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My 1st cow

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  • My 1st cow

    My First Cow

    This story is true and happened.

    I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest. I was always around animals and saw cows being bred by large Holstein bulls. This always turned me on as for as long as I can remember. The long red cock being slid into the cow’s slimy pussy as the bull rode her around and lurched into her breeding her. Every time I’d see this I would become instantly turned on and hard as a rock wishing I was the bull. To this day I still have no idea why it turned me on but it did.

    My job was to help my dad milk cows, feed them bed them clean the barn, feed the calves etc. The cows were allowed to be outside during the summer on pasture and then in the winter they were kept in the barn. In the mornings they were let out to the silo for some feed while the barn was clean and they received fresh straw bedding and new hay etc.

    All the cows were Holsteins’, you know the black and white ones.. Our bull was a large Holstein also with huge balls that hung down beneath his hind legs. He was someone that you stayed away from while he was loose with the cows. It was a cold snowy February day when I let the cows out and the bull out to the farm yard and I walked to the silo to feed them. All ran to the silo wanting their food. I don’t know if it was because they were hungry or just wanted to eat fast and get back into the warm barn. I was standing that the silo bunk and feeding the cows when I noticed our bull walking behind a few of the cows smelling their pussy.

    Standing near me was a Large Holstein cow that was one on the more friendly ones in the herd. I was running the silo unloader when I saw the bull come behind her and stick his nose right into her pussy. He raised his head curled his nose lip back and made a face when he raised his hear up into the air. He then began to push his head into her back side to get her to move. She stayed their eating and our bull became more frustrated with her. Several times he slammed his head into her in an attempt to separate her from the cows near her. She refused to move.

    Then it happened… He put his head upon her back hips and mounted her. I could see his long red cock extend from its sheath and head right toward the cows pussy as he moved ahead on her looking to fuck her. He lurched forward and his cock found her pussy with one leap he entered and bred her. Our cow of course just kept eating. My cock sprang to life I was hard as a rock. The bull kept around her and then slid between her and another cow to eat at the bunk. My feed bunch was full and it was time to leave and go back to my chores. I was frustrated as I could not stay and watch more. I walked behind the cow and saw that she was in heat. She had a large completely black pussy and it was running slime down and out. I wanted so much to stay.

    Well I returned to the barn and did the rest of my chores. By this time the cows had finished eating and it was time to put them back into the barn. My dad and I opened the door and they all rushed in looking for their station and fresh grain. Each cow knew exactly where they were to go and went there. The bull on the other hand was not one to listen. He refused to go into his pen. Dad and I pulled the leaver on the tie stanchions and locked all the cows into their respective stations as the bull roamed free. We grabbed two pitch forks and headed into the walk area when the bull saw us and ran into his pen. Once he was in there, we locked the pen’s gate.

    Well now came the fun part.. I had to scrape all the cow manure from the walk way as cows go where and when they want. I was using a barn scrapper and pushing the manure into the gutter when my dad told me that he and my mom had to run to a town about 40 miles away from some stuff and would be gone most of the day. He asked if I wanted to go or what. I told him no and wanted to stay home. He said alright and I continued to clean and drive way. I finished up and walked to the house. My mom was there and so were my siblings and dad. They were all cleaned up and ready to go to town. Again they asked me to go and I said no telling them I’d rather just stay home. With that they loaded themselves into the truck and left out the drive.

    I knew that my family would not return for several hours, giving me run of the place. All I could think about was that cow and bull in the barn yard just a short time ago. Just thinking about it again made my cock spring to life and hurt as it throbbed. I thought to myself that I could maybe go back to the barn and let the bull out to fuck her again. Then I realized that if I did that I may not be able to get him back into his pen by myself. Try and explain that one. So I just decided to go into the barn and at least look and maybe play with some cow pussy.

    I went into the barn and as I walked in the majority of the cows now were content and lying down with their rear ends back over the gutter. Being used to me not one made an effort to get up. I walked around behind them look at them as they lay there teasing me with their luscious pussy. I was hard and need relief walking behind each of them. Near the walk way there was a smaller Holstein who was lying there. I walked over to her and began to talk to her and rub her back and so forth. She was content to allow me to do this and I did so for a few min. I then moved my hand back under her tail and began to rub her pussy with my fingers. She immediately jumped up and thus ended my attempt to play with her.

    Frustrated, I walked around the barn trying the same thing with several other cows that I thought may allow my advances. Again they jumped up leaving me high and dry and throbbing. I walked to the far end of the barn were the cow from earlier was stationed. She was lying down with her ass and pussy over the gutter. Her pussy was dripping a long trail of slime from being bred and her tail was off set to the side. Her pussy was completely black and as it dripped the ooze I could see that pink insides. I knew I needed that. I approached with caution getting on my hands and knees behind her crawling towards my prized cow.

    Behind her now, I reached up and began to rub her pussy with my right hand. She stretched her legs off the side and seemed to relax even more. I reached under her pussy and took a hand full of the slime in my hand as unzipped my jean rubbing it on my cock. I slowly crawled to her fantasizing that I was the bull and stuck my face right up to her pussy. I could feel the heat on my face and the smell was wonderful. I stuck my face into her pussy and began to lick and suck on her pussy. She held completely still and enjoyed the sensation as far as I could tell.
    I pulled my jeans down completely to my knees now and knelt behind this most beautiful pussy one could imagine. I reached up again and begin to rub and finger her pussy. She merely relaxed and out stretched her legs to the side. She was enjoying what I was doing and so was I. I knew I had to fuck her as my cock throbbed for relief. But how I thought was I was behind her thinking of a way. Then it came to me.

    I stood up taking off my boots and jeans leaving me naked from the waist down. I again got down behind her and crawled to her. I placed my hand on her pussy and she didn’t object. I fingered her and her tail rose off the side and exposed her pussy to me. I reached up and placed my hand on her back side above her tail testing her to see if she would stand up to keep me away. Nothing happened she remained still. I slowly crawled again and up onto her back as I used my weight to test her. She continued to lay and relax.

    My cock was now inches from her, as I slid ahead again. I placed my feet on the gutters edge and slid one more time reaching down to guide my cock into my prized cow. Then I felt it, the cold slime that was leaking down her pussy into the gutter. It was on my cock head and I knew that I was merely inches for fucking my wanton desire. I slid forward again and I felt the warmth of the pussy engulf my cock head. My head was in... I wanted it all and I pushed forward with all I could. I buried my cock to the balls in her. I could feel her hot slime around my cock and I could feel the hair at the end of her pussy tough my balls. I was in to the hilt and she didn’t object.

    I reached down taking my cock and I began o rub it around in her. She didn’t move. Now I knew that she wanted it like I did. I had never fucked a cow before or had the chance and I was in heaven. I began to slam my hips and cock into her and as I did I pretended to be the bull fucking her. The more I fucked her the more slime oozed from her pussy back onto my balls and cock. I couldn’t control myself as I began to violently fuck her.. Yet she didn’t object. I was half on her and in the gutter at the same time. Then it happened… I heard a fart and she shit on me. Yes shit on my cock and pubic mound as I fucked her. I was covered in cow shit as I continued to fuck. I could feel the warm shit on my cock and mound area as I slammed ahead. Then it happened to me. My cock spammed and I could move as I thrust as deep as I could. My balls tightened and I exploded in her. I grasped her hips best I could and held on as I spurted off inside her.

    I had come in her pussy and she expected it. Exhausted, I relaxed and crawled back off her into the driveway. Her black pussy not only dripped slime but it also dripped my milk. I had fucked and bred a cow in heat. I was covered in cow shit and had to clean up in the milk house before I got my jeans back on. After dressing I walked down to her stall and she lay there completely content, letting her pussy ooze bull cum and my cum.\

    I continued to fuck her many times after that even when she was not in heat.. She just enjoyed it I guess. My dad sold her 6 months later, since she claimed she would not breed back and have a calf. Hell I sometimes wonder if she just liked being fucked and that’s why. I missed her once she was gone, but I found other cows who like it just as much.

    Again this is a true story and it happened as told

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    A hot story! Thank you for sharing! Brings back memories...


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      nice story, I find it very recognizable


      • Lord Panther
        Lord Panther commented
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        I loved the story it gave me a hard on thank you

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      i can imagine the feeling because i did the same but unfortunately she isn't in heat and never stay still always moving when i was trying to put inside her