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    Lonley Love

    This story is about a guy meeting a new dog from some place in the woods as he was just hiking through and found a dog that seemed lonely, and abandoned.
    Part 2 for this story was going to be worked on... But I lost it, and just haven't gotten the time to work on a part 2.

    Lonely love - fiction.

    Upon having a heart broken from losing my lover. I found new love from a girl who I always gleamed at. She used to be with someone but never treated her right. She was a beautiful lab with a natural clean coat all black.

    When I saw her she was drinking from a puddle of water, and came up to her slowly. She seemed scared for some reason.

    I looked in her eyes and felt like I was asking her telepathically what was wrong. She came over to me and I bent down. She moved in more and laid her head on my shoulder. I started to hug her back and I started to feel like something was wrong. She was shaking. Was it too cold? It was about 40 degrees, so was kind of chili. When I moved my hands down her back I can feel a bump and she jumped back. "It's ok. " I said. "Someone did something to you didn't they?" She came back over and laid her head down like she said "yes". "Want to stay with me? I can't leave you like this" I said.

    She wagged her tail. I started to walk and she followed slowly. We slowly went to my car. And I opened the door to let her in. She jumped up and sat down and I closed the door and went over to get in the car. Upon leaving I noticed some people come up. She started to growl. Like she knew them and did not want them near. I don't like confrontation and don't like those who would do such a thing as they did to this dog. I noticed they were looking over to me. "Oh shit" I said.

    I just wanted to get out of here. They started to yell "what are you doing with my dog!?" The dog in my car started to sound sad and whimper. She crawled into the back seat. I locked the doors and only had the window a little bit open just to hear him. "Is this your dog?" I said. "She seemed scared when you came around."

    "That's cause she's a stupid bitch" the guy said.

    "Just because she's a dog doesn't mean she's stupid." I replied.

    "Yes it does. She's just a dog." He said

    I looked over at him and started to get mad. Someone said something like that to me. Something you love can't just be replaced with another like nothing happened.

    "I'm glad I only came to this place once. I will not return here if I see you." I said

    "Give me my damn dog!" He replied.

    I stumped on the gas and got the hell out of there. Just in case I would be followed I took different roads to get to the highway and floored it down the interstate. May be I shouldn't just take a dog like that. But who leaves their dog out in the middle of nowhere, abused and beaten and as I did not mention, she looked starved. Over 100 miles of getting away I managed to get home. I live in the country side with a nice amount of trees and great land. It's hard to find the place unless you really look. I went home and parked the car in the garage and closed it. I looked over at her when I turned the car off. She was still in the back sleeping. I went out of the car and opened the backdoor.

    "Wakey wakey" I said. "We're home"

    She started to wake up. She was a little hesitant to get up and hop out of the car. As we went inside and I locked the car up, I wanted to give her some food and may be find something for her pain. I still had dog food that was left from my last dog when she was taken after having some nasty roommates. I still had pictures of her and her toys and dog collar.

    The lab was sniffing around the house to get familiar with the place. She may have smelled the scent of another dog when she was sniffing around. She started to get scared like she was in someone's territory. "It's ok. Don't worry." I said as I came over to pet her and give her comfort. I Started to wash out the bowls first as I haven't done so. I've been procrastinating on house keeping since the incident I mentioned. I poured some food and water and let her eat. She was a little slow at eating. It's like she didn't want to eat. I tried a few things like putting an egg in the food. Something I learned from someone. You just crack open an egg in their food and it can help with softening the food. But I tried a little bit of water as well.

    "Here you go. This should help." I said as I placed he food on the floor. She seemed to be more into it now. She was eating it much faster. May be a little too fast. "Don't hurt yourself. I know your hungry as heck."

    I went to lay on the couch and she was still finishing up her food. I just had some left over food, just chicken with potatoes and Mac and cheese. The lab started to come over after finishing up and drinking some water. "Well you look like you ate well." I said looking over at her. She started to wag her tail and sit her head on my leg.

    I started to per her and give her a kiss on the head. "You can come on the couch if you like. You never have to ask" I pat the couch and she jumped up. I singled her to come over to me. "Come on over here. You don't have to sit that far." She came over slowly. She started to lay beside me and put her head in my lap. "That's a good girl." I started to rub her head and just watched stuff on TV.

    I started to look at photos of my last dog again. She was a springer spaniel. Only reached a year old before losing her. When having roommates they did nothing but make life hell and made her run away. After I tried to find where she was and, and being mad at the roommates, I was told "it's just a dog. You can always just get another." I tried to look at shelters. But the one I knew she would be, I was talked bad about by them and it was impossible to get her back after that. I kicked those roommates out ever since, never again will I have something like that happen.

    I started to pet the new dog I had. And after rubbing my hand on her back I hit the same sore spot again. She yelped. "I'm sorry! I forgot about that.! "I pat her head and she came up and licked me. I forgot I was going to see what I can do to make the pain go away. I first wanted to examine her. I noticed it was a small bump with some red sore. I found some kind of patch to put on her back. Was some stuff I got at the vet for if my dog ever had an accident. Unless it was too severe then home remedies won't work. I pat her head to comfort her and slowly put it on her. She wanted to get up and walk away. "It's okay. It should only be a second" I said. I was able to get the patch on her and after awhile she started to get better.

    After some weeks have gone by and she's getting more comfortable with her new home. I got her a collar and name tag. I even took her too my vet just to get her checked out. They told me why she had he patch on her back, I told them "I saw her wondering around in the middle of nowhere and saw no tags and noticed she had a bump and what seemed to be a scare and was painful to even touch. She also looked malnourished when I saw her. "

    "Ok. Well if it's okay. We can try and take a look at the wound and see if something more needs to be done." I thought about it. But I noticed it didn't seem anything at all serious. If I say no I'm just gambling with what may be serious and I'm thinking it's not. I decided I'll let them look at it. "Ok sure. " I said.

    The vet slowly removed the patch and noticed the wound is not all there as it was when I first saw it. "Seems like it's healed up. I'm not seeing too much of an issue." The vet said. "But I'm going to put on a new patch and that should clear up "

    "Thanks." I said.

    After leaving the vet and going home she starts to lick me like crazy. "What are you doing crazy?" I laughed and she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Luckily I was already in the garage and closed like always. I kissed her back and ran my hand down the back of her head. Her soft dark fur was lovely. I started to get a little hard after that nice kiss. She wouldn't stop. I wanted to push back but she pulled in more. I don't know what's gotten in her. But she must have loved the crap out of me. After a few minutes of a nice make out in the car we started to get out in get in the house.

    "Well that was hot you dirty girl" I said to her. She wagged her tail and had a happy look on her face.

    I started thinking of something more with her. But I try to get it out of my mind. I lost my last dog the last couple of months. I can't just fall in love instantly like this. What if something happens to her to? I don't know what I would do with myself.

    I was tired from today with working and bringing her to the vet. I went to lay down and my dog came along with me. Once she came on the bed and turned around I started to notice her back side under her tail. Her pussy looked like it was getting big. Like she's getting into heat. My eyes were gleaned at it for a long time. I snapped out of it and patted the bed "come lassy. Come cuddle with me." She came over and started to lay down with her back towards me. I moved up close to her and she Started to move herself back on me. She moved her head towards me and gave me a kiss again. Right on the lips. It's like she can find the perfect position to get me.

    After she laid her head down. I started to fall asleep and she started to as well. After awhile we woke up I noticed she was standing over me. I also noticed a strange Oder. I looked at her pussy again. She was in full blown heat. How can she just get in full blown heat that fast? I thought. Just last night it's like she was just starting to get in heat. "Well morning sexy" I said. She wagged her tail and looked at me.

    I don't know how she just got like this. Did she since I had a past lover? Did she notice I was looking at past memories of my last girl? I got up and let her out to use the bathroom. I had a day off work so I just got ready for the day to do nothing. After letting her run around and she came back inside I closed the door and locked it. I went to lay in bed again and just be on my laptop. She came over to me again and pushed me down with her head and came in with a kiss "hey crazy. What do you want now? " I said. She came down with a big kiss and I could do nothing but kiss back. A sweet dog kiss I just can't turn down. That must be my weakness. I caressed her neck and body while we kissed and she laid over top of me with her legs on each side. This was making me crazy horny. Even when she was in heat.

    She started to scoot her hind legs up and she stopped kissing me. I was hard as a rock. I looked at her vulva. It was nice and pink with a little dark around her pussy. "Oh wow. I. I just don't know. But. You can't stop what you just started." I took off my pants which was all I had on, she stood up more like she knew what was going to happen.

    I fingered her for a bit and she started humping, she felt really big. I started to get my dick inside her and she began humping herself to get it inside her. She leaned down more and I felt the warmth of her nice insides. "Ooooh man. Wow. You're so tight and hot" I caressed my hands around her and she gave more kisses and laid all the way down on me. I pushed back and forth on to her, we layed cow girl style and gave her more kisses.

    I Started to hold her tighter and we moved to the side and made love. I moved her to the missionary style and it felt like I was getting more stuck. She moved her paws on my back and held me tight like I did her. Her claws on my back was a little painful but made the love more passionate as I gave another kiss and buried myself into her fur and love hole. "Oh baby. I love you lassy" After a few more thrusts I started to feel like I emptied everything I had in her. I felt her pussy squeeze me more and felt her wetness. I was still feeling the stuck feeling inside her as we were still in missionary. I wanted to stay like this. Lassy laid her head down and kept her paws on my back. She must didn't want to leave either. We changed positions back on the side and put the covers over us. I started to fall asleep like this. She must didn't mind as we woke up I noticed my dick was half way out of her. She gave me a kiss when I woke up. "Hello beautiful. I guess you want another great session?" I said to her while still caressing her body.

    I was about to get up, but I forgot she still had her claws on my back.. She put more of her claws on me and growled as in to keep my to stay where I was. "Well, can't I get up first, and..." I said. Then Lassy barked and pushed her paws more on to me as into get me closure to her. I leaned in and gave her a kiss, and she gave a kiss as well..

    I was getting hard again, and can feel that my dick was just at the right angle... I just pushed in without lining up, and fell right inside her. I pushed in more, and just stayed. Feeling the warmth of her sweet pussy. "Oh, lassy, I want to be inside you forever." I said as I buried myself in her again.

    As we laid missionary and began making love, I picked her up and changed positions. Sitting in the chair, on the sofa, and many other places. Loving her on the sofa was just amazing... It was like I was literally on cloud 9. "Here comes the big one baby!" I said. Starting to caress her body once more and giving her a big kiss and emptied my seed deep inside her. We continued the make out session and after minutes I've withdrawn from her and let her outside. I went out with her to continue playing with her. Just the normal fetch, tugging, etc.
    "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

    such a horny story .... thanks so much for sharing it.... seemed like like was my penis in her vagina... u r a real story teller..... more from me in the future...... Moon clad