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Cassie’s New Desires

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    Cassie’s New Desires

    Since there was at least one person that appreciated the other story I posted, "My Sex Slave - A Love Story," (thank you bitchpolly) I'll try posting a second story. This was the second story I wrote and posted on BF. It's a follow-up to the first story with Cassie and Jack having another intimate experience.

    If you like this story, please take a second to click the like button so I can tell if people like this type of tale. If you really like the story, please leave a comment. I love to hear what people think about my stories.


    Cassie’s New Desires

    The slim silver vibrator hummed and buzzed as I circled the areola on Cassie’s left breast. Moving in a slow circle spiraling in from the outer edge I worked my way to the center to tease her hard little nipple with the vibrating tip. She softly cooed and sighed her approval while arching her back and rocking her shoulders as she reclined on the cool white sheets. She was so sexy lying there naked on the bed with her arms stretched out above her head framing her beautiful face. The faint hint of a smile graced her lips while her eyes remained closed enjoying the sensations of my attention to her nipples. I pulled the vibrator away and ran my tongue in a slow, wet circle around her nipple then drew it into my mouth lightly biting her hard nipple between my teeth.

    “Oh, yes… Nibble on my nipple. Yes, yes... Ah! Not too hard.” She scolded playfully as she smiled and brought her right hand down to caress my cheek. “You’re getting me really excited,” she said craning her neck to give me a seductive glance. Cassie placed her arm back over her head as I sat up and turned my attention to her other breast repeating the same treatment I lavished on her left breast. After all, I wanted to be fair to both her girls.

    Cassie liked most of the toys I bought her but she seemed to be particularly fond of this one. She called it her silver bullet. It was a 7.5” long silver vibrator with a slim shaft. The shaft was only ¾” in diameter but the head flared to an egg shape that was 1 1/2” long and 1” wide at the center. The tip came to a softly rounded point that could be used to stimulate small areas of her body like her nipples and clitoris. She also liked to use it as her foreplay toy of choice because its smaller dimensions easily penetrated and excited her while preparing her for more fulfilling stimuli.

    As I finished nibbling on Cassie’s right nipple I could see she was feeling really good. She was gently rocking her hips up and down ever so slightly to meet the thrusts of an imaginary lover. I moved my mouth down her body planting wet kisses on her tummy and using the vibrator to lead my way to her pussy. When I reached her sweet, moist vagina I stopped to torment her erect little clitoris with my tongue and the tip of the vibrator. I positioned the point of the vibrator upward so the tip was stimulating the underside of her clit while I used my other hand to gently pull back the hood to expose her clitoris then using my tongue I licked and kissed her clit from the top. This position had the added benefit of placing the egg and shaft portions of the vibrator between her moist, swollen lips at the entrance of her vagina.

    “If you keep that up you’re going to cum” she cried squirming on the bed.

    “Isn’t that the point?” I said with a fiendish smile then returned to lash at her clit with my tongue so more.

    I pulled the vibrator away from her clit and continued to lick, suck and nibble her with my tongue. She’d cry out and go rigid catching her breath in short, erratic gasps when I sucked her little nub into my mouth and gently pinch it between my teeth. I increased the speed of the silver bullet and placed it once again at the entrance to her vagina. She was very wet and ready for a good hard fuck.

    “Come up here, baby. Please… Put your cock in me. I want you to fuck me. Please… I want to feel your cock.” she begged.

    I loved teasing her and getting her hot. It’s such a sexual power rush seeing her lose all her inhibitions and beg to be fucked. I continued gently working the vibrator just inside the entrance of her pussy; slowly moving it in and out her body then delaying at the entrance for a moment before sliding it slightly deeper into her again. Cassie was panting faster and moaning while rocking her hips trying to fuck the vibrator.

    “You like that, baby? Huh? Does that feel good?” I taunted.

    “Yes… Yes… Now please fuck me” she pleaded. Cassie raised her head and looked at me with lust filled eyes. Panting between clenched teeth she pleaded, “I need a big, hot cock in me, fucking my pussy. I want a real, live cock in me now. No more cold, hard vibrator.” Cassie whined, “Please, sweetheart! I need a cock, any cock. I’m so horny I’ll fuck your cock, Jack’s cock, or any other hard throbbing, hot cock… I just want to be fucked now.” She said as lowered her head back and whimpered.

    I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say. We had talked some about the night I bound her spread-eagle to our bed and called Jack in to fucked her but she always seemed a bit uneasy talking about it. She had submitted to fulfilling my fantasy that night but now she was suggesting inviting Jack to join us without coaxing from me.

    “Did you just say you want Jack to fuck you?” I asked.

    “Sure, why not?” She purred. “You’re teasing me and not giving me what I need. He has a nice firm, hot cock and he won’t tease me with it. He’s fucked me before and now knows how to use that beautiful tool to make me feel good. I think it’s time I let him do it again.” She said with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye. “This way if I play my cards right I get to enjoy two beautiful hard cocks.” Cassie pinched her nipples and circled her tongue around her lips.

    “When he’s done cumming in me I want you to fuck me so you can feel his nasty doggie cum in your dirty little slut wife,” she said with a smile.

    Cassie rolled over on to her knees with her shoulders on the bed and her butt in the air. Turning her head to look at me she said, “Last time Jack fucked me when I was tied to the bed. This time I want him to take me doggie style like a little bitch in heat.” She then spread her knees a bit, arched her back and reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She was so wet her pussy was making a lewd squishing sound as she masturbated.

    “Ohhh... Call Jack in here. I need his hot cock in me now!” she moaned while closing her eyes. Before I could say a thing she called out to him, “Jack! Jack! Come here, baby. Cassie needs you!”

    I could hear Jack bounding up the stairs as he made his way to our bedroom. When he entered the room his tail was wagging and he began sniffing the air; I’m sure he caught the scent of Cassie’s sex. He looked at me then turned and looked at Cassie with her butt up in the air on the bed. This was something wonderful that he’d smelled before, the scent of a human female’s aroused and wet vagina.

    Cassie called out to him, “Come here, Jack” she cried as she wiggled her bottom trying to entice him. “Come give me with that beautiful cock of yours.”

    Jack jumped up on the bed and immediately stuck his nose in Cassie’s bottom. She must have been prepared for his cold nose this time as she barely moved when he stuck his nose in her crotch searching for the source of the female sexual scent that filled the air. Her body stiffened and she quickly caught her breath as his tongue touched her moist and swollen labia. Cassie bit her lower lip and gently rocked her waist from side-to-side as Jack started to lick her pussy in earnest. She softly moaned and swiveled her hips as Jack once again demonstrated his natural cunnilingus skills for her. Each and every long, slobbering lick of his rough tongue was running the entire length over her sensitive clit and probing into her vagina. With each lick, he kept trying to snake his tongue deeper and deeper inside her as if he was licking ice cream from a dish.

    Cassie was panting hard and struggling to catch her breath. Her body was now visibly shaking with little body tremors and muscle spasms when she suddenly rose up on all fours, “I can’t take any more of this torture, I need a cock fucking me. I want him in me now! Why won’t you boys fuck me!” she pleaded and whimpered. She wiggled her butt at Jack trying to tempt him to mount her. “Come on, baby, please give it to me. Take me for your bitch again, lover...”

    I reached over and lifted Jack by his front legs and helped position him on Cassie’s back. Jack immediately clamped his paws firmly around Cassie’s waist and began thrusting his hairy sheath at her. I could see the pointed tip of his pink cock starting to poke out squirting little jets of pre-cum fluid on Cassie’s butt as he pulled her closer and closer to his cock.

    “You better tilt your hips up a bit otherwise he’s lined up to enter your other hole.”

    Cassie quickly lifted her head and arched her back which brought her pussy up in line with Jack’s cock. She looked proud yet vulnerable in this position; her head cocked back with her hair flowing over her shoulders, her eyes closed, her breasts firm and erect swaying lightly between her arms, her vagina wet and gaping slightly open as she braced herself on the bed for Jack to take her. In those frantic moments as Jack strived to mount her I could see the glistening tip of his penis poking and squirting at her bottom in search of her sex. Cassie was panting harder and faster now as Jack gripped her hips with a savage intent and held her body tighter. They were an incredibly beautiful and erotic pair of lovers about to consummate their passion; the sleek, muscular male black lab aggressively seeking to mount and fuck his bitch and the stunningly gorgeous female offering her naked body to her canine lover.

    “Ohhhh…” Cassie let out a long sigh quickly followed by several short grunts then began panting in short, fast breaths. I could see her toes curling and her fists clenching the sheets of the bed. She started rocking back-and-forth against Jack’s savage thrusts and I knew he was in her. The next few minutes became a frantic frenzy of physical sexual activity. Jack was a determined lover intent on driving his cock and knot deep into this bitch to impregnate her with his seed. Cassie was a wild, horny female in heat giving her body to her lover wanting to give him the pleasure only her body can give.

    “Ugh, ugh. Fuck me with that hot doggie cock! Ugh, ugh, ugh.” Cassie grunted between clenched teeth. “Good boy. Uh, huh. That’s it. Good boy. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.”

    Cassie’s body was glowing with a thin sheen of perspiration when she suddenly tensed and cried out with a meek, almost inaudible little shriek. Jack stopped his thrusting and became still and rigid on her back, his tail curling in the air. I knew this meant his knot was now stuck inside her and swelling, he was tied with her and starting to cum. I pictured his big red throbbing cock in my mind with its pointed tip firmly pressed against her cervix spraying hot pulsing jets of gooey doggie cum into her womb.

    “Oh, yes! Ugh, ughhhh. Oh, God, it’s so hot! Ugh, ugh, ugh. Good boy, cum in me. Uh, huh. That’s it. Good boy. Shoot your hot sperm in me!” Cassie panted and wailed as her body shook and quivered. “Make me your bitch! Ugh, ugh, ughhhh. Fill my pussy with your nasty puppy seed. Ahhhh!”

    Cassie’s arms finally gave out and she let her shoulders fall to the bed. Jack remained standing over her with his paws around her waist and his cock firm embedded in her sex. Cassie reached between her legs with her right hand and began furiously rubbing her clit while her body continued to shake and quiver. She was grunting and sighing obviously oblivious of the world except for the cock in her pussy giving her the satisfaction she craved.

    I moved behind them to get a better look at their forbidden carnal union. Cassie’s pussy was red and swollen like a ripe peach, her lips tightly secured around the pink shaft protruding from Jack’s sheath. Jack’s ball sack was tight and close to his body. It was pulsing like a beating heart as he ejaculated into her womb over and over again. Cassie’s fingers swiftly moved over her clit but slowed until they finally came to a stop. She then gently moved her fingers up her pussy to feel Jack’s cock buried in her. I can only imagine what was running through her mind. She then affectionately touched and stroked the length of his hairy sheath until she reached his balls. She lightly caressed and scratched them with her nails as they pulsed and beat in her hand. I assume she could feel the flow of his sperm from his constricting balls, to his throbbing penis and finally the warm flowing sensation deep in her womb as he continued to cum in her. After feeling several more constrictions of his balls she quickly moved her hand back to her clit and resumed masturbating resulting in her shaking and moaning with her face pressed into the sheets.

    Cassie’s hand finally fell limp to the bed between her legs. She looked exhausted but managed to keep her hips up while Jack finished cumming in her. She was pretty quiet now only making periodic soft whimpering sounds as Jack continued to throb and squirt in her.

    Jack continued ejaculating into Cassie for another 5 to 10 minutes. He had been good this time; he didn’t try to pull out of her until his knot was small enough to slip out without too much effort. I heard Cassie grunt and watched as his knob pushed the lips of her labia apart to expose his huge knot followed by his whole cock swiftly plopping out of her vagina with a splash of fluids. His cock jerked and dangled between her legs in its full and obscene magnificence. The reddish-pink monster was a good six inches long with a knot the size of a large lemon. Little spurts of cum still sprayed from its tip as it swayed and jerked between their bodies. Jack moved off Cassie’s back and jumped off the bed to begin licking and cleaning his shrinking cock. Cassie made another weak little grunting sound as she squeezed her abdomen followed by a small gush of fluid squirting out of her pussy.

    “Ohhhh…” she cried weakly as her hips fell to the bed and she rolled to her side. She stared at me with a look of pleading and yearning in her eyes while taking deep, shaky breaths. Rolling on her back she spread her legs and gently caressed her pussy with her right hand. Without saying a word she stretched out her left hand to me signaling me to come to her. I took her hand and she slowly pulled me to lie on top of her. She then took my cock in her right hand and rubbed the tip over her wet and well-fucked pussy. Our faces were only inches apart as she stared into my eyes with the catatonic look of a possessed soul.

    She guided the head of my penis to the entrance of her vagina and released her hand. I slowly pushed my cock into her and easily slid the entire length of my cock into her body. Her vagina had stretched and expanded to accommodate Jack’s forceful intrusion and his swollen knot but was now slowly contracting to embrace my cock. Cassie continued to stare at me with blank, emotionless eyes as I slid in and out of her pussy. Her body was hot and sweaty under me as her chest rose and fell with each steady, fast breath she took. As my cock glided in and out of her pussy I could feel the warm concoction of her lubrication and Jack’s semen squishing and oozing around my dick as I fucked her.

    Suddenly a spark and intensity appeared in her eyes as she gasped and grabbed my head pulling my forehead to hers. Staring deep into my eyes she said, “Use me. Use my pussy. Squirt your cum in me, now!” Her teeth were clenched and she started a deep rhythmic panting again.

    “You like being fucked, don’t you? You love being a bad girl? Don’t you? Huh? Don’t you?” I asked as I plunged my cock faster and faster in and out of her pussy.

    Cassie didn’t reply except to stare into my eyes and rock her hips faster; grunting and holding me tighter.

    “You love being the nasty bad girl. You’re so bad you’ll even do the ultimate taboo of fucking a dog for your pleasure. Huh? Won’t you? Say it!”

    “Yes… Now just fuck me. Use my pussy… Cum in me… Cum in me...” she cried.

    “You enjoy having Jack fuck you, don’t you?” I was now fucking her hard and fast. I could feel the tip of my cock banging against her cervix. “Tell me the truth or I’ll pull my cock out of you.”

    “Yes… YES!” she said defiantly as I fucked her, “I love having his hot cock throbbing and squirting in me. I can’t stop thinking about it and how good he feels in me. I’m a bad little slut that loves to be fucked by our dog.”

    I couldn’t hold back anymore and pushed my cock as far as I could into her body as I climaxed and shot my load into her. Cassie cried out and dug her nails into my back when she felt the warmth of my cum shooting in her. My body shook and quivered with ecstasy as every nerve in my body jumped and tingled. Cassie just watched and softly cried out as I used her body to feed my pleasure.

    I stayed on top of Cassie without moving for several minutes. We both just stared into each other’s eyes breathing hard without saying a word. My cock was slowly shrinking in her vagina and I could feel the warm liquid leaking out of her around my balls. I was aroused thinking about the concoction of her secretions, Jack’s cum and my cum all mixing together in her pussy.

    When I finally rolled off her I fell back on the bed and relaxed enjoying the exhilarating euphoria of sexual afterglow. Cassie rolled over and cuddled next to me placing her head on my chest.

    After a while, she asked “Do you still love me?” with a meek voice sounding like a little girl.

    “What? Of course, I love you. Why would you even ask?”

    “I don’t know…” she said hesitantly. “I did something I thought I’d never do but I did it for you because I love you and you wanted it so bad. But then I liked it. It felt so good and I felt so nasty doing it. All my life, I’ve been told good girls don’t think or do such things, but I liked it. I liked it a lot. I like being a bad girl and doing whatever I want to feel good. I haven’t felt this live and sexually alluring in years.

    “But I’m scared. I find myself frequently thinking of Jack’s cock and wondering when he can fuck me again. I get so consumed by the thought of it that I’ll masturbate in the middle of the day when you’re at work. I imagine I’m in the woods, I’m naked and on all fours when Jack rushes up behind me then mounts and takes me like a bitch in heat. He fucks me savagely like the animal that he is. I cum almost immediately when I think of his cock penetrating me.”

    Cassie looked up at me. There was a nervous fear in her eyes as she bit on her lower lip.

    “Sweetheart, I love you more than you can possibly know. Everything you’ve just shared makes me love and desire you even more. I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I am to have a lover, partner and soul mate that I can share my sexual deviance. If you’re a bad person then I’m just as bad and I never want to be right again.”

    I pulled Cassie closer to me and we fell to sleep in each other’s arms.

    Thank you for the story. I enjoyed it very much.


      Very few stories arouse me but this one did, your work gets better and better
      thank you


        Beautiful. Hot and nasty and deeply loving. Please keep writing!


          Thank you to Curiousmale80, bitchpolly and Aislinn for your kind accolades. I'm pleased you all enjoyed my story. It is because of comments from readers such as you that I continue to write. Thank you. I'll post more stories just for you.



            Loved the story and very much like your writing style. Your stories are HOT.


              Cassie being my name, I really enjoyed this <3


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                I hope the similarities between you and Cassie in the story go beyond just sharing a name. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the fact my female heroine shared your name make it even more pleasurable.


              well done, love this and hope you keep writing :-)


                I'm glad you're reposting your stories here. I was always a fan on BF.


                  I've always loved this story and would really like to see it continued!


                    Thank you to everyone who posted a message saying they enjoyed this story. Your feedback and kind accolades are greatly appreciated!

                    johndoh2001, I don't have any plans currently to continue Cassie's story but never say never. If you enjoyed this story you might also enjoy some of my other stories. Thanks again for reading.



                      Originally posted by rexcanis View Post
                      Thank you to everyone who posted a message saying they enjoyed this story. Your feedback and kind accolades are greatly appreciated!

                      johndoh2001, I don't have any plans currently to continue Cassie's story but never say never. If you enjoyed this story you might also enjoy some of my other stories. Thanks again for reading.


                      I'm about 99% sure I read everything you've written over at BF! You've got skills my friend!


                        I enjoyed reading your story. It expressed genuine emotion while being erotic.


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                          Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

                        Good to see this terrific story back on line! Kudos for posting.
                        Some people are animal lovers, I like dogs that are man-lovers lol


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                          It sounds like you're an old BF member. Thanks for the post and your kind accolades. You can find several of the stories I previously posted on BF here as well.

                        Relationship goals,right there! lol