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Wolf Cabin

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    Wolf Cabin

    A story I wrote on BF, want to continue writing it here. I love feedback from fans. Feel free to message me.

    Wolf Cabin

    I rented a cabin during fall. The cabin was not expensive and located in the middle of the woods, not a soul in miles. After unpacking, I showered and laid my head down for a much needed rest. I fell asleep instantly. A few hours later I woke up to the sound of a howling from outside. I looked at the alarm. It was 3AM. I got up out of bed wearing only a t-shirt and grabbed a flashlight. I walked to the front door, walked outside and looked around the cabin. There was no sign of any animals and the howling had stopped. Suddenly I heard a whimpering sound coming from the forest. It sounded like an animal was injured. I had to help so I proceeded into the forest a couple hundred feed as the whimpering became louder. I was getting close. I shined my flashlight and saw it. White hair. The animal was lying down. It got up and looked at me. I saw it was a white wolf. It started to growl and then snarled at me. In a panic, I backed up, tripped over a log, losing my flashlight, and landing on my back. I flipped over onto my hands and knees as the wolf approached me. Suddenly it jumped on my back and I felt a poking on my ass. I was alarmed to learn this wolf was male and trying to fuck me. I tried to flee but it proved futile. The wolf growled in frustration as I resided to my fate. I spread my knees and relaxed. He wrapped his paws around my hips and his dick found my virgin asshole. His dick was so wet with precum and had no trouble entering me. I felt him slide in and out of my like a piston, hammering into me. My dick became rock hard as I getting turned on, despite how wrong this was. "Uhhh yes. Fuck me." As he kept pounding into me, I felt a ball slide in and out of my asshole, each thrust it seemed to grow. With a final thrust, I felt a pop and it was inside me as the wolf stopped fucking me. I reached behind me and pulled the wolf closer, bearing down to accommodate his cock. "Oh God, you are fucking huge." The ball grew until it was the size of a grapefruit and obviously not coming out. The wolf rested on my back as his dick started to pulsate inside me. With every pulse, I could feel spurts of cum. "I can feel you inside me." My cock began to pulse in rhythm with his. I began to leak precum as my orgasm began to build. I couldn't help but stroke my cock as my orgasm made my entire body convulse. I recovered but the wolf was still on my back and he was still cumming. A few minutes pass and I could feel him getting smaller. Suddenly the wolf turned butt-to-butt and tried to pull away. "Owww, we are still locked together dummy." He still pulled as my asshole tries to open and allow his cock to be free. I beared down trying to rid myself of the baseball inside my ass. A mixture of grunting and panting escaped my lips as my asshole opened wider and wider. I hear a pop sound as he pulled away and sat a few feet away. I grabbed the flashlight and finally got a better look at the wolf. He was about 150 pounds, 3 feet tall. I looked between his legs. My jaw dropped as I saw this massive red cock with an inflated base. I could not believe this was inside me. His cock retracted and he gave a long howl. The wolf ran away as I walked back to the cabin. I still could not believe what I had done or how it turned me on. This was only my first night in the cabin. I wondered what would happen tomorrow.

    The next morning I woke up at noon. I walked to the bathroom and looked myself over in the full length mirror as the events from the previous night replayed in my head. I had scratches on both of my hips from the wolf's claws. They hurt, but it was worth the experience. I turned my butt towards the mirror and spread my asscheeks. My asshole looked red and slightly swollen. I took a shower, ate, and left the cabin. I tried to place where I encountered the wolf. There was no sign of any animals nearby. I walked back to the cabin and watched a tv marathon on the couch until I fell asleep. I was awakened by another howling sound at 3AM. I sat up startled and listened. The howling, which sounded very familiar, continued. I walked outside proceeded into the forest. I followed the sound until I found an opening within the forest. The opening was circular in shape about 150 feet in diameter. In the center was the white wolf standing on a stone slab. As I approached the wolf, he retreated until I was standing on the stone slab. He gave a long howl and I heard rustling from all around me. Three more white wolves came out and stood on the edge of the forest. It was a pack of wolves. The wolf from last night stood in front of me and gave me the familiar snarl and growl. I took off my all my clothes and assumed the doggy style position on the slab. He circled around behind me and began to lick my crack. I flinched at how unexpected it was and yet it felt good. I spread my cheeks to give him a better angle. He kept licking my asshole and balls, preparing me for breeding. "Ooo, you are good at this." I bit my lip as he continued. About 15 seconds later he stopped. I stuck my ass out and rocked side-to-side, teasing him. The wolf wasted no time mounting me. I felt his paws wrap around my hips and it happened. He rammed his cock inside on the first thrust, burying it as deep as possible. "Ahhhh holy shit!" was my response. My face was mixed with shock and pain from the initial penetration. After he was in, the wolf began to fuck me without mercy. He slammed into me hard and fast as his cock expanded. The feeling made me turn almost feral. I closed my eyes and completely submitted to his will. "Uhhh god, fuck me. Shove that knot inside me. Make me your bitch." His knot grew as it kept getting shoved and pulled from inside me until after a final thrust, it was in. "Urrrrr." I clinched my teeth and slamed my ass back setting the knot as deep as possible. The wolf stopped fucking me and laid on my back as his knot grew wider inside. "Ahhhh, oooo, mmmmm" My own dick was now rock hard and leaking precum. I began to clinch and relax my anal sphincter as the spurts of cum continued pouring into me. His throbbing seemed to speed up. "You like me clinching down on your cock, don't you?" I relaxed my muscles and enjoyed the wave after wave of pleasure. After 10 minutes, the wolf turned butt to butt. I began to bear down to push the knot out. "Mmfff, rrrr" escaped my lips as my asshole dialated wider and wider. "Urrrahh haaaaa, oooo" With one final push, I heard a pop and cum gushed from my asshole. I looked up and saw the three other wolves sitting a few feet from me. I wondered what they wanted.

    Part 3

    I looked at the three wolves and noticed the middle one seemed timid. His dick was poking out, partially aroused by seeing me get fucked. I motioned for him to come forward and patted the ground. He took a few steps forward and I began to carress his sheath with my left hand. His balls were the size of golf balls. "You haven't cum in awhile have you boy?" I asked with a grin. I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue while placing my hand behind the knot. He grew to his full length in a matter of seconds. "You are so shy. Relax." I said to my new lover. I carefulled rolled him over onto his back and began to suck on his cock, holding my hand behind the knot. It felt warm and I managed to take it all up to the knot. Cum began to pulsate from the dog. It seemed to have no end and I had trouble swallowing so much. I was on all fours sucking all the cum when I heard another wolf begin to walk around me. I patted my ass to invite him to mount me. I felt his paws wrap around me and after a few pokes, found his mark. The feeling of his cock enter me caused me to suck harder on the cock in my mouth. As the wolf slammed into me, I lifted my head making short gasping sounds. I stroked the cock in front of me as the knot expanded. When it settled inside me, locking us together, I took a deep breath and said "Good boy, ahh yeah, I am your bitch." The knot pulsed as jets of cum filled my ass. "God I love it. Give it to me." I continued to jerk off the wolf while the other was resting on top of me. After a few minutes, the wolf who was on its back seemed to have enough. I let go of his cock as he turned over, got up, and walked away. "You are welcome!" I said a bit fustrated. Five minutes later, the wolf on my back turned butt to butt. I felt his cock deflate as he started to pull away. The knot began to dialate my asshole again so I began to push to free it. "Mmmmm urrrrr" I said in a painful yet blissful state. Pop, and the knot was out. I could feel cum pouring from my asshole. It felt like gallons. I saw the last wolf who was yet to fuck me. He was sightly larger than his brothers and showed no interest in me. I figured he was the alpha, the pack leader. I stood up and put my clothes back on. The alpha wolf howled and then walked to the edge of the open area. I followed him as he stayed about twenty feet in front of me. He was leading me somewhere. After a few minutes, the trees of the forest stopped and I saw my cabin. I approached the door, opened it, and motioned for the wolf to enter. He stood at the edge of the forest staring at me, then ran back into the forest. I wondered what would happen next now they know where I live.

    Part 4 The Invitation

    I woke up at 11am. After the two previous nights, I wanted to research canine mating with animals online. I discovered a website I saw several men taking videos of themselves getting fucked by dogs. I got turned on watching them. I decided tonight I would invite the wolves into the cabin. I wanted to record my encounter with the wolf pack and see it from different angles. I drove to a local store and bought a camera with a tripod for the side view, a tablet for underneath me, and a rubber mask to hide my face. I went home and set up the camera and tablet in the living room. I planned to use the coffee table to rest my upper body on as I was getting gangbanged and laid a towel down for my knees. It would really help on the hardwood floor. After I had everything in place, I ate, set my alarm for 2:50AM and got some sleep. I knew it would be a long night.

    My alarm went off and I got up and proceeded to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and put on a red silk bath robe. It felt sexy knowing I was completely naked underneath. Soon my body would no longer belong to me. I would submit fully to the pack of wolves. I began to drool and my cock became rock hard. I walked back into the living room, staring at the clock. 2:59AM. 3:00AM. I listened with anticipation, waiting for the howl to call me. 3:01AM Maybe they were late. 3:05AM I began to feel like I got dumped. I spent the entire day preparing for them. I began to get depressed. I heard a rustling sound from outside the cabin followed by a long howl. It sounded as though it was coming from the other side of the door. Some more rustling sounds came and then something began to scratch at the front door. My heart jumped as I realized it was the wolves. They found me.

    I opened the door to see the larger alpha male staring at me. "Come in, I have been waiting for you." The alpha proceeded into the living room followed by the other three wolves. I smiled as they entered and said "You are late, your bitch is in heat." I closed the door and turned on the camera. I put on my rubber mask and stood in front of the camera, still wearing my red silk bath robe. I stared at the camera as I untied the robe and let it slip off me. I stood naked for a moment before one of the wolves began to snarl. "Time to assume the position" I said to the camera. I adjusted the angle and height of the camera to film the coffee table from the side. I kneeled down on the towel, set the tablet under my hips and hit record. I saw my cock and hips in the tablet and proceeded to lay across the coffee table. One of the wolves approached my rear and jumped on my back. I spread my knees wider and arched my back to give him easier access. I felt his paws wrap around my waist as the tip of his cock slid into me. "That's it, good wolf" I said as he began to fuck me fast and hard. His cock became longer and thicker with each thrust as I could feel the knot banging against the outside of my ass, trying to get in. "Ah, ah, ah, give it to me! Give me the knot." The wolf understood as he pulled himself into me with the next thrust and the knot was in. "Ugggh" I clenched my asshole, making sure it stayed inside me. "Oooo baby, you are stretching me. Mmmmph, god you have a big cock." I felt the knot stretch me inside, settling next to my prostate. I felt every spurt of cum shoot inside and every pulse of his cock seemed to elevate my arousal. He stopped thrusting and laid on my back. My dick came alive and was now rock hard. Every pulse increased a pressure inside me, driving me to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and began taking long deep breaths, trying to postpone my inevitable orgasm. I badly wanted to stroke myself, but I resisted. Precum began to leak from the tip of my cock. After two minutes, I could not hold back any longer. "You are going to make me cum. Oh shit, I'm cumming!" My body tensed up as cum shot from me like a volcano. My head became dizzy for a few seconds. After I recovered, the wolf dismounted and turned butt-to-butt. He was still pulsating and shooting cum inside but I could feel his knot begin to shrink. After a few minutes, he pulled away and I felt the knot pop out of me. The wolf walked to the corner of the room and laid down, exhausted after making me his bitch. After a few seconds, I took a deep breath and said "Ok, who's next?"

    The second wolf walked up behind me. He jumped on my back and began to poke at me, trying to find my asshole. He kept missing. I realized this was the shy wolf from before. He dismounted and I rolled him on his back. I stroked him so his full length, knot and all would be exposed. Then I straddled him cowgirl position and pushed the tip of his cock into my asshole. I held his cock behind the knot and balanced myself with the other hand. I lowered my ass down, inserting his whole cock until I reached the knot. I could feel the dog cumming in spurts and some of it was leaking out of my ass. I looked down at the wolf who was panting from desire. "Is my ass tight enough for you? I want all of you inside me." I began to push the knot inside. The knot was well lubed with cum and I could feel my asshole stretching wider and wider, trying to swallow it. "Rrrahh yeah, it's going in, I can feel it. Mmmff. Almost there." I felt the last part of the knot enter me as my asshole closed tightly, securing my prize. I felt as though I had a huge orange inside me. I could not be far off. I sat in cowgirl as his cock pulsated inside me. I let out a few sighs and closed my eyes, savering the sensation. Ten minutes after, the wolf's cock began to shrink. "I am going to push you out of me." I said to my canine lover. "Rrrahh, ooooh" My asshole dialated with each push as the knot slowly made an appearence. "Urrrr" The knot exited me with a wet pop sound as cum dripped from me like a fountain. I stood up and stuck my ass out towards the camera, spread my ass cheeks and showed the effect of the pounding I had taken thus far. The wolf rolled over on his belly, stood up and walked to the same corner as the first wolf who fucked me. He laid down and waited. I kneeled down on the towel and resumed doggystyle position for my next lover.

    The third wolf approached my rear. I looked between my legs and saw his cock squirting cum, the knot fully exposed. Watching me getting fucked made him cum without touching me. I patted my ass and soon he jumped on my back, wrapping his paws around my hips. His cock had no trouble entering me and began to hump me like a piston. I began to moan as his knot kept trying to force its way inside despite its size. I reached between my legs and grabbed the wolf's cock behind the knot and tried to help him push it in. It was fully swollen and would not be able to enter me. I stayed in that pose for a few seconds, feeling the cum enter me before the wolf dismounted and sat in the corner, licking his own cock.

    After a disappointing fuck, I heard a snarl from behind me. I turned my head to see the alpha wolf step forward. He was at least three inches taller than his brothers. "You finally decided to fuck me huh? Took you long enough. Show me why YOU are the alpha." The wolf jumped on my back and wrapped his paws around my waist. I realized he was thirty pounds heavier than the others and his paws were larger. His back feet took a few steps forward; bring his hips in line with mine. I felt his cock poking through the sheath as it slide between my asscheeks, searching for my hungry hole. I reached back with my left hand and guided the tip into my asshole. His paws gripped my waist hard as he thrust into me with a powerful force. "Jesus Christ, it's huge!" I managed to say as he pulled out and slammed back into me. This was a forceful, raw, and rough fuck. My breathing became short and erratic as I lowered my hips and stuck my ass out while he drove in and out of me again and again. "Urrrr yeah, fuck me harder! I am your doggie whore." I felt the knot banging against my asshole. It was the largest knot by far. I tried to match his thrusting, slamming my ass back into him. I could feel the knot began to stretch my asshole. "You are the alpha! It's going in!" The stretching became painful as I dilated to three inches. My face scrunched up and I gritted my teeth as I continued to push my ass into the wolf, hoping to take the knot. "Aaaaahh oooooo mmmmmmrrrrrrrr" I said as my asshole opened to three and a half inches. A tear rolled down my face. With a final thrust, I heard a wet suction sound as the knot buried into me. My breathing switched to long deep breaths as I tried to relax and get used to the massive cock inside. The alpha laid the full weight of him onto me as he rested on my back. The pulsating of his cock and knot make me leak precum again. I could feel my cock spasm in unison with the knot inside. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me as the spurts of cum emptied into me. My cock began to grow and became stiff as a board as I remained laid across the coffee table. I could feel pressure began building inside and I realized an orgasm was coming. After a few minutes, it was time. "I am going to cum again! Make me cum on your cock! Make me cum on your alpha cock! Oh Oooo!" Cum shot from me like a bullet. My cock and hips twitched as I experienced an euphoric orgasm, causing time to stand still and to feel light-headed. It took a few seconds to recover. After I did, the alpha dismounted and turned ass-to-ass. He stood there for five minutes before he snarled and began to pull on his cock. I clenched my teeth and pushed in response, trying to get the knot out. "Urrrr ah Rrrrr come out!" I dialated to 2, then 3 inches. The pain returned as the stretching became intense. "Ggggrrrr" I heard a pop as the knot and cock exited me with a rush followed by cum pouring from the hole. I stood up and faced the alpha. He walked towards the front door. I opened it as the three wolves stood up and ran out the door. The alpha turned his head towards me for a few seconds. He seemed to say thank you. The alpha gave a long deep howl before running out the door and returning to the woods. I closed the door and turned off the tripod camera and the tablet. I fell asleep naked on the couch, still full from the cum of four wolves.

    Part 5: An Unexpected Discovery

    The next morning I awoke to someone knocking on the door. I sat up and looked around the room. The coffee table, tablet and tripod were all there from last night. The room was filled with videos from my wolf orgy. "Just a minute." I said to the stranger behind the door. I quickly got dressed, ran to the front door and opened it slightly to poke my head out. I saw a man in his mid 20's with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a tan shirt with a green hat, reminded me of a cowboy hat. "Hello sir, I am a wildlife officer. May I come in for a moment?" I tried to sound firm and not panic. "No, the place is very messy." The officer looked suspicious and didn't seem to believe my pathetic excuse. "I received a call this morning from a family who had been camping in these woods for a few days. They claim to have heard howling the past few nights and even saw a white wolf. Can you confirm any of this?" Once again I responded with a firm "No." The officer gave a fake smile, said thank you for your time and began to walk away. He turned around and said "I almost forgot to mention your door. There are some bizarre scratches on it, recent ones, like a canine. Get it fixed." I swallowed hard, knowing this man clearly knew I was lying. "Yes... have a good day." I shut the door and could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I took a few deep breaths to calm down. I downloaded the videos from the tablet and the tripod into my laptop and watched with anticipation. I saw each wolf insert their cock into my ass from below, the knots forced into and out of me, and cum dripping from me constantly. From the tripod video, I saw myself getting fucked like the animal I was and moaning like a slut. I couldn't help but stroke my cock as I watched. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to save it for my wolf pack. I went to a local store about an hour away. I bought some paint and a brush to fix the front door. I can't blame the wolves for wanting to knock down the door and fuck me silly. Who am I kidding, I want them to gangbang me constantly.

    I returned to find the cabin door slightly open. I was alarmed and scared of a burglar inside, waiting to rob or kill me. I stood frozen at the door, unable to enter. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. "Come in, it's just me." I walked in to find the wildlife officer sipping coffee in the living room. "What the hell are you doing breaking into my cabin?! Get the hell out Officer...guy!" He chuckled, which made me angrier. "I will kick your ass and then throw you OUT!" "Calm down please" he said. "I am Officer Brad Phinn, Wildlife division. The owners of this cabin you are renting happen to be my grandparents. I wanted to make sure there was no damage inside the house. You can call me Brad from now on too. Here is my card, in case you want to talk with me privately.... perhaps about those unusual marks outside the door and the reason you have a camera set up to film something or someone." He handed me his business card as he cracked a wicked smile. I responded "Thank you Brad, but I doubt we will see each other again." His smile grew larger and he walked out the front door again. I closed the door and laid down after having such a stressful day thus far.

    I woke up around 3pm. I wanted to see myself get fucked again so I turned on my laptop. I noticed the videos were moved to the desktop instead of a hidden file folder. The lower right corner had a new icon. I hovered over it with my mouse and it said "Files Transferred" My mind began to race. (I didn't change this. Who could have....) "Oh shit!!!" I pulled out the card Brad gave me. On the back of the card were the words "Wolf boy" and "check couch" written in black. I looked under the couch and found a piece of paper. "I know the truth about you. I have a copy of your movies on a flash drive, sitting on my desk at home. If you can get it by midnight, it is yours. - Brad" I drove to Brad's home address he gave me. I couldn't help but notice he was playing a game with me. I had to play along.

    After exiting my car, I went to the front door. It was unlocked. I walked into the house and looked for a desk. I saw a huge tv in the living room with a couch and the bathroom. I searched the areas of the house until I found Brad's office. He had a bookshelf with lots of books and a large wooden desk. On the desk was a flash drive with a bow wrapped around it. I grabbed the flash drive and put it in my pocket. I quickly walked to the front door and heard something moving behind me. I turned around to see a black Rottweiler staring at me. He was as tall as the alpha, but more muscular, and weighed about 140 pounds. I realized it was a trap as I stood there frozen in terror waiting for the dog to maul me. He snarled a few times and then began to sniff the air. The dog approached me cautiously and sniffed my pants. I could not imagine what he was thinking. He backed a few feet away from me and uttered a low growl. I was confused initially until I recognized the growl was the same as my wolf pack. I had the scent of wolves and cum since I had not showered since the encounter. My panic turned into nervous curiousity. "You want to fuck me?" The rott licked his lips and barked twice. My cock became rock hard at the thought of a new lover. I stripped off my all my clothes and got down on all fours, presenting my ass to the black beast. I lowered my hips and spread my thighs apart, letting him know the bitch was ready. "I want you inside me. Come on. I know you want to." I patted my ass and the rott mounted me. I felt him wrap his huge paws around my waist, then he took two steps forward and drove his cock into me with the first thrust. The rott bore his full weight on top of me as if to say 'stay bitch.' His paws gripped my waist like a vise and each thrust was deep and fast. "Aaahhhh, that's it. FUCK ME deep and hard!" I closed my eyes and began to pant as his cock grew longer and thicker. My eyes popped open in shock as the knot of the rottie was go inside. It felt like the size of a softball. My face became rapid with lust. I wanted the knot. "Shove that knot inside my tight little asshole." The rottie began putting his full weight behind each thrust as his paws gripped me harder. I felt my asshole stretching wider and wider. The pain was uncomfortable, then painful. The mixure of pleasure and pain was intertwined. "unnnn urrrahh nnnnnnn" I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and a series of low deep groans escaped my lips. Suddenly I heard the wet pop as the knot penetrated me. "Ahh ahh ahh oooo" I tried to relax as the knot settled inside me. The rottie draped his head across my neck and licked my face. I felt cum spurt inside me in waves as the softball size knot pulsated. I took long deep breaths as the pain subsided and the pleasure intenified. The pulsating against my prostate caused an orgasm to rise inside me. I closed my eyes again and focused on the sensation of the knot. After a minute, my orgasm was fast approaching. "I love your fat doggie cock inside me. Oh yeah, aaah I'm going to cum. You are going to make me cum!" Moments later, cum dripped from my cock like a river and a wave of electricity caused my body to spasm. I became light-headed for a few moments. I recovered as the rottie laid on my back for 10 more minutes. His knot began to shrink and he dismounted. I experienced a moment of pain as the knot was ripped from me. "Ahhhh!" I heard a pop as cum dripped from my asshole onto the floor. I heard a set of feet walking to me. I looked up and saw Brad standing in front of me. I froze in terror, not knowing what he would do to me. "I will do whatever you want. I have money." I said sheepishly. Brad looked down at me with a concerned expression. "Answer me one question and I will let you go. No blackmail." Brad said. I nodded. "Did you enjoy getting fucked by my Rottweiler, Hercules?" "Y-yes I.. I did." A smile swept across Brad's face. "How do you think he learned to fuck so good?"

    Part 6: A New Friend

    Brad and I shared a smile and I breathed a sigh of relief. I stood up and got dressed. Hercules sat near the front door, exhausted after fucking a new bitch. Intrigued by Brad's revelation, I desired to speak to him more. We sat down in his living room as Brad explained he had been a zoo for many years. He began to experiment with Hercules his senior year of high school. After his high school girlfriend dumped him for a football player, Brad began to look at online porn. He had accidently clicked a link and saw a video of a man getting rammed by a dog. He was intrigued by it. The next night, Brad got completely wasted after he saw his former girlfriend making out with her new man. He went to take a shower and stripped off all his clothes. Hercules walked into Brad's bedroom and licked his cock. Brad became aroused so he got down all fours, allowed his rottweiler to mount him, and was hooked since.

    After he shared his story, Brad said he figured I was a zoo after the series of howling and seeing the scratches on the front door of the cabin. He was intrigued how I began my journey with the wolves in the forest. I explained how my first time was an accident. I was wearing only a tshirt in the middle of the woods and I tripped over a log after being scared of the white wolf. I was raped, forced to submit, and my fear turned to lust as the wolf made me cum. After my inital encounter, I found a clearing in the forest where I was gangbanged by a wolf pack. Throughout my story, Brad's eyes seemed glued to my every word. After we exchanged experiences, Brad said since I had been fucked by Hercules, it was only fair he become the new bitch for the wolves. I couldn't help but laugh as I agreed with one condition. I get to film him getting bred by my wolf pack. We both smiled, shook hands and I left his house.

    I went home to the cabin for a good night's rest. I had trouble sleeping. So much happened in the last few days. First I was raped by a wolf in the middle of a forest. Then I went back to be gangbanged by four wolves and now I let a man's rottie fuck me. I heard a knock on the door. I turned over and looked at the clock next to my bed. 2:45 AM. My cock jumped a little. I walked to the front door, opened it, and there stood Brad. He was wearing a white plain t shirt and blue jeans. Brad greeted me and smiled. "Got the camera ready?" I nodded. I gathered the tripod with mounted camera and walked out the front door with Brad. I led the way into the forest and we stepped through into the clearing. Brad pointed to the slab at the center and asked "Is that the spot?" I responded "Yes, stand there and howl." The wolves will take it from there. Brad looked slightly nervous yet excited. I could see his full erection showing through his pants. I set up the tripod and camera, aimed it at the stone slab at the center of the clearing and began to record in night vision mode. I stood to the side of the camera and motioned for Brad to proceed. Soon the pack would claim a new bitch.

    Brad walked to the stone slab in the middle of the forest. His body seemed to glitter, illuminated by the full moon. He removed all his clothes and threw them to the side. Brad turned towards the camera and rubbed his hands up and down his chest, over his cock, and began to stoke himself. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and stopped stroking and gave a wicked smile to the camera. Brad began to speak in a seductive voice. "I am about to try something I have never done. I want you to watch me get fucked, bred like the bitch I am, by a wolf." Brad spun around to show the camera his firm ass. He spread his cheeks apart with both hands, showing his pink asshole as he continued. "I want that wolf cock inside my tight little asshole." He spun back around. "This is for my new paw pal. Thank you for sharing this with me."

    Brad gave a long deep howl. For a few moments, the forest became dead silent. Then I heard leaves rustling as something was moving through the forest. The alpha white wolf ran into the clearing and stopped 15 feet short of the stone slab. The large white wolf looked at Brad, whose initial nervous demeanor became confidence and lust after seeing such the beast. After a few moments, The alpha wolf let out a howl of his own. The three other wolves emerged and surrounded Brad. The alpha stood in front of Brad, one wolf on either side, and the final white wolf stood behind him. The wolf behind Brad ran forward and tried to jump on his back. The force knocked Brad forward onto his hands and knees. The wolf than began to attempt to mount him. The alpha ran behind Brad and nipped at the wolf, who dismounted and scurried away, laying down at the end of the clearing. Brad rotated his body so the camera could capture a perfect side angle. The alpha jumped on Brad's back and wrapped his paws around his hips. Brad responded by spreading his legs, lowering his hips, and raising his ass in the air. He looked like a professional you see doggy pornstar. After a few slow pokes, the alpha hit home. "Ahhh, oh my god, he's in me!" A series of grunts proceeded as the alpha gripped hard and drove his cock fast and hard inside Brad. At this point, I was completely naked, stroking my cock watching this. I glanced over at the camera. Everything was recording perfectly. The alpha began to slow down as the knot began to expand and settle in, tying them together. "Unnnnnngggggggggggoooooodddd damn it!" Brad bore down and gritted his teeth as the pain seemed to become unbearable. "Ahhhhhhnnnnnn it hurts! It's too big." The alpha easily overpowered Brad by his sheer size and strength. I know from experience. I became shocked and panicked at what was transpiring. I thought Brad could handle the alpha. How could I be so stupid. I wanted to help Brad so I began to run towards him. I got within a 30 feet when a wolf dove in front of me and tripped up my feet. I landed on the ground face first. I lifted my head up to see Brad still moaning in pain. "His....nnnnnggg knot is like aaahhh fucking BASEBALL! He's cumming so much inside me! Nnnnghhhh" His breathing was short and rapid. It seemed to mimic the alpha perfectly. I was able to rise to my hands and knees when I felt a wolf jump on my back. He quickly wrapped his paws around me and began to pant in my ear. I was about to be bred as well. I assumed the pose as the wolf cock entered my ass. I locked eyes with Brad as seeing me seemed to help him accept the alpha. "Unnnn..hhhhaaaa." Brad began long deep breaths as the pain gave into pleasure. "I love your cock...I love your ssssssssstttttreching meeeee!" he said to the camera. A series of "ooo" and "aahhh" escaped Brad's lips for the next few minutes. During this time, I was enjoying the role of bitch to the white wolf who tried to mount Brad. He slammed into me without mercy or thought of my well-being. It was rough, hard, fast, everything I wanted. I think he was mad he didn't get Brad. I didn't care. I pulled his rear into me, trying to drive the knot as deep as I could. I felt the knot expanding inside, stretching me to my limit. "Ohh yeah, we are...oo both tied!" I said. The feeling inside me was pure heaven. The knot was pushing against my prostate and throbbing along with the wolf's cock. Spurts of cum kept dumping into me with no sign of slowing down. My face became blissful as Brad and I seemed to feed off each other. "I love feeling the knot expand inside me. Ahhh." I said to Brad. Brad smiled back as he closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations of the knot and throbbing cock within him. My cock was rock hard by now as I remained on all fours. I began to pant as the wolf would soon force me to cum. "hnn...hnn...hnn...I can feel it building inside me Brad! He is going to force me to cum!" Brad opened his eyes and looked at me lustfully. "That's a good bitch. Your asshole is filled with a fat wolf cock. You love it. Cum on that wolf cock! Cum!" Brad commanded me. "Hnn...hnn...hnn..hnn..hnn..I"M CUMMING.. UNNNNRRR!" My hips jerked forward as streams of cum shot from my cock like a cannon. My arms shook as the orgasm made my entire body tremble. After a few moments, I recovered. I looked at Brad who licked his lips. Clearly he enjoyed the show. The wolf on my back laid still for another minute and then turned butt to butt with me. I felt the knot begin to shrink instantly. The alpha was still laying on Brad, dumping his seed deep inside his bowels. I alternated between heavy grunting and deep breaths to push the knot out. I felt my asshole expand wider and wider until..."Uaaahhh" I said as the knot popped out. Cum gushed out like a fountain.

    I stood up and walked over to Brad. I lifted the tail of the alpha to see the knot buried deep within him. His asshole was puffing out from the massive size of the knot. The alpha's balls were pulsing, pumping cums deep inside Brad. "How does it feel to be knotted with the alpha?" Brad let out a deep long moan. "Unnnnnnnhhh it feels so good." Brad's eyes grew wider and wider and he clenched his fists. "I'M CUMMING!!!"
    I looked under at Brad's cock which was rock hard and leaking cum. After his heavy breathing slowed down, the alpha turned butt to butt. "I can feel it shrinking slightly." A few momemts later, the alpha began to pull away from Brad. "AAAAAHHHHHH, it hurts." I could see Brad's asshole form around a large mass which was trying to squeeze through a small hole. Brad gritted his teeth and his face turned red from pain. "Urrrraaahh Ahhhh ccccommme outtt ooohhh FUCK!" I watched in amazement as Brad's asshole streched wider and wider and the thick red knot began to shift towards freedom. "GGGGRRRRRRRRRR UUUUUNNNNNN" was all Brad was able to say. Brad's asshole expanded to 2 inch diameter, then 2.5 inches, now 3. I could see the massive alpha knot, but it still was not free. I was so turned on watching this. The alpha pulled again. Brad yelled at the top of his lungs as his ass expanded to 3.5 inches. A huge wet pop sound was heard as the knot and 8 inch long alpha cock appeared and dangled between the legs of the alpha male. Cum flowed from Brad for what seemed like a minute. Afterward, Brad stood up and looked at the massive red cock between the legs of the alpha. His face was a mixture of shock and pride. "Pet him" I said to Brad. Brad gently padded the alpha on the head. The alpha stepped forward and licked Brad on the cheek. Then he turned and ran deep into the woods as the other wolves followed their leader. I stepped back behind the camera again. Brad looked straight into the camera and said "This was my first time with the wolves. It will not be the last. I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. Join us next time." I turned off the camera and we put all our clothes back on. We walked back out of the clearing and towards the cabin. Tonight the alpha claimed another bitch for the wolf pack. I could not wait to see the video of our encounter. Tomorrow would be another new adventure.

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                          Awesome story! This is my first time coming across it. I love your style of writing; it makes it feel so much more alive. I also love stories where someone gets caught (and it ends well, of course)
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