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BJ and the cow cult

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    BJ and the cow cult

    BJ and the Cow Cult

    BJ was born and raised on a dairy farm and had always been into bestiality from early on as a teenager. After all, without girls on the farm what else was there to fuck but the horses and cows? As BJ did farm chores, he spent many hours around the cattle. He found himself turned on by the site of the bulls fucking the cows as they were in heat. Soon BJ began to tie the cows into the stanchion in the barn. Close the door and let bulls out to fuck them even if they were not in heat. He would stand near and play with the bulls long pink cock as the bull road his prize and shot off deep inside. BJ would then run up to the cow, lick, and eat her pussy clean of the bull cum. BJ would even take a bale of hay get behind the cow and fuck her gushing cunt until his seed mixed with the bull spunk that was running out. Yes, BJ was in heaven as he had more cow cunt then some of the bulls got.

    One afternoon, BJ was in the barn and had tied a cow when he released the bull to go do his fucking. Something was different today; the bull looked at BJ and ignored the awaiting cunt. BJ did not know what to do so he began to walk away from the bull and towards the awaiting cow. As he turned his back, he felt a sharp pain and realized that he had been attacked and knocked down by the horny beast he had just released. Suddenly everything went black.

    BJ awoke to find himself in the middle of a herd of Jersey cows and bulls. He sat up and tried to rub his aching back. He realized that he could only crawl around on all fours like a cow. The moon shone brightly as BJ began to gain his senses and looked around. Panic set in as he looked back at his body and discovered that he was a mix cow. He shook his head hoping this was a bad dream. He looked again and it was true he had been transformed into a mix cow. That is a cow/bull; he had a cow cunt below his asshole and a huge set of balls like a bull and a hairy sheath and cock that came out as he flexed it. He was now a he/she bull or one who possess both sets of sex parts.

    Suddenly, the group of cows and bulls walked over to him and without them evening making any noise he could read their minds and he theirs. A large bull approached now and BJ remained still. The bull looked at BJ and said, “Hi I’m King! Glad to see you are up and around now. We took you into our cult here since you chose to fuck my cows I thought you’d like to be part of the family” With that King laughed and walked to the rear of BJ. King sniffed at BJ’s cunt and then said, “Oh yes a new cunt in the heard. I’ll call you Cattle breeder!”

    With that, King began to lick Cattle breeder’s cunt and asshole. Cattle breeder found himself being turned on as King’s ruff tongue real worked on his cunt. Cattle breeder found that he wanted something in his cunt. He also found that his cock was sticking out its sheath dripping pre-cum all over as King went to town. King then said, “Oh yes, he’s in heat and I’m going to breed him.” Cattle breeder panicked, but it was too late. King mounted up and was riding Cattle breeder as he had seen King do to the other cows. Cattle breeder felt King’s powerful legs grasp him along his hips and then it happened. King’s magic wand found Cattle breeder’s new cow cunt. With a lurch, King jumped hard and reamed cattle’s cunt with his hard cock. The breeding was happening and Cattle breeder was enjoying it. Cattle breeder moaned as King lurched again and farted. The he released Cattle dismounting leaving Cattle breeder standing there with a raging hard one. Bull cum was now running out Cattle’s cunt and several of the smaller bulls came running over. King now order Cattle breeder to stand for all the bulls in the herd with was ten. Cattle breeder did as he was told and one by one, they all fucked their new cow. Cattle breeder was now full of bull cum but he had not been satisfied.

    King looked at Cattle breeder and saw that his pink cock was now flexing in and out of the hairy sheath. King laughed and said, “Well we need to have that taken care of too.” With that, a small Jersey cow was ordered over to Cattle breeder and instructed to allow Cattle breeder to fuck her. Cattle breeder liked her cunt and she moved her tail aside as to say ready. Cattle breeder mounted as he had seen the others too and lurched forward. His raging cock sank deep into his mistress. He felt his huge ball sack bounce and swing as he rode her around. Then with a lurch, he thrust deep inside her sending his seed deep into her cunt. Cattle, was now unloading his big balls inside a horny cow.

    Cattle breeder was now initiated into the cow cult. King walked over and congratulated him on being a fast learner. King then began to lick Cattle’s cunt again and soon they were in a fuck frenzy. Cattle breeder was Kings newly found lover and neither minded this arrangement as long as they could fuck and be fucked all day.

    As for BJ, well he was never heard from again and the rumors around the area abound that he ran off with a woman. If the locals only new what kinds of women he runs with.

    I just love jersey cows and heifers.