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Octopus Encounters

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    Octopus Encounters

    I began this story on BF, I want to continue it here. Hope you enjoy.

    After my routine workout, I went back to the locker room to take a shower. I entered the private stall, closed the curtain and undressed. I turned the shower and began to to wash myself. Then I noticed something slimy touch my leg. I looked down and saw a creature that resembled an octopus except for the fact this one was dark green. I picked it up for a closer examination. The first thing I noticed was that it weighed about ten pounds and had five tentacles instead of eight. The head was slightly bigger than a softball. I looked at one of the tentacles, each one being a foot and a half long, and the suction cups were smaller than I would have guessed. There were about twenty suctions, each one the size of a dime.
    As I kept looking at it, the creature wrapped its tentacles around my hands and suddenly I felt a sting in my hand. My body became rigid and I could no longer move. Did I just get paralyzed? I heard a voice in my head. "I am Ren. Give in to your desires." The words gave me a insane idea, yet one that I craved. My body returned to normal as I will still looking at the octopus which now called himself Ren. He just stared at me with his two black eyes. An evil grin swept across my face as I knew what I was about to do.

    I walked over to the bench inside my private shower and placed Ren on it. He sat on the bench looking at me, his tentacles seemed to be very active. Perhaps he sensed what I wanted. I then knelt down and got on all fours. My cock was rock hard and my mouth was drooling as I was naked. I turned my ass towards the bench. My buttcheeks were level with the bench as I was presenting myself to Ren. I felt a tentacle slide onto my right cheek, followed by my left. I bit my lower lip as the suction on Ren's tentacles spread my cheeks open, exposing my asshole. I felt something slippery hit my hole, like a tongue, and I sighed with antipation. The tentacle pushed forward and entered my asshole. "Ohhhh..." I arched my back and begged for more. "Deeper." I felt another tentacle slide into me next to the first one. Ren scooted his body closer to my butt as the tentacles plunged deeper inside me. I love the feeling of being full, but two would not be enough to satisfy me. "I want more!" A third and fourth tentacle forced itself inside and I moaned loudly. I felt pretty full but there was still tentacle left. "Put the last one inside." The tentacles inside me reached deeper as the fifth one went inside. I felt like I had this huge cucumber wedged in me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations of my asshole stretched and the interwined arms of Ren deep in my stomach.

    I slowly stood up and felt this huge pressure on my bowels. My body wanted to push him out, but I wasn't going to. I reached back and felt the slimy head wedged between my ass cheeks. It turned me on so much to feel the head pressed against my asshole. I faced the opposite wall, planting my feet shoulder width apart. I placed my hands on the wall and stuck my ass out, arching my back. "I want all of you inside me." My asshole expanded to 1 1/2 inches to accomodate the head. I I took a deep breath and tried to relax as much as possible. I dialated to 2 inches. "Uhh...yes" Ren's tentacles moved deep inside as my anal canal was trying desperately to swallow this huge creature. I expanded to 2 1/2 inches. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I reached behind to feel Ren's head. Only the tip was visible. I ran my index finger around my hole. I could not believe how stretched out it was. Ren pushed further inside as my asshole dialated to 3 inches. I clenched my fists and teeth as my stomach tightened up. "Unnnn...umph" Being that opened up was becoming painful. It felt like the size of a football but the pain did not deter me from what I wanted. I was so close. 3 inches. "Grrrrr....Unnnngghhh" I threw my head back and painted like a dog, the pain was intense. Suddenly I felt my asshole begin to close as the head disappeared deeper inside. The pain began to subside as I I felt Ren sink deeper. My stomach felt bloated, but I no longer had a desire to push. As the head traveled over my prostate, I cam without warning. "Oh yesssss." After my asshole returned to normal, I finished taking a shower and left. I knew this would be the start of an exciting week.

    End of Part 1

    Part 2 The Monster Inside Me

    Out in the parking lot, I sat in my car rubbing my belly. I could not believe I just let this green octopus inside me. I was still impressed I could take something so large inside my ass. It felt like I just ate a huge meal. I looked down and asked "Who are you, where did you come from, and why are you hiding inside me?" Ren's voice answered telepathically.

    "I am the last of an ancient race who came to you planet 20 years ago. I had been hiding in the ocean when I was discovered and captured. For the past 2 years I had been studied by your kind. Dr. Jones, the primary researcher, freed me inside the men's locker room where you found me. She works at the Aquatic Research Institute, less than 10 minutes from here. You should meet her."

    I drove to the institute with the letters A.R.I on the doors, walked in to the front desk, and asked Frank at the front desk for Dr. Jones. I woman in her mid 20's with blue eyes and blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail walked up to the front desk. She had a white lab coat on and seemed to be preoccupied. "Frank, I am a very busy woman. We lost a specimen which I am trying to locate." She tried to sound furious, but she was a terrible actress. "YOU are Dr. Jones?" I asked in an unbelievable tone. "Dr. Alexis Jones, most people call me Alex." I responded "A friend of yours wanted us to meet. Is there a place we can talk privately?" Her eyes widened as she realized why I was there. She pulled out a pen and paper from her lab coat and wrote her address on it. "Meet me here at 8pm tonight."

    I pulled in front of her apartment building and knocked on her door. She opened and pulled me in with haste. "Were you followed and how do you know about the specimen?" I rolled my eyes and said "No, I wasn't followed, and thank you for saving Ren." Alex explained how her father was fishing one day and caught Ren and brought him to her lab for study. She had been trying to study him and recently discovered he could communicate through her mind. The next day her boss wanted Ren to be dissected. She stole Ren and hid him in a gym bag. She realized she was being followed and left him in the Men's locker room, hoping he would find a toilet and enter the sewer system to escape.

    Suddenly my stomach started cramping. I grabbed my stomach and bit my lip. "What's wrong?" Alex said startled. As the first cramp subsided I said "Ren is coming." I explained to Alex what happened after she dropped him off at the gym as a second cramp hit me and I felt an urge to poop. "You are having contractions. I have to film this." I removed all my clothes and proceeded to get on my hands and knees and spread my legs aparts, preparing for another contraction. Alex set up the camera on a tripod an began recording, waiting for me to give birth. I felt Ren shift inside, my stomach bulge moving down to my hips. The cramping stopped and was replaced with a feeling like I had a huge football in my ass. My cock was rock hard. I gave a gentle push as my asshole began to open. Another contraction hit me and I bore down. "Unnnn oh yeah. Stretch me." I began to drool as my asshole expanded to 2 inches. I reached back and could feel the tip of Ren's head. "Don't stop now, keep pushing," Alex encouraged. I pushed again as my asshole dialated to 2 1/2 inches and I could feel him slowing sliding out as the pain of being stretched began to set in. 3 inches. I clenched my teeth "Urrrrr....ooohhh I'm cumming." My cock twitched as waves of pleasure washed over me. I felt Ren's head slide out along with his tentacles and make a plob sound on the ground. I stayed in doggy style position, exhaused after the orgasm and birthing. I wonder what Alex would say next.

    Part 3 A hidden desire

    I looked up and saw Alex standing in the corner of the room. She was wearing a short silk blue dress which also showed some cleavage. When the hell did she change clothes? I thought. Then I realized she had a hand between her legs and she was biting her lip. When she realized she had been discovered, she shot both hands behind her back and tried to act professional. She walked over to the camera, turned it off, and said "That was very interesting." I looked down between my legs and saw Ren. We locked eyes, yet neither of us was moving much. I looked back at Alex and replied "Thanks, it felt amazing getting stretched and forced to cum without ever touching my cock." Alex let out a laugh and we smiled at each other. "Get dressed and I will take care of Ren when I return" Alex instructed. I stood up and got dressed as Alex went to the kitchen. She returned a moment later and stood right behind me. Alex wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into her. I could feel her firm chest and tight stomach. "You feel amazing and I am not even touching you." Alex leaned in and whispered into my left ear. "I was so turned on watching Ren come out your tight asshole. I am so horny and want you to film what I do next. I stood behind the camera, Alex nodded, and I turned it on.

    "This is dedicated to my new friend. Thank you for taking care of Ren. Now it's my turn." She bit her lip and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she pulled her short skirt up to her hips, exposing a shaven and very wet pussy. Alex sat in front of the camera spread eagle with a pillow between her back and the wall. She licked her left hand and began to masturbate. "Mmmm, I am dripping." She stopped for a moment and placed Ren between her legs. Alex picked up one of Ren's tentacles and began to thrust it into her pussy like it was a dildo. "Oh yeah, your tentacle feels great. Fuck me with another one too." She picked up a second tentacle and now had two of Ren's tentacles partway inside her. "I have always had a fantasy of being fucked by tentacles. Now I get to live it." Alex said in excitement. I noticed one of Ren's tentacles began to move. It touched the inner thigh of Alex for a brief moment. "Ouch! Ren pinched me." I noticed Alex's body became numb just as mine had in the shower. I realized what was coming.

    A few moments later, Alex regained control of her body and Ren came alive. Ren inserted a third tentacle in Alex's pussy and drove them deeper inside. Alex's face changed into carnal lust craved Ren. "Unnn yes, you are so deep inside me. I want to cum so bad." Alex began to rock her hips back and forth as Ren's two remaining tenacles seemed to attach to each of Alex's breasts. "I am going to cum, holy shit!" Alex's breathing turned into short gasps mixed with moans. She rocked her hips faster and harder. Her body began to convulse as her legs violently thrashed from side to side. Alex's body became limp as she looked at the camera and smiled weakly, recovering from an orgasm. Ren retracted the tentacles from inside Alex as well as the ones on her breasts. A minute later, Alex stood up, and motioned for me to turn off the camera. "You are so fucking hot" I said. Alex smiled with glee. "Time for part two" she said. Alex picked up Ren and I followed her to the bedroom. Alex placed Ren on the foot of the bed and motioned for me to set up the camera behind Ren, facing the head board. Alex removed all her clothes and was now completely naked. She pulled two sets of handcuffs from the nightstand and cuffed each pair to posts on the head board. Alex propped herself between two pillows and asked me to handcuff each wrist to restrain her. I did as instructed. Alex winked at me and nodded. The camera turned on again.

    She looked at Ren and said "Come here baby." Ren slithered forward as Alex spread her legs wide. Ren plunged two of his tentacles inside Alex. Alex responded with "Ooo yeah, more, fill me up." Ren inserted a third and fourth tentacle inside Alex and drove them deep inside her. "Unnngg, I love being stretched." Alex began to moan and gasp as the fifth and final tentacle was inserted. "That's it! Make me cum again! Arrggghh." Alex's body spasmed again as another orgasm penetrated her entire body. I could not believe Alex had these tentacles fully inside her. Her stomach bulged some from the deep penetration of the tentacles.

    After Alex recovered from the orgasm, she waited for Ren to slide back out but he didn't move. She couldn't exactly pull him out since she was still restrained to the bed. I saw Alex's stomach shift and her eyes became large and frightened. "Nooo, you can't fit ffffuuuucccckk." Alex's face twisted in a mix of pain and pleasure as Ren's massive head began to pull itself inside her. Alex's breathing became shallow like a woman giving birth as her pussy was stretched two inches in diameter. Ren's head pushed forward centimeter by centimeter, minute by minute. Alex stretched to two and a half inches as the head was now halfway in. "Mmmhhh oooo uhh, I can't belive I am taking him." Her pussy was swollen trying to accomidate the head and Alex's stomach bulge grew to a four month pregnant woman. Alex grunted several times and clenched her teeth as she stretched to three inches diameter. I saw the head finally being swallowed as Alex's stomach bulge grew to make room. At last Ren was inside. Alex looked at me with a glazed expression. I turned off the camera and unlocked the handcuffs using the key Alex gave me. I completely forgot about it, must have been distracted. Alex sat up and we stared at her belly. A few seconds later, Alex said "I can feel him moving inside me. It is bizarre yet exciting." Ren shifted and then Alex's belly shrunk down back to its normal size. "What now?" I asked. Alex responded "We find Ren a new place to live."

    Part 4: A threesome with Ren

    Alex stood up and walked to the bathroom. I followed her, waiting to see what she would do next. She looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her firm breasts and tight ass. Her hands moved from her neck, down her breasts, and settled on both sides of her flat abdomen. She turned sideways to see if she showed a bulge from Ren. "You have an incredible body." I said without thinking. Alex turned towards me and smiled "Thanks." Alex looked down at my now rock hard cock. "I see you enjoy seeing my body. I was so wet seeing watching you birth Ren from your asshole." I chuckled. Alex smiled back and explained Ren was soon going to grow bigger and enter a procreation phase in his life cycle. Alex knew of a place perfect for Ren. She told me it was only two hours away. Alex changed into a short red dress, barely covering her thighs. I grabbed the camera and we left her apartment. Alex told me to drive south.

    About an hour into our trip, I looked over and noticed Alex seemed uncomfortable and began to shift in her seat. "Are you ok?" Alex held her hand over her stomach and said "It feels like my stomach is cramping." Alex let out a low deep moan as her stomach grew. "Oooooh, he is growing inside me." Her stomach expanded to the size of a 5 month pregnant woman and stopped. Alex composed herself and became blissfully happy again. She kept rubbing her now pregnant belly and telling me how aroused she was at the thought of carrying this creature inside her. Alex's mind seemed to wander off briefly. When she came to, Alex reached her hand over and began to stroke my cock. "I want you inside me. Find a motel." I almost crashed hearing this. I got off the next exit and found a motel 2 miles off the exit.

    We entered the room where Alex immediately went into the bathroom. She told me to strip completely naked. I took off all my clothes and a few moments later Alex came out wearing only the short red dress. She bent over the bed, stuck her ass out, arching her back. "Fuck my ass!" I walked behind her, slipped her dress up to her hips and shoved my cock inside. "Unnnh yes... Fuck me. That's it. Harder damn it!" I rammed my cock hard and deep into her with each stroke. I pulled her hair as she continued to grunt and moan like a whore. Alex began to furiously rub her clit. Her breathing became heavy and erratic. "I'm going to cum. That's it. Keep going.!" Her body went into an uncontrollable series of spasms as the orgasm spread to every inch of her body. I stopped thrusting and felt her body twitch and her asshole spasm around my cock. After she recovered, I pulled out.

    Alex got off the bed and stood face to face as a wicked smile formed across her lips. Alex took off her dress and exposed her perfect 5 month pregnant belly. Alex rubbed her stomach and said "Now it's MY turn." I watched as Alex began to bear down. I saw Ren moving inside as Alex's pregnant belly dropped a few inches in her hips. Alex spread her legs further apart as her tight cunt began to gape. The tip of a small green tentacle, only an inch in diameter, emerged from inside. Alex kept groaning and grunting and her hips thrust forward as more of the tentacle wiggled its way. Ren's tenacle stretched Alex's pussy until it was 3 inches thick and a foot long. Alex let out a long sigh and began to stroke the tentacle as though it was her cock. I climbed on the bed and laid in doggystyle postion.

    Alex stepped behind me as I arched my back and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I could not believe I was about to get penetrated by a tenacle from Ren. I felt something slimy and warm press against my asshole. "Are you ready for my alien cock?" Alex teased. "I want your cock. Give it to me" I responded. Alex thrusted forward as the tentacle drove deep inside me. "Urrrah, it's so big. Go slow." Alex ignored my plea and began drove the tentacle deep inside me. "Ahhh....mmggggg....more!" Alex thrusted harder and faster as I seemed to take more and more of Ren inside. Alex seemed to be building to an orgasm as her breathing became shallow. She slowed down her piston hammering of my ass and suddenly stopped while the tentacle was still in me. "Oh I can feel it coming. I am going to impregnate you." My hand moved between my legs to feel the tentacle. I could feel the softball sized knot exit Alex and begin to move through the tentacle towards the tip, buried deep inside me. Alex gritted her teeth as another orgasm caused her to legs to quiver and she held onto me for support. She thrust forward and buried the full length of Ren's tentacle inside me and gripped my hips, making sure I wouldn't move. I remained motionless as I felt the knot move between my butt cheeks and force the tentacle girth to expand as it traveled into me. "Aggghhh, it's entering me. It hurts so good.'s going in!" I took a series of long deep breaths as the bulge entered me and traveled deep inside. I felt my stomach bulge as the mass settled inside.

    Alex pulled the tentacle from my ass and stepped away from the bed. I got up and we both felt my bloated stomach. "It's is an egg. Ren's offspring." Alex informed me. I watched as the tentacle retract back into Alex's body. We got dressed and hugged each other. Soon we would find Ren's new home and give birth together.

    Mmm, so hot!


      damn hot story


        You should continue! I love this story


          You should definitely continue!❤️
          I wish I had a Ren


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            I plan to. I seem to have writers block. What would you do with a Ren? Be specific if you don't mind.

          GREAT story!!!
          AMAZING plot!!! Very, very well written!!!
          Please go on...
          Meanwhile, THANKS for you!!!


            Holy crow I want a Ren. I would give birth to so many Ren babies...