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    Southern California

    Anyone one in Social. Palm Springs here

    Hey I'm in central valley so kinda southern California


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        Jurupa Valley here, I've always had a fantasy about fucking a female dog, however I have yet to meet anyone that is will to share their bitch with me.


          eh, don't know what the hell happened to my post up there...

          anyways i'm in central OC, very much down to meet other zoos socially, as in getting a cup of coffee or something and getting to know each other. sort of like normal people do, except with the knowledge of being mutually abnormal. para-normal, maybe XD
          i'm here to meet other intelligent, thoughtful, creative people. who also fuck animals. but the former qualities definitely supersede the latter orientation in my heirarchy of attractive personal features. i'm not looking to hookup with anyone's animals and i'm not looking to hook anyone up with mine. friendship first and foremost; sex later, if things work out that way. it'd be nice if they do sometimes but not a requirement on my side.
          Hiking and camping are good hobbies to be into in my opinion, art too. basically passionate and creative interests in life outside of popular culture is something i'm into.
          i've met a couple people from BF, with varied results, but the good results have been worth risking the eh less favorable ones so far =')
          message me if you want to exchange telegram info.
          keep it pervy ya'll! ;')


            KnottyLA here!

            looking for friends to chat about our experiences/common interests. (And of course a Mk9 owner if the opportunity presents itself)

            I too love to hike/camp, and I also surf I have a huge interest in anything science/space related and love me some nerd talk.

            Im an open book and a friendly fellow, drop me a line
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            • Curiousme
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              I am also looking for like minded here

            Former , LONG time BF member here, mature female, experienced , owner, trainer, and starting up a small private group that actually meets for social activities as well as fun...hi desert by VV and Barstow... Anyone SERIOUS AND LOCAL within an hour, contact me if you are willing to drive to meet... A big Plus if you are a former BF friend I know.. Hope all have a Blessed day. Lol knottyLA, I LOVE space also, lets chat!


            • Petwolf
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              I'm a former BF here however I'm about two hours away from Barstow. Live in San Diego

            • Marel0ver
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              In the mountains by arrowhead. Used to cruise BF ages ago. Itd be cool to chat

            • Shotdoc82
              Shotdoc82 commented
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              Lancaster here. Would love to chat and meet ups.

            Hey, I'm from San Diego!

            Im actually up in the Kings County area for work at the moment but maybe there are some lurkers near there that would like to talk and meet up as well? Looking for like minded people that I can chat with! I've only recently found this site which sucks because it's been so lonely not being able to express my love for all things zoo haha. So yeah, hello!


            • SdTARDIS
              SdTARDIS commented
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              Hello I’m in Chula Vista. M. I’ve got a super horny pit bull who lets me hack him off. But if you try to suck him he gets scared or he’s too sensitively. Looking for like minded guys who’d be willing to help me train him.

            • somprs
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              San Diego here

            • K9Krunchies
              K9Krunchies commented
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              Local in SD, experienced with dogs willing to meet and help. Pit included SdTARDIS ;3

            Im in the corona area ide be down to get some coffee meet up at a park get to know others in this community ide only be interested and making aquaintance in parties of 3 or more
            Time is the only illusion before me

            ZooSexuals Ethics and Morality: group link =======>>>


              30 in LA, looking for other guys in the area


              • Bitchpussylover
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                Near LA as well...hit me back if you want to talk about some times...

              • Beastone
                Beastone commented
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                In LA as well message me. Maybe can help you train your dog.

              • easyaction99
                easyaction99 commented
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                26 m in LA! Would love to meet friends in the scene (and owners too)

              Bakersfield here. 36/gay/male


                Oceanside here,

                23 year old Male, looking to meet some like minded people here, I’m fairly new to the scene but I’d like to know some people with similar interests and see where it takes us. Maybe we can grab some lunch or coffee to get familiar with one another.


                  Los angekes
                  owner tears and years of experience
                  Former bf and personal pet post as well ..
                  Looking for old and new friends ..
                  Lets get all in touch ..


                  • Mansbestfriend
                    Mansbestfriend commented
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                    I’ve tried contacting you a few times on FL

                  Escondido here. Not an owner, but have been a part of the community for a while, and would love to have my first experience, but am down to meet other like minded people as well. Maybe grab a lunch or a coffee somewhere.


                  • Citizenplanet
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                    I pass through Escondido weekly if you would like to meet up

                  • jakeanderica
                    jakeanderica commented
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                    i go to esco often hit me up if you wana chat or meet

                  New couple here, girls looking to have some fun with some fun ppl, in la Pasadena area hit us up