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The Contract *note not a real experience

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    The Contract *note not a real experience

    Pushing his way through the door of the post office feeling quite nervous walking out with a package that had a rather strange label on it but also having what seemed like a protruding chest that he had tried covering it up with his jacket. With it being a bit more humid a lot of people that passed him thought it was kind of strange for someone to be wearing a jacket on a day like this however most shrugged it off allowing him to continue on his way.

    Jess knew that there was good reason why he was being nervous and the protruding chest although he wouldn't openly admit it to anyone that he didn't trust but the package was a new supplement of hormones. That's right; he was going about doing his own hormonal treatment to become more feminine, although he didn't have the money or insurance to get the stronger stuff so he was forced to look on line.

    Standing about 5' 4" and about a slim built only weighing about 140 lbs. at the time, Jess had always had what most would call a girly figure with an uncertain sexual orientation. Meaning to him is that although he was one to want to be a girl, he wasn't entire into the idea of having a relationship with a male...however soon that would change and not by his own choice either.

    With his finances being limited, Jess or Jessica as he had chosen for his female self while he was online where he lived his altered self, had gone about looking throughout the internet for cheap hormones supplements. Given time, he was able to find that he could only buy the hormones as it was recommended that the person go to the doctor however since he still lived with his parents it required that he have their signature for anything like it.

    That's how his chest was developing like it is right now giving him barely an AA cup with that being the only feature that developed, leaving the rest to stay the same. At school, he was able to hide the developments at times but it became harder since he had P.E. class however he was lucky it was at the end of the day allowing him time to go in when everyone else but that also meant he was late for class at times.

    The final year in high school didn't require that he take P.E. as it was replaced with a Health class in which allowed him access too many things although it was just something for him to know. Given time, he realized that he needed to continue to find more products to make his life happier for him.

    Turning back to the internet once more now having work that produce some extra money for him to use, it was still difficult as the prices were too high to the point that he nearly gave up until he came upon a website that were looking for people to test out a new trans hormonal product that included several things that a normal doctor would give to a person wanting to go through the transition.

    It would give Jess(ica) all of the hormones and blockers that would give him the proper look, with the company offering to give medical services to each test subject to make sure that they weren't experience any kind problems along with giving them a thousand dollars for their review of the product per week of however long he would be part of the project.

    Although it sounded too good to be true, Jess signed up when he gave it some thought however he came to realize that the group was offering a lot of what a normal doctor would do with services but they would be paying him instead of the other way around. Given a week, he got a notice in the mail that the package that he had been waiting for some time causing him to nearly run down to the post office with nothing but his pajamas on lucky enough his mom stopped him before he could leave the house.

    "Where are you off to in such a hurry, honey?" his mother asked as he raced back to his room closing the door as he didn't want her to see his developed chest even though the breasts weren't apparent she may have guess by the first sight.

    "I have to go and get a package that I have been waiting for, mom. There seemed to be a delay and I have been waiting for it for months." Jess lied hoping that his mom would believe him. He hated to lie to his mother however since he didn't want to reveal this until he knew that she would accept it as something that he wanted for his life.

    "Very well, hon. Hey listen before you leave, Charlie wants me to meet him for dinner and a movie later. He wants me to stay over with him at his place since the movie won't get out 'til late. Will you be all right alone here?" she asked seemingly taking the lie which Jess nodded to her question about leaving him alone.

    Since he had been little, they had been on their own however she had been seeing someone recently leaving him sometimes home alone when he was old enough which gave him more time to dressing up in clothing either that he had bought or taken from his mom's room. This also gave him enough time to dress in wig, makeup, clothing, etc. plus it gave him a chance to look at any development that had become apparent give over time.

    "Yes, mom. I hope you have a good time." He said giving his mom a hug as his nipples pressed against hers as he kissed her on the cheek before hurrying out of the house wearing his pants and shoes heading for the post office. His mom was left standing there trying to figure out if she had felt what she had when she was hugged.

    Shrugging once more, she grabbed her purse and keys before leaving the house locked heading for her date.

    Jess, after easing up a bit during the walk home, arrived home just as the sun was starting to set finding the house dark although he expected his mom was gone by now, he never knew. He found that he seemed to be holding his breath by the time that he got into the house closing and locking the door before he let out a sigh of relief.

    Dropping to the couch feeling his hands shaking as he went about ripping through the packaging to find a small wooden/metal box inside. Turning the box over in his hands studying it a bit confused but still anxious as he thumbed the latch allowing the lid to open up to reveal a folded letter first while there was 6 small compartments locked with what appeared to be a diabetic blood scanner to the left of the compartments.

    Putting the box down and taking the folded letter out flipping it open to reveal an introduction and instructions:

    Dear Jessica *****

    Welcome to the test program to test out the new and improve hormonal drugs for people that are going through their transitions or building up to it. Before you will find that there are several compartments that have been locked that way you won't end up ODing on the drugs. You will find the instructions for each pills/drop included in with the compartment and drug.

    There is no hurry so when you are ready, just press your thumb to the scanner to begin. Please follow each instruction exactly to the letter.

    In the last compartment you will find the address for our local clinic as we request that you come by once a week to do medical exams, problems, etc. as you will receive your next dosage including a shot of estrogen that we have developed that should help you become the woman that you want to become.

    If you will have any questions, comments, or concerns please be free to call ********** or come down to the clinic.

    P.S. Once you have started this you must complete the testing as a result if you don't you will die without the proper care.


    Lunaicic Von Lunars


    Jess felt his heart beating rapidly rereading the message again just to make sure that he got the instructions right before pressing his finger down on to the scanner as there came no response however a slight sting at the end of his finger as if the machine had bitten him. This action caused him to jerk his hand back only after the scanner finished the scan allowing the first compartment to open revealing two pills one red one green with a slip of paper off to the side.

    Taking the paper, he carefully read it:

    Take the red pill now making sure it is placed under your tongue then take the green pill in three hours. After taking the red pill, please wait 12 minutes before pressing your finger in the scanner again to continue on. Don't worry about having to wait to take the green pill later as there will be no terrible side effects.

    ~Well here goes nothing.~ he thought Setting up an alarm clock for the first 12 minutes that way he wouldn't miss taking the next pill with another timer to be set for three hours from then, Jess picking up the red pill dropping it to a safe and secure place under his tongue before pressing down lightly on his tongue finding that the pill had already degraded leaving a slight foul taste in his mouth. Quickly pressing the start button allowing the clock to start ticking away the seconds.

    Sitting there closing his eyes savoring the thought that he took a bigger step toward being someone that he wanted to be. Figuring that it was best to get something to eat while waiting for the meds to take effect, he was about to stand when all of a sudden he bent over with his body by sheer heat and pain as it felt like his skin was on fire. The pain that developed made his vision blurred making him barely able to see as he tried to stand to move to the phone. However he wasn't even able to stand up leaving him to crawl on all fours toward the phone.

    ~What in the world was in that?~ he asked as the pain finally subsided enough to allow for him to stand on his feet as his hand reached out to grasp something to steady his balance. However something stopped him causing him to look down at his arms finding that the hair seemed a lot finer than and not as thick as they had been.

    Moving to a hall-way mirror to get a better look at what had become of him, Jess found the sight amazing and almost frightening. The picture before him showed that his ten o'clock shadow that had been developing had disappeared altogether leaving a baby face like look, as if he had electrical hair removal without any kind of scarring that would come with it.

    Pulling off his shirt to reveal the budding chests, he found that like his face all of his hair had been either removed or become thinner leaving an almost fenmine look to his chest allowing for his breasts to become more apparent. He took the time to examine himself, the first alarm drew his attention quickly toward the small box once more.

    Quickly pressing his finger into the scanner once more, not surprisingly again the scanner seemed to take a sample of his DNA before it allowed for the second compartment to open up revealing a small dropper that was filled with a liquid plus a note waiting next to it.

    Take the entire dropper of liquid under the tongue now and wait for 15 minutes before continuing on with the next part of the testing.

    Taking the dropper in hand before moving toward the mirror once more not bothering with putting his T-Shirt back on, Jess looked at the clock and at himself one last time before opening his mouth and started to deposit the entire amount of foul tasting liquid, after the first drop of water touched under his tongue that he found out how bad, under his tongue.

    After the entire amount was deposited into his mouth, Jess found that he nearly was ready to puke not because his system wasn't use to liquid but because of how terrible that the liquid was. It tasted like someone had taken the vile from someone barfing into the dropper nevertheless he didn't have much time to complain much as a searing pain shot up through his body causing to double over withering in pain and convulsions as the next set of changes started.

    Holding himself in a small ball trying to avoid from bumping into anything that might break easily with his body spasming for what seemed like an hour or so before settling down enough to allow him to stand up to look into the mirror to see what the next change was.

    Surprisingly enough when he looked into the mirror he didn't see much change as everything seemed to be the same forcing him to drop his hands down his midsection pressing down lightly in the areas that had been hurting trying to find out what the chemicals had done to him. Nothing seemed to have changed forcing him to drop his pants and thong, which was the only thing that he would wear while at home that was female, to reveal his cock and the change.

    Although it wasn't evident at first because Jess had always been small even at a teenager age which made him the blunt of many jokes at school, it had become almost smaller to the point that there was no use in using it in the future. All of a sudden a strange scent that he would've missed in the first place as he hadn't showered since coming homing. The smell was enticing and caused him to moan out to finger his anus finding that he could no longer get much pleasure of it. Driving a finger into his asshole, he found that it was difficult to get any kind of pleasure just from that but it seemed to die down enough for him to regain some sense.

    Looking up at the clock to find that it was time to take the next step, he quickly rose to his feet finding himself being completely naked at that point as he headed for the box once more pressing his finger once more into the scanner. He found that he was almost drunk with a need to continue with the changes. It kept him from noticing the sting as he almost demanded that the next compartment open which it did after a brief second of scanning.

    Inside he found a rather large pill that a bit larger than the first pill that he had taken that almost looked like a vitamin at first. Taking the note that sat beside it:

    Take the pill with your evening meal and continue on with the test after you have taken the pill

    The page seemed almost weird at first because each of the other tests required that he wait before continuing however he had found that his mind was so set on continuing that he took the pill & box with him before heading into the kitchen where he grabbed a glass of milk and some leftover lasagna from the night before. Although he was still naked, he didn't have to worry about anyone looking in as there was no window that was level enough for anyone to see him there with no clothing on.

    Taking a bite of the meal first, he swallowed the pill taking a drink from the milk to help with the pill to go down, Jess expected pain to continue however nothing seemed to happen other than a slight tingling in his chest causing him to moan once more.

    Closing his eyes before reaching up to pinch and tweak his nipples which had suddenly become erect with the stimulus from early and drugs, Jess found that while he touched the breasts that it started to grow under his hand nearly doubling in size to the point that it would be harder to conceal.

    Pinching the nipple sent an electric feeling shooting throughout his body causing him to rub his anus again causing his body to shiver throughout his body shivering with a deep seated needed which caused him to wonder if he could satisfy. He would've continued with the administrations of each breast until he exploded when he realized that he needed to take the next medication.

    Dropping his hand to the scanner once more not stopping with his administration of rubbing, he moaned loudly as his body continued to call out for need. The hiss of the fourth compartment opening forced him to stop long enough to find 3 pills inside as he reached over and took the instructions while allowing his hand to travel to one of his newly formed breasts.

    Take one pill now and take one pill every hour 'til there is no more before you continue with the test

    Dropping the pill into his mouth quickly, Jess noticed that his German Shepard Duke was pawing at back door wanting to be let in which drew his attention away from his arousal moving over to the door opening it enough for Duke to come in before Jess closed and locked the door again. "Hey duke. You hungry boy?"

    Duke whimpered and offered a growl unsure of the strange person in the house, even though the human smelled familiar he wasn't sure forcing him to lie down in the corner. Resting his head on his paws as he continued to watch the strange human who continued going about eating, he started to smell a wonderful scent start to waver toward his nose causing it to twitch and cock start to emerge from its sheath.

    Jess started to massage his new breast when the need for something to enter him caused him to groan finding that he couldn't sit anymore as he found no access to his hole forcing him to get down on the floor to continue giving him what pleasure he could. Duke jerked his head up noticing the strange behavior from the strange person as the scent came more heavily in the air causing his cock to come fully out of its sheath as he sniffed at the air.

    Standing up, he moved toward the human before him as Jess didn't even notice the approach of the dog until Duke licked at the opening sending a thrill throughout Jess causing him to open his eyes. Now remember he wasn't one to consider him gay however the sight of his own dog licking at his opening caused him to nearly pull away from the dog with fright especially after seeing how aroused his own dog was getting.

    Trying to get up on the chair that he had vacated before, the medication suddenly took effect sending a thrill and need for pleasure coursing throughout his body causing him to groan with need forcing him back to the floor allowing Duke to continue. Pushing back into the dog's licks with need, Jess found his hands continually moving to his breasts pinching and squeezing them which seemed to cause more of the scent to intensify and produce more giving a gift and more of an erection.

    Pushing his nose up under Jess's rear forcing him to nearly turn over to all fours to allow Duke better access to his opening which didn't seem to bother Jess as the drugs seem to cause him to want to do whatever to please the dog at that point. Getting up to all fours, Jess found himself pressing his ass back teasing the dog almost causing Duke to have enough stopping his licking and rear up on his hind legs covering Jess's rear with his furry body.

    Again this would've caused Jess to try and move away from Duke's advance knowing what would come next however his mind seemed to be clouded over with lust and need not truly caring about what was happening. Duke adjusted a bit thrusting his cock each time trying to find the human's opening taking a bit of time to find but when he did he thrust it fully into the fresh opening.

    Jess gasped in shock from the pain from being entered by something bigger than his fingers and from the pleasure that he was getting from sudden entry forcing his mouth open letting out a low almost loud moan/groan as Duke held on to his waist while seemingly enjoying the mating that was accuring. Whimpering a bit, he started to thrust into Jess considering him as a bitch in heat especially from the smell coming from the human below him.

    "Oh yes, yes...fuck your bitch good, boy!" Jess called out softly to the dog that was mounting him grabbing ahold of the dogs rear legs to hold him there longer wanting to have the awesome feeling last longer. Duke found that the bitch was receptive by the sounds that he or she was making feeling the friction around his cock diminish with extra slippness feeling his knot going in and out of the opening becoming harder to pull out with each thrust.

    This continues to go on until finally the knot was slammed in home forcing Jess to scream long and hard from the sudden forced entry into his opening. That also seemed to draw Jess out of his bliss finding himself in a new confused state almost from what had been going on. Looking around gasping from the sudden pulls from the dog in him, he tried to move however he found that it was impossible to do without causing himself more pain and that Duke had a death grip around his waist.

    "What is wrong with me?" Jess asked as Duke laid down on Jess's back enjoying the after bliss of the mating giving Jess's neck a tender lick as a 'thank you' for the service. "Oh sure you would enjoy this unless you were in my position."

    Part 2

    Jess wasn't sure on how long he was tied with Duke but when the cock finally plopped out of his abused hole he let out a sigh of relief although the alarm for the green pill went off causing him to groan. After all of the stuff that he had just gone through even through the nice changes with breasts and a lot more feminine look to him, however the sudden lust for his own dog drew the line for him. It was completely strange as it wasn't something that he would consider doing willingly and it was unlikely that he was going to do something like that again.

    Standing up feeling Duke's cumm dribble down his thigh leaking from his abused asshole, Jess headed back to the box once more taking out the green pill plopping it in his mouth under his tongue once more like the red one. Even though he thought about stopping with the testing, he found that the danger of stopping was too great.

    The wall clock in the living room chimed for a new hour after his first pill of three stopped him from going to the shower. Reaching into the fourth box, he took out another pill taking with a swallow allowing for him to let out a sigh of relief before heading for the shower wanting to get rid of the sperm leaking down his leg.

    Duke, after having licked his cock clean of the after juices allowing Jess to regain his posture, followed after his bitch his tongue hanging out on the side of his muzzle looking for another chance at Jess. His cock already growing with each thought of future many fucks that he could have with this willing hole, in the past he had always gone after his owners mother anytime that she had taken a shower or gone about not wearing panties when needing some fingering release.

    Nevertheless now, here was someone that he vaguely remembered as possibly being his master, was willing to allow him to have his way with him. Jess stopped at the door to the rest room closing and locking the window that was next to the room allowing Duke to eagerly lick at his ass causing him to gasp and moan once more as the chill sent a thrill up through his spine causing his nipples to call out for attention.

    "What's wrong with me?!" Jess cried to himself as he leaned up against the wall which allowed his ass hole to open further revealing his open hole to the dog once more. Duke greedily licked at the hole hoping that his bitch would get back down on all fours and have another go at it with him, and the chemicals were starting to affect Jess making him to moan once more like a bitch in heat.

    "Oh god! I can't stand this! More!" he cried pushing his ass back which started to balloon out rounding out really nicely moving apart the cheeks allowing Duke to have better access to his hole. Further up his body started to thin out allowing his hips to widen and waist thin not enough to make his cock look weird between feminine hips but gave him the look of a desirable woman.

    The rest of the hair for his body fell out on to the floor leaving his skin tan like and smooth completely which seem to glitter with sweat coming from being pleasured. Getting his head cleared up enough to push him away from the wall and run into the bathroom closing the door causing Duke to yelp in pain from having his muzzle nearly closed on by the door after chasing after Jess's dripping who. This after the licking wasn't only leaking cumm.

    Breathing hard feeling his chest now about the size of a B cup heaving as his arousal seemed to calm down long enough for him to get his senses back in order again feeling the lust and need for a second go around dying down enough that he got his first really look of what he looked like.

    His features had completely turned almost to the feminine look his five o'clock shadow leaving his face leaving his face smooth and with a light tan. His eyebrows were starting to thin out a bit with his head hair getting a little longer but normal for him. Looking down, he found that the areola on his chest had grown to twice their normal size about 1 inch in diameter when not erect.

    Further down, he found that his cock had slightly grown although diminished that he could pass off as a female almost in clothes. Reaching down he allowed his hand to roam down his ass enough to feel the extra changes to his waist, hips and thighs.

    Looking back up he felt himself getting aroused by the very sight of himself figuring that he could get laid either way with a bit of touch up.

    "Get ahold of yourself, Jess." He told himself finally reaching over and throwing on the water to warm up before reaching into the laundry hamper next to the sink searching for some clothing that he could wear as he wasn't about to go out again wearing no clothing especially with his dog out there.

    Sitting down on the toilet to allow his head to clear and figure out what was going on, Jess figured that since he had started taking the drugs which had started the wanted changes however this intense desire was something new. Thinking back about the notice in the ad about the testing, he clearly didn't remember anything about wanting to have sex with animals or having one enjoy giving him a rim job would cause him to act like this.

    Looking at the time he realized that it was well after 5 pm meaning that any place that the company had set up for the state business was probably closed and with it being Friday it was unlikely that the office would be open. This forced him to figure that he would have to be careful with being around duke until he could visit the office building to find out what's going on.

    Grabbing a pair of panties, a sports bra that he figured would actually fit his new chest, a sweater that was loose enough to hide his breasts and the bra and going with some baggy pants with ties that would allow him to tighten them to complete the outfit. By that time, the shower was warm enough to step inside hoping to warm up enough that he could think clearly.

    However once the water started dripping on his breasts as soon as he stepped under the water, the areola's became erect sending an extra thrill throughout his body groaning once more with need. Finding that since his dog was outside away from him, Jess reach down behind his back as he started to massage his aching hole which seemed to become more sensitive. Upon touching it, he gasped in desire moaning deeply as he tweaked one of his nipples as he started to hump his hand wanting release once more.

    It took him a few minutes to become frustrated with barely able to please himself enough, Jess gave up before starting to clean up his hole enough to stop the cumm from leaking giving him hope that it was all gone. Every time that he touched his breasts it sent a shiver down his spine and a dull almost intensifying heat to race throughout his body causing him to hurry up with the shower allowing his body to rinse itself off not wanting to cause too much ache for his body.

    Feeling that he was good enough, Jess shut off the water quickly as he felt like he was about to explode from the electric feeling going throughout his body from the touches of water. Gasping as his body temp slowly went down allowing him to get enough sense into his head to dry off and start putting on clothing.

    Pulling up the panties which pulled up pretty much easy as his only sensitive area was his hole at that point as it seemed to fit very nicely snuggly going into the middle of his ass cheeks avoiding from rubbing the flesh there. Since the sports bra was able to be pulled in over his head, it fit nicely around his rack and since it wasn't made of silk or some material that would rub up against the nipple or breasts themselves it gave him time to sigh in relief.

    Pulling on the rest of the clothes as the clock rang the final hour announcing that it was time for the third pill; he forced himself to open the door revealing that Duke had disappeared into the house allowing him some time to let out a breath of relief. Tightening up his pants once more, he continued into the living room not paying attention if Duke was there or not as he took the extra pill slipping it into his mouth.

    As soon as the pill dissolved, he found the effects hit him hard causing him to groan as every part of his body became super sensitive causing him to moan loudly to the point that it seemed to catch the attention of a passing UPS delivery wolf who was stopping there anyways to deliver a final package that was to be the last of the day. Danelete Silverwolf, a herm wolf about 5' 10" about 200lbs of pure muscles and sexual energy. Being a herm didn't help hir rep as it took some time for hir to find the job itself, but also the fact that shi had found that each time shi lay hir eyes on someone sexy or hot, including male or female depending on their sexual orientation.

    Because of her being a wolf anthro shi found that shi was always the dominate partner in each encounter causing some problems to arise that hir boss required hir to see a doctor about getting something to help with the dominance problem. Shi was about to take hir pill that would stop hir strong desires when hir keen ears picked up the sound of sexual tension forcing hir cock to start to push up out of hir sheath and the need for released forced hir to forgo taking the meds.

    Grabbing the package, shi made way toward the door suddenly getting the scent of a heavily needed person on the inside that almost smelled like the person was either going through a period or is in heat. Giving the front door a knock trying to control hir own needs, found that no one answered the door making hir go around the back where the kitchen door seemed unlocked. Pushing the door open and peering inside, shi found a amazing sight before hir.

    Laying on the floor writhing on the floor was what appeared to be a human female going through the opening signs of a possible organism who had a finger thrusting into her ass while another was pinching and pulling on her breasts. The female was turned away from hir slightly but by the way that the human was moaning and the feminine look, Danelete figured it was a female. Shi was about to placed the package on the countertop and just leave when the human turned toward hir revealing that it wasn't a female completely as a small but good size cock lay between the humans thighs.

    By the sight of the so-call transgender withering on the floor caused hir cock to push up through hir pants and lust and the need to fuck and dominate this human fill hir mind. Closing and locking the door, shi moved toward the human as shi began to remove hir clothes hir eyes never leaving the moaning form on the ground.

    Jess withered with need as every move that he made caused him to become more aroused as his hole that all ready ached this time needed to be filled any other way. He had half expected to find Duke enter the room with a rush eager to continue the fuck fest as soon as Jess had hit the floor withering with need. Time seemed to die down as he barely noticed the Anthro wolf enter the house until the wet feeling of a tongue licking at his aroused nipples caused him to groan even more.

    His eyes being closed with no care at all he pushed his chest up toward the wet feeling wrapping his arms around a furry head as a different furry appendage started rubbing his hole. Figuring that it was Duke's cock, he pushed back against the member, he finally felt a advantage of getting relief. He felt the wetness leave his breasts feeling a warm fury body pressed up against his as the fury member left his hole to move up to take the place at his nipples beginning to massauge them again.

    Heavy breathing on his neck caused him to moan and open his eyes finally to look into the face of a anthro wolf that would've sent a frightening fear however that wasn't the case as the fear was replaced with desire as he didn't notice that it was a female not that hir cock was fully erect. All he cared about right now was to get fucked or at least some relief.

    "Please...fuck me...I need it bad." He pleaded with the wolf not caring if it would mean that he was gay or not, he needed some release. The wolf seemed to smile as it leaned forward pressing its muzzle against his lips like a kiss which he accepted readily keeping his arms wrapped around its neck as shi picked him up in hir arms taking the human with her toward one of the bed rooms in the back of the house.

    Coming into the room, Danelete kicked the door close forceively throwing the human down on to the bed before pretty much tackling him forcing the human on to all fours before lining up hir cock with his hole as shi bent down whispering into the humans ear. "How do you want it , you filthy little human?"

    "Please...fuck me until I am pregnant!" he yelled as his mind just grabbed the last word finding his mind clear for a split second before he found himself demanding relief pushing his rear back against the wolf.

    "That's my good little bitch." Shi said pushing hir pulsating member against Jess's eager hole teasing almost to the point that caused Jess to black out. Nibbling on his ear, shi took ahold of both of his breasts before ramming hir cock home in one thrust causing Jess to scream out in pain and in pleasureable lust as he found it was exactly what his body wanted more. Squeezing and pulling on the ripening nipples and breasts as shi rammed savagely into the hungrily human's hole who continued to push back against the cock wanting more with every driving second.

    Like his time with his dog, Jess found that the lust and drive for more rough sex seemed to die down allowing him get some of his thinking back however by the time that it was almost cleared up, the wolf seemed to get a surprise of hir own.

    At the time that the two had been engaging in sex not noticing that Duke, who had after being locked out of the bathroom while trying to get to Jess once more, he had gone about hiding in one of the bedrooms hoping to surprise Jess when he came back in from his shower. When he had heard Jess moaning and the smell of a bitch in heat again rose, he was nearly compelled to rush in and start humping away at Jess only to hear the second voice which caused him to wait.

    When the two arrived and the wolf that he recognized was offering a aroused female scent of her own to the mix caused Duke to wait for the perfect time. When the wolf bitch was bent over his master fucking away roughly at his sweet hole that Duke had claimed first he made his move moving silently until he was behind the wolf finding the sight to behold.

    A set of healthy looking balls were bouncing up and down driving a rather big cock into a opening just before it with the sight of the knot which seemed to be as big as a melon pounded at his master's hole hungrily looking for access determine to plant seed. Above that were a pair of wet slick lips clearly aroused by the rough sex which caught Dukes attention.

    Crotching down waiting until the right moment where he was sure that the wolf wouldn't turn around, with his cock fully extended and ready to mate, Duke pounced on to the wolf wrapping his forepaws around the wolves waist driving his cock straight into the wolf's own opening.

    Danelete who was so contended to getting hir rather large knot into the human below hir was shocked from the sudden extra weight on hir own back but that was double when shi felt the sudden intrugion into hir own overheated sex that had become like that from the rough sex. Before shi could react, shi found that hir knot had finally gained entry into the poor human's hole causing him to scream/moan from the rough entry officially tying them to each other for however long. This also forced hir to stay where shi was until the knot when down or the dog to give up with its assault.

    Jess lay there gasping from the full feeling that the wolf had given him as hir cumm began to fill him leaving him feel bloated from the amount of cumm shi was deposting into his body. Rubbing his belly, he could tell how big the knot was as he gave the cock a few tugs to determine how big shi was feeling it just below his stomach.

    Danelete let out a yelp from the tugging forcing hir to hold on to the human as shi hissed into his ear holding him tightly against hir body that way he would injury either one of them. Duke on the other hand was having a blast as his own orgasm was close at hand all ready aroused wanting released. Whining himself, he shoved one last time into the bitch knotting them together for a three way as the three collapsed in a balled heap falling asleep.

    Part 3a

    Feeling his head swim in a sea filled of ecstasy and confusion, Jess wasn't even sure if he was still alive because he slowly became aware of his surroundings however he couldn't really move as his body ache with soreness and the dull sense of lust as it slowly fated away leaving him to become aware of the sounds of morning slowly coming up. He wasn't sure on how long he was out but he could've sworn that it was just starting to become dark however Jess found that the sun was just coming up making him realize that he had fallen asleep at some point during the night.

    What was truly strange was the fact that he couldn't remember what had happened last as the last thing that he remembered was taking the last pill of three heading for the couch when everything blacked out to find himself waking up in his own bed. Jess remembered how the pills had gone about transforming him into what many would call a she male although he still considered himself a tranny then having Duke, his German Shepard have his way with him like the dog consider him a bitch in heat.

    Jess couldn't even remember how it went really as everything had fogged over about the rest of the day's events leaving him confused in the bed. Groaning as his hole which still ached from his romp, he threw the sheets of the bed off revealing his new sexy body that seemed too had changed at all leaving him with the perfect version of what he would consider an awesome female.

    The tan that had started out had been complete leaving him with a complete full over tan with no tan lines, not even one for a female form, his breasts were close to being C cups which wasn't what Jess was going for but still fine by his mind. Further down, his stomach and sluggish six packs had slimmed down completely leaving a sight to behold. Further down, his cock lay limp against his thigh clearly having been used although the juices that were leaking out didn't look like sperm.

    Groaning as he rolled over on his back, Jess noticed that the sheets under him with sticky with a dried substance causing him to lean down giving it a sniff to find that it had a distinctive smell to it. A impulse flushed through his mind causing him to lean down to lick in, finding that his instincts told him not to however his mind cried yes as his tongue found the texture enticing causing him to continue licking at it...almost sucking at it.

    ~My god, what are the drugs doing to me?!~ he cried inside feeling his stomach churn finally able to get himself to stop and pushing himself away from the bed looking for the waste basket however he found that his stomach wasn't about to heave leaving him with the almost sickening taste in his mouth. Letting out a yawn before stretching finally feeling a lot better after the stretch, he caught sight of a hand written note on the nightstand.

    Curious about if it was from his mother, who may have come home to find him like he was and had taken him to his room to get some sleep before he had enough time to explain what was going on. Picking it up, he got the surprise of his life:

    Morning Lover,

    Sorry about last night although I want to thank you for an awesome time. I had to leave as soon as your dog pulled out of me which gave me some great pleasure although having you ride my cock like a good little bitch that you claim that you area. Anyways, I had to leave this morning lucky enough I clocked out before coming by so my boss won't be upset, for work. If you ever want to meet up again, my phone number is ************

    Call me anytime,


    Danelete Silverwolf

    ~WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!?!~ He thought finding himself very upset about not knowing what had happened. Determined to find this wolf or whoever she or he was, Jess went about grabbing a clean set of clothing pulling on a sports bra to support his rack once more he didn't even bother showering leaving a heavy scent of sex rubbed all over his body.

    Heading into the dining pulling on a vest to cover any sign of him having a bra on, Jess stopped as he looked over at the box which still held two compartments unopened remembering that he was supposed to have taken the next batch after the first one. Groaning as the sight of the unopened compartment made him regret it however he forced his hand to touch the scanner allowing it to take a piece of flesh before it shut back down.

    Nothing happened for a few minutes before the compartment finally opened revealing a purple pill and a dropper with a full content. Picking up the note expecting the worse when he read it:

    Take the pill now and the dropper, all of it, in 12 hours. I am sure that you are worried that you may not remember after taking the last bit, these are none side effects and our scientist have given the okay that taking this after sometime will not show any worse side effects.

    That bit of information gave him a bit of a relief allowing for some peace however what concerned him was what happened after the last pill. Grabbing his keys not willing to wait around for the pill to take effect he headed for his car feeling his breasts starting to ache rubbing against the smooth material of his bra.

    It didn't take him long to get into the car wanting to get moving not even caring about getting his seat belt done up as he found that he didn't need another reason to get aroused however he found that his mind wasn't being fogged over as he pulled out of the drive and headed for unknown.

    What Jess didn't realize that his actions caught the eye of a passing cop who noticed that the occupant wasn't wearing a seat belt and seemed to be in a hurry. Hogan Renaldo's, a 10 year vet for the police department, a horse morph about 7' 1" 300 lbs. of lean muscle, a Shire breed that was sought after by mares, had just gotten over a divorce from his mate of 12 years. Her going after bigger bait wanting someone that wasn't taking stupid risks for the country.

    It had been sometime since either had sex leaving them without children and leaving Hogan rather frustrated by it. All of this time leaving him frustrated and full of sexual energy that only happens when his mate went into heat which she like to drive him insane with the sweet scent. With his cock being bigger than any normal size, he always thought that it was big enough to satisfy his mate when needed however he found that she didn't care for that, just for money.

    Pulling into the same lane, Hogan quickly hit the lights and siren for his car speeding up a bit to catch up with Jess's car as it continued along the way. Jess was surprised by the sudden appearance of the cop car that appeared behind him. "Great, just what I didn't need today."

    Hitting the turn signal & started pulling off to the side of the road, Jess placed the car in park before waiting for the police officer to come forward. With his heart pounding ready to burst out of his chest not only because of the unexpected stop but because the drugs and hormones were starting to kick in on his body once more.

    His clothing becoming nearly unbearable to wear causing him to literally rip off his clothes just to let him has some relief finally. His skin having become hypersensitive to each touch as he tried to pull the sports bra away from his skin as the cop stepped up to the window giving it a tap on the window. Jess looked up in surprise finding a sexy and handsome Horse morph, a shire breed by his guess dressed in a nicely fitted uniform.

    Just by the sight of the horse sent shivers up and down his spine as the unfamiliar feeling of lust start going through his body. It didn't help that an erotic and exotic smell started coming out from his body just by the sight of the huge stallion. Rolling down the window after calming down his body before he did, he offered a smile. "Morning, officer."

    "Morning, sir. License, registration and insurance, please." The officer responded in kind holding his composure as the human went about getting the required items before handing it to Hogan. During that time, he was able to get a good wift of the scent which caused him to feel his cock to rise up out of his sheath nearly ripping him from his composed self.

    "The reason why I am stopping you this morning is because I saw you without a seat belt on." Hogan said calmly as his nostrils continued to flare drawing in the scent causing his cock to push up through his pants. "Any reason why, sir?"

    "Sorry sir, a lot of things happened last night that has gotten my mind fogged over and I am trying to find out what happened." Jess explained trying to avoid from going into what had been going on since the beginning.

    Before the officer could respond, Jess started noticing a rather huge bulge rising up in front of the officer's pants hiding whatever it may be by his shirt that was tucked into his pants. He came to realize what it was and it scared a part of him however it began to excite the other part of him grew excited by it knowing of what kind of joy he would experience from the prize. The sight of it began to cause his body temperature to rise with desire which seemed to cause much more of a reaction from Hogan.

    "Very well, I will be right back." Hogan said leaving Jess to calm down and try to figure out what to do next as he found that he couldn't stand that much more of this. Hogan found safety in his patrol car taking the time to run the records & calm down enough trying to allow his cock to return to his pants however it seemed to stay at attention.

    His mind running rapid with ideas needing to have his lust sated as he came to realize that the solution was right there before him as his mouth began to drool. Back in his car, Jess found that his body was literally on fire, his mind set on lust and need. His aching hole was already calling out for need and pleasures the idea of something that big inside of him. The actions made him want to run to the officer and pretty much drop his clothing right there in the middle of the street begging for sex.

    However he was able to contain it long enough for the officer to come back. "Well, son. I will let you off with a warning for the seatbelt for today, however I am going to need you to step out of the car because I believe you have alcohol on your breath."

    "WHAT?! I just woke up I haven't been drinking." Jess answered in surprise.

    "Apologizes, sir. However I can smell it on your breath and with the possibility of you suffering from the side effects of 'date rape' drug better safe than sorry." The officer answered. This caused him some confusion however what could he do so he shut the car off before stepping out of the car. At that point, the drugs in Jess's system had come into full effect causing him to lose conscious and rational thought to the point that he didn't even notice the officer leading him to an abandoned house that lay nearby.

    The house itself was still being built however it held all walls that were covered allowing that no one would see the two enter the house, Hogan closing the door behind them leaving them in a carpeted room surrounded by no openings other than the door itself. At that time Hogan wrapped his muscular arms around Jess's waist leaning down and nibbling at the human's neck running his hands up Jess's chest coming to be surprised by the sudden appearance of two large breasts that shouldn't have been present on this male.

    Turned on by the administration from the stallion, Jess turned around as he started to unbutton the officer's shirt allowing for his muscular body to him along with the new appearance of the cock that was bigger than anything that he had seen so far causing his mouth to drool. Kneeling down, he slowly allowed his tongue to trace along the entire length feeling every vein and salty taste it sent a thrill up his spine that caused him to continue lick the pulsating member.

    Hogan stroke the human's head encouraging the human to continue his licking to the point that Jess moved up to the head taking it inside his mouth. He groaned pushing up with his hips forcing the flared head into Jess's mouth nearly forcing Jess to choke before he found himself getting use to the huge head as he allowed himself to start a sucking motion.

    ~WHAT AM I DOING?!~ Jess asked finding this disgusting to the point that he couldn't think of how he could look at himself in the mirror anymore continuing with the sucking hoping that this would be over soon. He seemed to get his wish as he found that the cock was being removed after what seemed like an hour of sucking, however Hogan had other ideas.

    Hogan needed to get back on duty but he didn't want to just drop the load down the humans throat if the human was this willing to take his cock down his throat, then it is best to do the deed right. Jess looked up in surprised as Hogan began to lower his head down to the human's breasts beginning to give them a suckle causing Jess's bliss to heighten once more his mind fogging over enough to allow him to miss that his pants being pushed down around his ankles revealing his thrill underwear.

    "Ooooh, a femboy huh?" Hogan commented reaching down to stroke Jess's member through the silk material before pushing the underwear down to join the rest of the clothing on the ground. Turning the human around, he pushed him or her down on to the floor on all fours knowing that he was too tall to align his cock with the proper hole.

    Jess groaned moaning after the cock had been removed from his hungry mouth however when the horse pushed him down to all fours, his mind whirled with confusion, fear and lust that seemed to out weigh the other two. He felt the huge head push up against his somewhat loose hole however it wasn't loose enough to allow immediate access to his body, however his hole began to become slick with juices and needs as it hungrily pushed back at the head sucking at it, wanting it.

    "Easy young one, not so fast." Hogan whispered to the human below him as he was lying as he wanted the human to open up enough to allow him to feel it before he rammed it home getting about a foot of his thick cock deep into the human's hole. Jess gasped and screamed out loud in pain from the intrugion of something massive into his hole that had only been used twice that weren't as big as this member.

    Hogan slammed a hand over Jess's mouth catching the scream just as it left his mouth forcing his anus to slam down on the huge intruder trying to keep the horse from going any further. However that didn't stop Hogan from slamming further into the human as he groped the breasts giving each a squeeze and twist as he nipped at the neck causing the human to gasp and lean back into the administration.

    Dropping his hand away from the human's mouth to grasp his hips, Hogan started to pound away at the hole which seemed to come easier as the human's hole grew slicker each time he thrust in. Jess couldn't believe how much he was starting to enjoy this, not just because of the drugs but by the fact that each encounter that he could remember was that he enjoyed each minute of it. Although he had started the experience in disgust.

    End of part 1 of this encounter more to come.