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BJ get taken by boar Man and Boar

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    BJ get taken by boar Man and Boar

    Jersybull Learns About Boar Pigs

    I could smell the stench of the hogs as I approached in the darkness. Soon I found myself standing near the fence that separated them from me. I stood quietly as I looked around and listened. I had been to Peg's farm earlier in the day and knew my way around in the darkness. 'Great, everyone is sleeping,' I thought as a crawled upon the boards into the pens. As I lifted, my leg over the top board a loud crash rang out at it pulled away from the rotten posts sending me flying into the pig shit below. I lay still as I looked toward the house hoping that no one had awoken with the crashing fence. I was in luck all looked dark and quiet, as I regained my footing coming to my feet. The musky scent was even stronger now as I was covered in hog shit and piss.

    The sows that I had seen earlier in the day were now awakened and curious about their midnight visitor as they all approached making a grunting sound. I stood still as I let them come up and smell me; after all, I was a stranger to them. Soon after getting a few good whiffs of me, they settled down to stand near. One, a large Chester White was more then friendly as she rubbed against me wanting me to scratch her back. I had seen her earlier in the day as I walked near the pens. I had noticed that her pussy was pink and very swollen indicating that she was coming into heat soon. As she stood there, my chance came. I rubbed her back and slowly moved my hand back to her ass and under her curly tail. There I found it, a swollen hot cunt. She was in full heat and as I rubbed her, she grunted and backed into me. I was now rock hard and knew that she would accept my cock as if I was a boar breeding her. I slowly moved myself behind her and dropped my jeans down to my ankles followed by my underwear. I crawled onto her and reached under guiding my throbbing cock head towards the pink slit before me. Finally, my cock head slid in as I pressed against my new lover. I slowly began to pump my hips, driving my cock deeper with each pump. I began to hasten my pace, when suddenly I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head.

    I awoke to find myself lying on a wooden rack with my hands and legs tied down keeping me from moving. I looked around, noticed that I was naked, and was tied spread eagle onto this makeshift rack. Looking around I was able to determine that I was in Peg's breeding barn where she kept the boars for her sows. I struggled to get free and found that it made things worse as the ropes that held me only became tighter. Then I heard laughing and looked toward my right seeing Peg, the farm owner. She looked at me and yelled, "So you want to play boar pig do you? Well you have to know how first!"

    With that, she began to rub my ass with a slimy solution that smelled foul. Then she took a tube of KY jelly and ran a bunch onto my asshole as she stuck her fingers in me making sure the KY had me well lubed.

    I screamed, "You fucken' dyke bitch! Let me up or I'll kick your ass, whore!"

    She slapped me across the face and laughed saying, "You’re the one tied asshole! Don't threaten me! I'll call the cops and tell them you were fucking my sows!"

    I knew that I was powerless now to do anything now but calm down. I looked at her and asked, "What's going to happen?"

    She laughed and said, "Well you were playing boar pig, and I think you should learn how they fuck before you try again!"

    With that, I assumed I was going to watch them breed in front of me. I looked at Peg and asked, "Ok where's the sow and boar?"

    She laughed and said, "We'll the boar is penned over there and I'm looking at the sow!"

    Panic now set in as I realized that I was going to be the sow and that she was getting me ready to take my lovers cock. I struggled more and the ropes tightened keeping me from moving. Peg now walked around behind me again and stuck a few of her fingers into my asshole making sure I was well lubed. She said, "Relax and you'll do fine, sow!" then she poured the remaining smelly solution over my back and down my ass.

    Peg, looked at me and said, "Oh yes! Can't get you bred without sow in heat piss."

    Peg now walked over the pens that contained the boars. I could hear them snorting and pushing as the scent of my ass was getting them worked up. Peg laughed and said, "Hum, I'll start off with my smallest boar to get you ready for the others!"

    Then she opened a gate and I saw a small red boar pig come bounding out looking towards the scent and me. He sniffed the air and headed right over to me as I tensed every mussel with fear. He immediately stuck his snout right into my ass checks and began to make a smacking noise as he opened and closed his mouth. I felt his snout push against my ass checks and then nothing.

    I thought, "Ha ha bitch, he knows I'm a man!"

    Then I felt the wind be knocked out of me as the boar slammed his head onto my back and with a quick slam, he was fully on top of me. I struggled to get my breath as I felt his cock poking and twirling at my asshole. The cock felt hot and was squirting pre-cum onto my ass checks as it looked for its hot hole. The boar grunted and walked ahead a little, pushing his cock further toward my well-lubed ass. Then I felt the cock spin between my ass checks and into my ass. The boar lurched forward and grunted driving his cock deeper into my ass. He pranced shifting his weight between his back feet as if he were walking his cock further into me.

    I could feel his cock twisting and turning as it tunneled deeper into me. I felt a hot spray being squirted inside me with each twist. I groaned as I felt the cock spasm and stop twisting. The boar now lurched again and farted as he began to unload his balls into me. I could feel him squirting wave after wave of piggy cum into me. I was being bred and forced to take it. I looked back now and could see that white foam had started to run down my legs and onto the ground. Piggy jism was now leaking from my ass running back onto the ground. I looked around and saw Peg standing there rubbing her groin through her jeans as she watched me being bred. I then noticed that my cock was rock hard and I was being turned on by this piggy fuck.

    I began to push back into my lover now as if to submit to his desires. Peg noticed this too and walked over to me, looking at my cock that was swollen. Peg licked her lips and said, "Well a gay boar pig! I'll have to change that!"

    She then pulled down her jeans exposing the most beautiful cunt I had seen. I could tell she was horny too by the way her cunt hair looked and glistened in the light. She squatted down next to me and reached back grabbing a hand full of the white jism that was flowing from my ass. She took some and began to run her hands up and down my cock lubing it full of piggy cum. As I was powerless to move now she bent under me and began to suck my cock. Here I was having my cock sucked by a woman whom has just smeared it with pig cum and a boar fucking me. I began to moan and pump back and forth. I was about to cum when she quit sucking and moved around back again taking more piggy jism smearing her cunt lips full of the foam. She then walked around to my face and ordered me to eat her cunt. I eagerly lapped at the secretions before me as she moaned and pushed into me.

    The boar then without warning dismounted leaving my ass running of white thick cum. Peg now walked over to another pen and opened the gate, leaving out a large Chester White boar. His balls were the size of small basketballs and his cock sheath hung down a good four inches. He immediately ran over to me and mounted me slamming his twisting cock into my open ass. He farted and began to cum inside me. His squirts were more powerful and I soon my ass leaked cum like water. Peg now returned to me ordering me to eat her cunt as she reached around and jacked my cock for all it was worth. Within seconds I was squirting cum into her hands as I ate like a sex starved animal at her cunt.

    Peg now laughed and said, "Well now you know how to fuck like a boar pig! I think I have another boar for the farm!"

    Damn that was hot


      Good story. 👏


        Many thanks for you story, Loved it.