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    My fiance had brought up zoo to me and at first I wasn't liking to the idea but we talked about it for a while and at the end of that talk I was on board, and this day I ask about it and look up zoo porn.

    I've made her send me some interesting stories of hers even if she doesn't like to... Or even if it's just me suggesting it, like saying what would u do at a dog park with both the 50 dogs and owners or what if it was ok to have sex with animals and we went to a horse race and you got to fuck the 5-10 horses while it broadcast on tv? And what's the list of dogs u would take and the max number?

    shes not a great dirty talker about zoo but I make it happen cuz I know it's in her lol
    shes wants a Malinois and I want a Doberman and also a Beauceron, maybe spaced out or both we don't know yet but I want to sometimes save there cum and mix it in her food or she can use it to dildo herself. And then perhaps even get a horse and do the same with the cum or have her take all of those cocks in one day all day

    I bought her Sims 4 pets and I love to hear her tell me when she would fuck her pet (when the heart icon for there bond appears)

    I really look forward to her taking it up the ass with her dog and horse and if it mean I have to also then perhaps I will... Idk yet

    i am the fiance he speaks of.... n he is way more into zoo than i am.......


      At least he has a plan... Thank you both for sharing.


        Mine are fairly tame.
        I fantasized about a previous neighbors' dog (St. Bernard/Border Collie Mix) sitting on my face, and another about ANOTHER previous neighbors' dog (Rottweiler/Labrador Mix). How come every neighbor I get, they have such beautiful doggos that I can't get to spend some time with? Not that I'd do anything to make them uncomfortable or harm them or anything, I would just like to have a little bit of fun.
        Something about the backsides of dogs turns me on. Male or Female. I'd spend 1,000 years strapped to their backside, pleasuring them if I could (preferably larger breeds)