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My new lover (Man and Dog)

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    My new lover (Man and Dog)

    his is a true story of my lover I found over the weekend, last summer

    I knew the moment that I saw him, that I had to have him. He was a gorgeous black lab with muscular rear legs. He was massive, weighing over 100 pounds 100% stud dog. His manners reminded me of an alpha dog. His balls hung low between those ample rear legs. Black and leathery looking, but giving the appearance of them being hard and full. When he sat, his sheath was exposed and his cock's red trip poked out slightly, glossing it's moisture in the summer sun. His hair covered penis was stupendous. My breathing quickened and my groin and ass twitched with excitement. I wanted him so bad, not just as a dog but as my lover. My heart raced and my body longed for him. It was like I had come into heat just by looking at him. I nearly whimpered like a bitching longing to be bred. I became mesmerized by him. It was like he was in total control of me. I knew that I must obey and submit to him. I began to stare and inadvertently made eye contact. He began to growl and approach me. I looked away and down, telling him with my glance that I was sorry and I knew he was in charge. I began to tremble was I looked away and he approached me. He had quit growling by this time and was taking it my scent. He began to sniff my hands and legs and shoes as I stood there powerless to move. I remained still and continued to look away, letting him know I was no threat.
    Then it happened! He licked my hand and began to lick in earnest! I breathed a sigh of relief but and became more aroused with his sensual licking. His hot wet tongue continued to relax me. I was still fearful but something deep within me told me that you'll not be bitten. I reached out and began to rub his back and messaged his thick neck. He too was becoming excited because I detected that his breathing quickened as he rubbed against me. I stood there and he ran his head between my legs and stuck his nose into my shorts taking a big smell. My manhood twitched to erection and my ass longed for him. Just being there with him, I came into heat. I continued to look away and began to walk away from him toward a nearby wooded area. He bounded behind me and kept sticking his nose into my ass checks and into my groin area. After a few moments we arrived at the wooded area and I found a secluded area. I stood there and remained still. He continued to sniff and stick his nose into my shorts. Then without warning he began to dry hump the air like there was a make believe bitch under him. Was this his signal to me? I knelt down before him sitting back on my legs. He too sat and looked at me. I didn't look him in the eye but only down and away. I offered my hand to him and asked, “Shake?” with that his raises his paw and I knew he was not a stray but that he had been trained by someone. Then I noticed that his cock had become hard in it's sheath and that it contained a bulge. I knew that I had excited him. He began to sniff my face and then without hesitation began to lick it. I wanted him. I knew I had to let him take me. I opened my mouth and his tongue explored licking deep into my waiting mouth. I stuck my tongue out and he too licked it as I offered myself to him. It was like we were one, Frenching tongue and tongue but as man and dog not as humans.
    I was overwhelmed with a sensation of calmness as he and I continued our foreplay. I was no longer afraid of him but knew that I would be safe with him. I began to get on all fours like a dog and rub my face to his and feel his fur against my face and skin. I hugged and spoke softly to him, “Yes take me. I'm yours I want your cock in me!” It was like he understood, because he sat down and looked at me. It was like he and I could communicate not in voice but in thought. His looks told me that I would soon be his. I stood up and removed my shorts and underwear. He stuck his nose into my groin and began to lick my cock. It was now rock hard dripping pre-cum. My inner voice or his control took over. I knelt back down and we licked at each other's tongue and face again. I moaned with anticipation, as he stopped licking my face and I assumed my doggy style breeding position. I moved to my rear and began to lick my balls and asshole from behind. I moan and spread my ass checks and legs more giving him access to me. He must have licked for a good ten minuets or more and my ass was numb. He began to lick up my back and under my shirt onto my bare back. Then I felt it. His head and weight on my back. My breath quickened and a moaned, “Yes....”
    He mounted me and his powerful front legs grasped me by the hips. His dew claws dug in cause me to stand still. I could feel his hot breath above my neck and his saliva ran down onto me back. He began to give small growls as if he were telling me what to do. I'd move one way and if it was wrong he'd growl a little. I could feel his cock rubbing against my back and missing my ass. His pre-cum was spurting all over me making me wet. My cock was throbbing as I offered myself to my stud. He was becoming more and more frustrated as he tried to take me. He'd dig his dew claws in more as he lunged forward trying to find his prize. If I moved he growl and nip at me. I wasn't afraid and knew and I had to submit to his carnal desire. He wanted me and I wanted him. Then he backed up and I spread my legs even more and I dropped my front onto my elbows. I felt him slide forward again, but this time I felt his bony cock tip poke at my asshole. I knew I was about to be his. I relaxed and tried to fart etc., as his cock tip probed for its relieve. Then with a small jab, the tip entered my awaiting ass. I gasped and remained still. I could feel his grip tighten on me. Then a second jab and a third jab. He had found me. I moaned in pleasure and excite me. “Yes breed me. Make me your bitch!” He began to fuck hard and long. I could feel his knot trying to get in. It was swollen and big but not completely. He thrust again and my ass opened a little more and then again. I opened a little more for him. I wanted him deep in me. It was like I was mesmerized into doing his bidding. I pushed back and he forward. Then I felt a little pain and his balls slapping against mine. He was in to the hilt. I was being bred. He violent began to fuck me and after 30 seconds or so slowed down and remained still. I felt his cock swell within me and he began to make what I can best describe as a whimpering noise each time his cock spammed. He was coming in me. I was longer hurting but please that he was in me. I remained still and spoke to him making soft comments, “Oh yes I am your bitch. Breed me! Fuck me! I'm yours.” His panting grew and I could feel ever pulse of his heart and cock. We were one! I was being bred by him. He turned off me and we became ass to ass. I felt his ball sack pressing against my ass. At first they were hard and then became soft. His cock remained rock hard and I was tied with my lover ass too. We stayed like this for a good 45 minuets. I didn't want it to end. I would reach back and get some of his cum that was leaking from y ass and jack my cock. I soon exploded into a wonderful climax shooting my hot cum all over the grass and I remained tied. Then he relaxed and I felt his cock and knot shrink quickly. He had come within me and he merely walked away pulling his cock out with a plop. I was bread and my ass ran of his cum.
    He quickly lay down and licked his now shrinking member back into it's sheath. I lay there relaxing and trying to regain my breathing. He came up and began to lick my ass clean and then around to my face. My mouth opened and we again were tongue to tongue sharing your intimate love for one and other. Then in the distance I heard her, a women calling, “ Here boy! Here Rollie” He perked his ears up and ran towards the voice. If only she knew that he and I were now lovers lost in both love and lust. I hope to return to the area often to search for my lover my soul mate. My stud.

    Wow. Great story. I would have loved to been there to watch your first time.