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Peg the Farm Girl & Boar

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    Peg the Farm Girl & Boar

    Peg The Farm Girl

    Peg was a typical young farm girl, whom had been raised on the farm her entire life. She was now 18 years old and just out of high school. During her school days, she did not date much and kept her interests on other things besides boys. Not that Peg wasn't attractive; she was a knock out young blond with a scrumptious body. She just had other interests, like her education and her family’s farm. Peg was always involved in the daily farming operations, including the feeding and breeding of cattle and swine.

    She had been around farm animals every day and today was going to be no different. Peg had just finished feeding the sows their morning ration of corn, grain, and was standing near the troth watching the sows’ She had been routinely around the sows and its fact it was her job to care for them as part of her daily chores. As she stood there, she noticed the boar walking around to the rear of each sow. He was sniffing at their pussies to see if they were in heat and ready for a good breeding. At each sow, the boar would stick his nose up to the pink cunt lips and take a deep smell. Peg laughed as several of the sow's squealed and turned around biting at the boar chasing him away. Peg looking at the boar chuckled, "No pussy for you today!" She finished feeding the sows and left for the morning.

    It was nearly 1 o'clock in the afternoon when her father and mother told her that they were leaving for the afternoon and reminded her to do her evening chores. Her father also told her that it was supposed to break 100^ degrees by 3 o'clock, because of the hot August sun. Her father told her to take the garden hose and spray down the pigs keeping them cooler, since they cannot take much heat. She told her parents not to worry and told them she would deal with it. With that, her parents headed off down the road to run their intended errand. It was now about 2 o'clock and it was hot. Peg was soaking wet wearing only a pair of shorts and tee shirt. She headed to the pig area to cool them off with a good spray. She got hold of the garden hose and started to spray. The sows and boar stood by taking all the water they could, as they enjoyed their cool off. She thought that this would be a good time to jump into a cool cow tank nearby used to water cattle that were kept in the same pasture as the pigs. She being a farm girl was used to this stuff and quickly stripped off her clothes hanging them on the fence. She walked over to the tank and jumped in. She acted as if this cow tank was a Jacuzzi and she was at a fancy resort enjoying herself.

    She was lying in the water for about a half hour when she decided that she needed to spray off the hogs again. She sauntered over and began to spray the sows as she had before. She was standing their naked and was oblivious to her surroundings when she felt a cold snout between her legs. She quickly turned around to see the boar standing there trying to sniff her pussy from behind. Peg laughed, "You horny old bastard! No sow pussy so you want mine!" With that, she slapped the boar on the nose causing him to squeal. She yelled, "Get away!" and began to walk back to her tank. She was about half way between the fence and the tank when she again felt the cold snout between her ass cheeks trying to get at her pussy. Peg turned and it was the boar.
    He had not given up; he was interested in the scent. Peg laughed, "Don't you know the difference between me and a sow in heat! Get lost!" She turned to walk away and it happened. The boar slammed his snout and head into Peg's ass knocking her to the ground. She fell forward onto her stomach and chest, knocking the wind out of her. She lay their stunned for a few moments trying to catch her breath. She now wanted to get up and beat the shit out of that boar, getting even with him for what he had done. She pulled her legs under her and pushed up on her arms, leaving her in the doggy position. She hesitated in this position looking for a stick or something to swat the boar. She suddenly felt the cold snout going between her legs and reaching for her pussy lips that were exposed. Peg now tried to stand and as she did, the boar mounted up as if he would have if she had been a sow in heat.
    She screamed as the boar lurched forward into this usual breeding position. Its weight kept her from getting to her feet. She tried desperately to crawl ahead to escape. This only excited him more since most of the sow's he had fucked did the same thing. Peg continued to struggle. She had not realized it, but now the boar was sexually aroused. His cock was acting like a corkscrew trying to find a sow's cunt, but in this case, it was Peg's.
    Peg lurched forward in a last-ditch effort to escape. As she did, the boar walked right along with her keep her captive under his weight. Her movements also made her more vulnerable, exposing even more of her cunt to the corkscrew cock that was trying to find a pussy.

    Suddenly the cock found its way into her pussy lips twisting and winding. She screamed as the boar lurched again, stuffing his cock deeper into her cuntal folds. Again, the boar lurched pushing even further into Peg. She was a virgin and the cock's twisting and the ramming hurt like hell. Again, the boar lurched, and Peg felt a pop. The boar's cock had penetrated her hymen; she was no longer a virgin. The boar now realizing that he had found a hot pussy lurched again slamming his entire cock deep into her. She struggled as the cock twisted and turned inside her cuntal walls causing pain. Soon the pain subsided, and she discovered a feeling that she had never experienced before. She was enjoying the sensation of the twisting cock inside her. She soon started to relax and began to hold still.

    As she did, the boar lurched forward again with a fart. She was now overcome with animal lust, she had never felt this way before. She spread her legs further and pushed back into the boar. She could feel his cock twisting and turning inside her. She also felt the squirt of precum deep inside her cunt. Soon she was completely overcome with lust and desire. She began to lose control of her senses and held completely still for the boar. Peg began to groan in ecstasy, "Oh yes! f*** me! Give me that piggy cock! Yes cum in me! Mmmmm!" She felt the boar’s cock now stop turning, straighten and press its tip against her inner walls. Peg now was in heaven as the boar began to spill his white watery cum deep inside his newly found sow. She remained still and could feel each squirt of his cock as it squirted cum against her insides. She knew that he was cumming because her cunt began to leak a white watery liquid. It ran down her thighs and onto the ground like water. Her insides suddenly began to tighten around the cock within her. She screamed as she reached her first orgasm. She was now totally overcome and lost total control of her surroundings Peg passed out and soon woke up face down on the lying ground in the pen. First, she thought that this was a wild dream and that she had suffered heat exhaustion. She stood up and as she did, her cunt's contents ran down her legs. Nearly a half pint of pig cum ran onto the ground like piss. She realized that she had not suffered heat exhaustion but that she truly had been piggy fucked. She walked over to the cow tank and jumped in cleaning herself up. She no more then finished cleaning and getting dressed when she saw her parents drive into the yard. She walked up to her mother and father, wet hair and all. Her father laughed, "Typical farm girl! Swimming in the tank again!" With that, Peg laughed and said, "You guess it! It was great and I plan to do more of it!" She then smiled and went into the house, knowing that she was not talking about swimming.

    Great story


      WOW...! Thanks for sharing. That's a HOT story.


        Very, very HOT story!!!
        Women and boars are such an erotic subject!!!
        Please some more...
        Meanwhile a GREAT thanks for you!!!


          Thanks, just love pig sex stories, just writing Part 2 of my 'Swine Fever' & Doing another Boar Sex drawing will post both soon...