes....sleeping in cages and eating from dog bowls. I want to be your dog's bitch and want to be treated as such. I want to give up my rights as a human and give full ownership to my master and K9 companion.

    I prefer K9 only, but am open to other species.... (not too keen on the human species! haha)

    Looking for an experienced Master (or couple?). I prefer someone who is controlling and not afraid to do what it takes to get results. Physical appearance does not matter to me. I'm just a pup.

    Just curious if anyone out there has the same desires as me. Maybe you exist, maybe not. Friends are welcome too!

    If you think I am what you are looking for, or just want to share interests, please send me a message.

    I'm located in Houston, TX but am willing to travel for the right home.

    Hello pup
    you may be what I am looking for.
    I am looking for a true and full slave/pet/bitch.
    I would like to talk with you and see if you are that slave


      Part K9 lol been with K9s on and off since I was 12 . Enjoy playing with leash ECT ECT pup play tho not full time 🙂 just wanted to say WOOF tho I use to be pride_lands on BF. 41 M Raleigh North Carolina just moved down here from PA ^..^


        I can make you my pet and my dogs bitch and have the set up for it. i can take you long term. PM me.


          I have spoke with my cane corso "Major" We think this could be a good fit. PM me