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Confronting the Inner Dragon (Man and Magical Creatures)

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    Confronting the Inner Dragon (Man and Magical Creatures)

    Larry felt himself fading in and out of dimensions, different levels of reality. Eventually, after minutes or hours, he questioned if reality even existed. All of the Universe consisted of his present sensations, shifting from one nanosecond to the next.
    Then an image appeared. Majestic, standing on a grassy hill before him.
    A Unicorn.
    Its coat was white as fresh snow, its horn, mane and tail iridescent. It looked at him.
    Deep in the recesses of his mind, he could hear it.
    “Come with me.” But he also heard “Follow me” at the same time.
    Curiously, the voice was feminine.
    He walked up the hill, delighted to be free of his Kevlar, camelback, mission pack, weapon and ammunition. He did, however, feel a little naked without the weapon and at least one smoke grenade to signal an air strike.
    Chalk one up to post-trauma.

    Once at the top of the hill he looked down where the Unicorn was heading. It was a large mountain valley with a lake surrounded by forest, streams advancing from left and right, a few puffy clouds overhead. A pair of eagles rose on a thermal. Looking higher, he could see other birds winging on the wind.
    Following the Unicorn, he made his way down the grassy slope. A distant sound became apparent – a soft roar. Steady and non-threatening. He advanced towards the lake, following the Unicorn, approaching the noise.
    None of this bothered him, but part of his mind thought it should. He had already been blown up once following a presumably innocent child into an alley. It had been a trap, an ambush, of course. He understood that when he woke up in the States, dealing with having only half a leg, and one and a half arms.
    And no genitals to speak of. He had a stump for a cock and one ball.
    The Unicorn paused to look over her shoulder. “It isn’t much farther,” she thought to him, then continued down the hill.
    Larry didn’t wonder how he had legs here, or even where ‘here’ was. It was a sunny spring day and he was enjoying it as thoroughly as if he was fresh out of basic training.
    Ohio. The farm. Crickets and frogs. The pond. Cattails. Everything was new and alive and wonderful after a winter at Fort Benning. Then he visited again after airborne school, and ranger school, then officer candidate school.

    The Unicorn paused at the edge of the lake while Larry caught up. Then she led him right, towards the falls. “The water is best over here.”
    He followed, enjoying the memories that flowed as smoothly through his mind as the river did into the lake. Making love to his college sweetheart and future wife in the hayloft. The divorce didn’t sting so much now, in this lovely place. He never mentioned his occasional other lovers, all on the farm, all with four legs. She was from the city and would likely not understand. In any case, all of his deployments strained their marriage to the breaking point, and they let it break.

    That brought to mind Susie, their daughter, now in junior high. The divorce tore her up too, but he stayed in touch as well as he could. Now that he wouldn’t deploy anymore, he could stay closer to her, watch her grow up. But he couldn’t kick the ass of any boy he didn’t like being around her. That needled him, even here in this wonderful place.
    The Unicorn put her head down to drink from the roiling water at the base of the falls. Larry knelt down and scooped up a double-handful, drinking it gratefully.

    Akim was the child’s name. Larry and his platoon leaders had been using him for information for weeks. He almost always knew where the IEDs were, where the snipers were. He was a treasure trove and they paid him well, keeping his mother in food, sister in boarding school in Turkey, and covered his father’s medical bills. Akim was happy to work for the Americans. Then the Islamic State or some other such assholes figured him out, threatened to kill his family if he didn’t lead the American soldiers into an IED ambush. Larry didn’t blame the boy – not that there was a boy left, they sent home a body bag labeled “PARTS MISSING” and Lieutenant Taylor told him there had been hell to pay, wailing and crying and demands for more money.
    Everybody loved Akim. Except the people who didn’t.

    His mind came back to the mountains, the lake, the cool water in his belly – and a raging hard-on. He looked askance to the Unicorn. She was staring at him, her eyes so dark it was entrancing. Her horn was almost glowing.
    Something weird was going on. “What?” he asked, at least a bit defensive.
    “Love me,” she thought to him.
    That was a puzzler. “What?”
    “Come here, touch me the way you touched your German Shepard when you were married.”

    That hit close to home. Beanie Baby had been his first extra-marital affair, though not his first extra-species fling. But it wasn’t a fling. Beanie knew full well that Larry and Pamela were married and had sex, but Beanie also knew that it wasn’t working out. So she rolled onto her back, the way so many dogs do, spread her legs and invited him. Most people don’t know they are being invited.
    On Saturdays when Pam took Suzie to Costco, Larry and Beanie had sex. Good, and sometimes amazing sex. He couldn’t shout out his orgasms without alerting the neighbors, though. Then they would lie on the living room floor, naked, cuddling for ten minutes or so. Larry remembered his trips back to the farm, and making a point of getting to know a female of a different species each time.
    The cow didn’t care. The sow was a slut. The mare wasn’t having it, so he fucked the sow again, and she loved it. If he was doing any work around the hog pens during the day she would back to the fence, as an invitation. He would blush a little and hope the hired hands didn’t catch on.

    “Touch me the way you touched Beanie Baby.”
    Larry walked to the Unicorn, and again something weird happened. He was getting closer, but she wasn’t getting any bigger. She became pony-sized, and tipped her head to point her horn at him.
    “May I touch it?”
    He caressed her horn with his fingertips – the fingertips he didn’t have anymore.
    His skin went to gooseflesh, and he felt a warm, kind current flow through him. It wasn’t going anywhere, but his cock was about to burst.
    “Touch me.”
    He rubbed her nose, her ears, her neck, her chest. He rubbed the base of her mane where he knew they liked it. He used his fingernails on her back and belly. He scratched her butt on either side of her tail, and as his hands closed, the tail lifted.
    There it was. That magnificent equine pussy he had never experienced because his dad’s mare was a prude. Black as midnight. He helped himself to a gentle touch. The pussy winked at him.
    He looked her in the eye, then down to his enhanced cock, and back up. “You want me to…?”
    “It’s why I changed size, so you can reach.”
    His replacement cock was a little bigger than his real one, something he didn’t mind. She winked her pussy again. He stepped up behind her and pointed his cock right at the missing honey pot of his life.
    “Once you start, do not stop, no matter what.”
    Larry thought that was silly. “Of course.”

    Silky smooth, her pussy almost sucked him in. He started easy thrusting, not wanting to cum too fast. The sow had always been very appreciative of his fucking ability. Beanie too. Now Beanie was being trained to be his companion animal. But he didn’t have a cock anymore. She knew it, too, he showed her his stump and scars. She answered with a cuddle. He cried.
    Larry closed his eyes. “Jesus.” He could see stars. But his eyes were closed.
    “Do not stop.”
    “Oh my God.”

    Not even the sow was this good, rest her soul. He had stars in his eyes, he kept thrusting, and looking down, there were stars below. He was standing on nothing, in the middle of an immense star field. No Earth, no Sun, nothing.
    “And I’m fucking a pony Unicorn with an awesome loaner cock.”
    “Not fucking, get that thought out of your head. It is sex.”
    “And do –“
    “- do not stop, I got it, you couldn’t pay me to stop anyway.”

    His eyes were still closed. He was afraid to open them, to break the spell. Some kind of rock passed by. He didn’t know why he could see it, as there was no nearby light source. Something was standing on the rock, something looking at him. Then it lifted off the rock and flew towards him. He kept thrusting, but wondered what kind of bird would be here. Was it one of the eagles from the lake?
    No. It was huge. Wrong shape. It came nearer.
    It was a Dragon.
    “Oh my God.”
    The Dragon landed – if that is the correct term, as there was nothing to land on – close to them.
    “Do not stop,” the Unicorn said.
    “Oh.” He had slowed, but not stopped. He kept thrusting, staring at the Dragon. It was not pretty. And it was staring back, the head and jaw easily large enough to snap him in half and devour him.
    Then the Dragon’s voice came into his head, lower than the Unicorn’s but still female. “Do you fear me?”
    “Yes.” On the fringe of his consciousness was the thought that he should have lost his hard-on, that fear should make his fight-or-flight response take over. But he was still rock hard, thrusting into the magical pussy of a magical being.
    The Dragon moved her snout to within a couple feet of his face. “Good. You recognize me.”

    The fear brought him a memory he didn’t have before. He was in pieces in the alley, and Sergeant Jones was shouting orders.
    “MEDIC FRONT! Thompson, call a medivac, right the fuck now!”
    He couldn’t move, but his eyes had been open. Jones appeared, kneeling, taking his bandage from his Kevlar vest. “Hang with me, cap, we’re gonna get you outta here.”
    He could hear and see her, but not respond. He and Jones had been doing some sport fucking to help with the stress of combat deployment. Almost everyone did it. What happened in theater stayed in theater. She had blood on her face, some minor shrapnel wounds. She was putting the bandage on the remains of his left arm. The right arm was gone.
    Random shots could be heard, frightened soldiers firing at shadows.
    The medic arrived, Corporal Anderson.
    “Hit me, dealer,” Larry whispered.
    Anderson gave him an injection of morphine.
    Larry passed out.

    He opened his eyes. Still in the stars, still the Dragon, still his borrowed cock in the Unicorn. Her pussy, if anything, was getting more sensational.
    “Oh, God.”
    The Unicorn dropped her head and grunted into his mind.
    “Do Unicorns cum?”
    “Keep thrusting,” the Dragon said.
    So he did, and felt the slow burn of imminent orgasm coursing through his plumbing. He fucked harder. She grunted, and squirted around his cock, her lube dripping into space.
    “Good,” the Dragon said.
    He shot a glance to her. Eyes like rubys, glowing red with a hint of danger. Dark gray leathery skin, and bony brow ridge over the top of her head. She was ugly.
    Then the semen arrived. The Unicorn grunted and he cried out, cumming into her with incredible power, crying again and again, with each burst of cum. It was streaming out with her lube, drifting off into space.

    Pamela had taught him, in the hayloft when they were still in college, not to stop thrusting when he came. “Keep fucking me, stupid.” So he did, and it was good. When he thought about it, it made perfect sense. His cock was still hard so she still had something to get out of it, literally and figuratively. The sow and Beanie approved, too.

    He cried out a few more times as the Unicorn grunted, and their liquid love floated about. It was at this moment he realized he was over-sexed to the point of insanity. He could fuck about any female mammal that came his way, and now he was fucking a being of magic. And she came on him as he came in her.
    It was crazy.

    He was cleaning out the kiddie pool for Suzie’s up-coming visit when Beanie walked up and lay down, rolling onto her back, offering herself.
    Larry rubbed her belly. “Not here, the neighbors can see.” As he rubbed her belly, he looked around.
    It was Tuesday, everyone was at work or school.
    Beanie looked at him with those gorgeous Shepard eyes, spreading her legs.
    He rubbed her belly some more, looked around again, and then moved his hand down to caress that tight little dog pussy. She licked in pleasure. He fingered her, getting himself hard. Her eyes closed to half. He fingered her more, then bent down to lick the furry pussy, slipping his tongue inside, knowing they would both be ready in seconds.
    Larry unzipped his fly and took her, missionary-style. Quietly, in case some distant neighbor was walking their dog past the front of the house.
    He always had a quick orgasm in Beanie, and couldn’t tell if she had one at all, but she kept offering, so she was getting something out of it.
    When they were done, he rolled onto his side and pulled her close, his cock still inside her wonderful pussy. She licked his face in appreciation, and he cuddled her. “Thank you so much, my little Beanie Baby. Thank you.”
    A few minutes later he found that the UPS driver had been there, and dropped off his replacement X-box controller. “Close call.”

    His loaner cock finally fell out of the Unicorn’s pussy. A little more lube and semen oozed out, floating away.
    The Dragon was still there, watching intently.
    “Who are you?” he asked.
    The Dragon’s eyes glowed brighter. “The Unicorn is before the explosion, all pleasure and light.” Then she opened her maw, and beyond the perfectly aligned rows of razor-sharp teeth, deep in her throat, was a blue jet of fire.
    “I am the explosion.”

    Larry shied. He wanted to flee, but there was nowhere to go. Only stars and nebulae.
    “Wh-wh-wh-what do you mean? How can you be a thing? Like that?”
    She closed her jaw. “Allow me to explain. I am not the explosion per se, but I am your fear of it. That is why I appear ugly to you. Unattractive. Repulsive.”
    “Stop. Just – just because you’re different doesn’t make you ugly.”
    “Correct. Good, you have already accepted that your fear isn’t ugly or repulsive.”
    “But wait – how can you be a feeling inside me?”
    “That is what this place is for, Larry. Here your fear and anxiety can be confronted on a one-to-one basis. Here you can fear me, judge me, and confront me, without judging, fearing or confronting yourself at the same time.”
    “Oh, okay. So now what?” He would have been in a cold sweat had he been corporeal.
    “Now, you love me.”
    “Um, what?”
    “I am still part of you, Larry. In order for you to heal, you have to love me, accept me, forgive me.”
    His brow furrowed. “Why do you have Sergeant Jones’ voice?”
    “She is the last voice you heard after the explosion. Your feelings for her resonate through me. So you need to love me, like you loved Sergeant Jones.”
    Larry looked at her and thought ‘ain’t never gonna happen.’
    Then the Unicorn poked him in the ribs with her horn, driving him towards the Dragon, who was reclining on her side, revealing a vaginal slit about a foot long.
    “This is not happening,” he said.

    At the Unicorn’s urging, he approached the Dragon. Then he stopped. The Unicorn poked him again.
    The creature was hideous. He could smell her, too. She stank of cordite and burned flesh.
    Then he realized – it was his burned flesh.

    When Sergeant Jones and Corporal Anderson handed him off to the para-rescue jumpers, they had three bags of fluids going into him and five field packs over his wounds. He was still bleeding out, and knew it.
    The rotor wash of the Blackhawk sucked the smoke from the improvised bomb in the alley out into the square, adding it to the dust and his own stench of fear, and the exhaust of the bird.
    He had barely been there. No one mentioned it. They probably didn’t realize he had one eye half-open. He certainly didn’t remember it, until now.
    The helicopter took off almost instantly, the noise and vibration at once irritating and a relief. One of the para-rescue jumpers started drilling a hole in his upper arm…
    The pain was beyond tremendous. Not even the morphine could dull that.
    A fluid tap was placed in the intra-osteo hole, and in seconds he was out for good.
    The last thing he remembered was thinking “on a wing and a prayer.”

    Between the Dragon’s breath and the stench of her pussy, Larry was almost paralyzed. The Unicorn pushed him again. The dark leathery skin and smell in his nose repelled him. But he took another step. And another.
    The vaginal slit of the Dragon pulsed and swelled a little, revealing something like flesh inside.
    The stench became worse.
    “What is the worse thing that you remember, Larry?”
    He fluttered his eyes, remembering. “Being down. Helpless.”
    “Mmm-hmm. You have always been the Ranger, the captain, the leader.”
    “Yeah. I’m good at it. Or was.”
    “Now I need you to lead someone else.”
    He was still staring at the enormous pussy of this hideous creature. “Hmm?”
    “Now I need you – you need you – to lead yourself. To GO DOWN to that place that you fear. Or you’ll never walk again.”
    “I can’t walk, I don’t have legs.”
    “That isn’t what I mean by walking.”
    Larry paused. He knew what she meant, but not why. His loaner cock was hard again, in spite of the smell, but there was more.
    Go down.
    And he knew, intuitively, that the only way out of this place was though her.

    So he knelt and put his tongue to the stinking huge cunt.
    It shocked him enough that he couldn’t move.
    Drill Sergeant Nelson was whacking him on the helmet for carrying his weapon wrong.
    Sergeant Wilson ordered fifty push-ups from him for loading his parachute incorrectly. It would have still opened, just not in the Airborne style.
    Lieutenant Parker ordered him to stay in the swamp for another hour for missing the tell-tale signs of another party passing by. And it was cold that day. He developed a mild case of hypothermia.
    Captain Rodgers chewed him up one side and down the other for being half an hour late for his team’s pick-up, even though the mission was a success.
    Every major source of fear in his military career.
    He never feared going into the fight, only losing it, failing at something.
    And now he had failed in a huge way.

    Though he was a soldier and Army Ranger, he had learned in his youth to be a gentle, compassionate lover. That made the coupling better for his lover, and that made it better for him. He and Pamela would have the occasional quickie – casting flirting glances at each other in the kitchen, then dropping trou and having a fast and furious fuck on the counter. Generally, though, they would drag it out, savor the excitement, going for hours. He could cum three, sometimes four times in a session. They almost always came together. Then the next day, the soreness. It was worth it.
    He had once gone twice with the pig, and she asked for more, but his parents were due home soon.

    He leaned in and put his tongue to the hideous pussy. It tasted rancid. But the only way out was through her. So he licked and caressed with his hands, looking for a clit. He thought he found one at the bottom, and gently rubbed it. The Dragon let out a moan of pleasure.
    All of his movements were slow, to excite her, to get her to want him in her. It was habit.
    With his other hand, he reached in, looking for a g-spot. He found it. She shuddered, her tail curling around him, and she moaned more, louder.
    Holy shit, he thought. I’m going to get a Dragon off!
    He kept doing what he was doing for another minute, maybe longer, when she shuddered again. Her lube dripped into space. “Get in me, now,” she thought to him.
    The loaner cock was rock-hard, and he slipped it into her. The stench lifted as he penetrated the dripping pussy. It was the same as fucking the Unicorn – it was going to be quick.
    His blood hummed, his nerves were buzzing, and his eyes closed, but he could still see the stars.
    Easy thrusting. It was amazing, pure bliss. He felt the cum moving through his pipes, and picked up the pace. When you’re about to cum, fuck like a jackhammer. So he did.
    Like the Unicorn, she sucked the orgasm out of him, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he came in her, shouting his pleasure to the Universe, her body shuddering, and shuddering, as she moaned louder and louder her pleasure.
    This went on for half a minute, and he was ready to collapse, if there had been anything to collapse onto. But he kept thrusting, to please her. Cum and lube drifted about in crazy globs and strings, floating into the Universe.
    The Dragon convulsed one last time, then sighed. Larry thrusted for a little longer, then the loaner cock fell out, soft and shriveling, dripping cum.
    He let himself float away, completely relaxed, sated. The Dragon stretched her neck out, then looked over to him. “Hey, stud.”
    He opened his eyes. Before he could say anything, he was struck by her coloring. She was no longer dark gray, but light gray, slate gray. The eyes were still ruby red, but soft. The boney ridge was gone. Everything about her was attractive. “Why didn’t you look like this before?”
    “I am part of you. Why didn’t you project me like this before?”
    “I didn’t know I could.”
    “Well, then, this is progress. We’ll meet again, I’m sure.”
    “I look forward to it.”
    “Perhaps you could bring your wife. There is a stud Unicorn available.”
    “Ex-wife. I doubt she would be interested.”
    “Have you asked her?”
    “Hmm.” She stood and stretched. “That was wonderful, Larry. I look forward to our next meeting. Until then, it’s time for you to wake up.” She pounded him with her tail.

    “OH!” Larry woke with a start. His apartment. The living room. The couch. ESPN was on the TV. But what was most interesting was the enormous amount of cum on his chest and belly. The doctors had told him that he would not have sex again. Apparently, they were wrong. One nut and three inches of cock were enough, if he used his mind, his hands and his tongue. Then he realized that his mind had always been his primary sex organ. The fixation on dick size was a child’s fixation.
    He smiled. First order of business – clean up the mess. Second – call Pamela.
    He hadn’t felt this good in a very long time. He looked to the ceiling. “Thank you, Dragon Lady.”
    The answer was a long roll of thunder. Rain wasn’t forecast, but it was coming.

    Interesting story.


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      Interesting story.
      Thank you.


        Should I post more or quit while I'm behind?


          Please post more, I am dying to see what happens next.


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            Thank you, so are you going to continue
            Well, I'll have to cum up with something. I didn't expect a fan base here, it's bigger than my mundane world one. Give me a few days and I'll add it to this post.

            Love you all!


              Give me some time to work on it.


                very cool, keep writing please


                  Take all the time you need.


                    Do you take requests for story topics? Because I am looking for a good writer that can write about my fantasy.


                      I can give it a shot.


                        I will pm you with the concept as soon as I can