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My Rex man and dog

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    My Rex man and dog

    Riding Rex!

    This story is true and only the names of the dog involved and people are changed to protect our identity. Sounds like, “Dragnet!” However it’s totally true.

    I’m Brad age 40 now with a sister whom is 18 months my junior named Tara. We grew up on a farm and knew quite early was sex was and even played with each other as teens. Hell she even caught me one day jacking off a stray dog onto my cock in our hay barn. Tara just walked up and said, “Comparing cocks I see. Can I watch? She sat down onto a hay bail and watched me jack off this dog onto my cock and shoot my load all over. She got up and left but later that night I knew she was horned up by it because I heard her masturbating in her room calling out doggy fuck me. As that summer went on we had a mare that was the biggest slut I ever saw. She would turn her ass to anyone raise her tail and wink her pussy at them. Well one day my sister looked at me and told me that she’d hold the Raines if I fucked the mare. I did and my sister left go the Raines and was standing behind me before I knew it pushing against my ass with both hands as I stood on a bucket. She was actually helping me fuck our mare. I tried t talk her into laying on our mares back as I fucked the mare and ate her pussy but she would have none of that. She just kept pushing my ass trying to control my rhythms. She would moan like she was the one fucking when in fact I was. We later got into each other together and animals but that is another story.

    We both grew up and had family and never talked about our teens on the farm until recently. She and her hubby have a large collie farm dog named Rex. He is very aggressive and anyone whom tries to get out of the car or truck is quickly put back in until one of her family shows up. This collie is the most beautiful dog I have seen and with huge cock and balls to match. Just aggressive as hell. Last summer I paid a visit to my sister and rex was lying in the yard as she did some work around the farm. He immediately ran up barking and growling at me knowing that dogs don’t like to be stared down I looked away and down talking calmly to him telling him he was a good boy. Well that’s all it took it quieted down and came up smelled me and licked my hand and laid down. Tara looked at me and yelled, “Holly fuck! You still love dogs!” I laughed and ignored the comment.

    She and I visited for a while in the yard and drank a few beers. My brother-in-law returned home soon and we all decided to relax and drink a few brew. As we sat in the yard and into the evening we all had a few and sat around a fire pit enjoying country life, with Rex coming over now and then wanting to be played with. Well I had no problem playing with him. He soon warmed up to me and would not keep his nose out of my crotch and then would try and hump my leg to my brother-in-law’s displeasure. .That evening Rex was scolded many a time and told to go lie down. I was able to keep playing with rex to the point that he listened to my every command and my sister looked at me and said, “You like him don’t you?” We kept drinking beer and soon all had too much for me to drive home. They invited me to spend the night in their guest room which is actually attached to the horse barn. I took them up on the offer and as we were all getting ready to hit the hay my sister looked at me and said, “You and rex enjoy yourself!” My brother-in-law laughed and though she was just teasing but I knew better.

    My sister brought out some blankets from the main house and patted Rex on the head and said, “Take it easy on him tonight!” I assumed she was referring to the fact that he may bug me all night and not let me sleep a wink. With that she looked at me and Rex and said, “Nite Nite you too love bugs!” Of course I laughed it off and told her to shut up. I went into the guest room and Rex followed right behind me. I saw down on the bed and he jumped up putting his paws on my shoulders licking my face. He and I hugged and snuggled for a while and I began to allow him to lick my face and I opened my mouth letting him French kiss me so to speak. I sucked on his tongue and he kind of nipped mine as I soon knew I had to give myself to this massive beast. I was his and ne knew it. You could have pushed my over with a feather, since I was so subservient to my soon to be lover.

    As we were in this position Rex began to get aggressive again and began to dry hump the air as he tried to mount me. I knew it was time to submit to him. He was panting hard and drooling and would even grab my shirt and pull it with his teeth. He was also nipping my hands and would growl at me.. I knew I had to submit to his carnal desire. I quickly pulled down my jeans and shorts kicking them off to the side leaving me sit on the bed with a naked hard throbbing cock. Rex immediately stuck his nose into it and licked it a few times sending me into a world unknown to others. He too knew what was about to happen and he kept trying to grab my leg and hump me. I stood up and as I did he jumped on me from behind knocking me down against the bed with my ass exposed to him.

    He licked my asshole like there was no tomorrow making it feel numb. He stopped licking and I stood up only to have him growl and come at me like he was going to attack me. Quickly I got back down on all 4s and presented my ass to him. He jumped upon me and began to hump me for all he was worth. I crawled around a little bit acting like a bitch in heat and this even more infuriated him making him grasp my hips tighter with his legs and dew claws. During this entire time he kept growling and jumping his cock at my ass. I could feel his hot precum spurting onto my ass cheeks as he rode me around. After about 5 minuets of this he got really pissed off and jumped off me biting my ass hard. I froze scared out of my wits. Rex mounted again and I stood still. He humped around my ass 3 or 4 times and his cock found my asshole. He slammed it in and began to fuck me hard. He was literally bouncing me along as he rode me. I could feel his knot pressing hard into my ass as his cock did its job of making my ass loose for the impending fuck about to come. I was now totally oblivious to the world around me. I wanted my stud to fuck me and I was going to submit to him. I pushed back and with a hard jab I felt his member enter my ass. Quickly he swelled and we were tied. Lover locked in a k9 fuck fest. Soon he made his turn and we were ass to ass in a standard k9 breeding tie. I could feel every pump of his cock and every beat of his heart. I was his and I knew it. As we staying lick this I jacked off and blew my load all over the floor hoping he would soon release me. We stayed ass to ass and I was powerless to do anything but be his. I felt what can best be described as a huge surge and his cock deflated pulling from me. I had been bred and his cum ran from me like water.

    Rex then licked his cock and I remained on all 4s like a bitch. He walked around liked my face and ran over to the door scratching to go out. I let him out and I hit the bed exhausted. I left in the morning and before I did my sister laughed and asked if Rex behaved last night. I laughed back and told her best behaved dog I’ve seen in a long time.

    Since that night, my sister has made a point of calling me and telling me when she and her hubby will be away from the weekend or when they will be gone all day. Even has called and mentioned the fact that Rex misses me and needs me to visit. I actually think she knows he and I fucked and I suspect the first night that she was peeping like she used to as we grew up on the farm.

    Hey there cattle breeder what a hot and amazingly stimulating story for shure...looks like you and Tara had fun up in the hay loft...I would have been happy to watch play and/or take pics vid...what a nice time you all had