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    The Animal Coven

    The Animal Covenant

    Dawn had decided to go to grandmother’s house for the weekend. With this idea in mind she set out early in the morning driving up her usual routine highway. She had been driving several hours when she came to a new arena highway that contained a large sign that indicated road closed ahead. Dawn thought God Dam it, I won’t be able to make grandmother’s house. Dawn continued on her way and reached the area of the road closed detour. She was forced to make a sharp left and turn traveling up a gravel road.

    She continued to travel the gravel road for some time when she and realized that she was totally lost. She continued driving on ward and she did so begin to enjoy the country scenery. She passed large farm house width a large barn and numerous animals wandering about the pasture and from the barn.

    Suddenly daunts car stopped dead in its tracks, nothing no ignition not any lights nothing. Her car had completely gone dead. She attempted to start the car which was a futile maneuver. Dawn became outraged and slammed both fists on the steering wheel. All she could think about was getting too are grandmother’s house and now being broke down the road. She reached for her cell phone in her purse and removed it looking at it as if it were a ghost. It too was dead and void of all. Electric current.

    What this recent discovery Dawn jumped from her car slammed the door kicked it and thought what the fuck am I going to do. She began to walk up the road remembering that she had just passed a farmhouse which appeared to be a place for help. She walked about a quarter mile and arrived at the farmhouse. As she approached the farmhouse she noticed that all of the animals in the farmyard were male. She could tell this by the large balls that hung from underneath their legs. She thought to herself, this is weird but there’s no time for me to worry about that I’ve got to get help.

    Dawn knocked on the door and there’s no response. Dawn began yelling out open the door I need some help. Suddenly the door opened and the young blonde woman not more than twenty years old opens the door. She was gorgeous Dawn though to herself. The woman looked frightened and before Dawn could utter a word , yelled, “ Get the hell out here before they get you too!”. With that the woman slammed the door.

    Dawn knew that she was now in world of trouble since your car and cell phone were dead. Dawn thought there may be a telephone in the barn so she headed for the barn. She entered the front door of the barn which was a great old building. If she and her she noticed that the barn was dimly lit and smelled strongly of Musky animal scent the kind of sense left by male stud animals. Dawn wandered in yelling “anyone here”. Hearing nothing Dawn slowly walked into the dimly lit barn.

    As she had walked about 20 feet into the barn the door suddenly slammed behind her. She tried to turn and run but a voice call out. Dawn did not know where the voice had come from. She looked around trying to find a source of the voice. She did not see anyone but the animals that were round. She said to herself. “You must be losing it!” With that she grabbed the door handle and attempted to open it, that finding it securely locked.

    Suddenly a voice rang out we told you to get out of here but you wouldn’t listen you dump bitch. Dawn yelled back, “Who the fuck is there?” Suddenly a woman about 45 years of age wearing a black robe approached from the darkness. Her face was partly covered but one could say that she was a very good looking woman. Dawn attempted to speak to the woman but was quickly slapped across the face by the woman. The woman looked at Dawn with red eyes making Dawn shiver all over. The woman spoke “I am Mary queen of the animal comment. You have trespassed upon our ritual area and you shall become one of us or be punished. You will do what you are told this point on without hesitation. You’ll also speak only when spoken to and obey every command.” Dawn continues to look into the woman’s eyes and soon for legs became weak Dawn knew that she must obey. The woman, Dawn had met in the barn was the high priestess of the covenant.

    Queen Mary turned away from Dawn and said follow me. She obeyed and followed directly behind Mary deeper and deeper into the darkened barn. They approached a large and area which contained numerous shackles and ties equipment. In the middle of the area was a padded bench that could be adjusted in height and used for shackling. Queen Mary pointed to the bench and ordered Dawn to disrobe. Dawn began to resist and was slapped across the face by Queen Mary bringing tears. Queen Mary again ordered Dawn to disrobe and pointed to the bench. Dawn did what she was told and reluctantly walked to the bench. She was ordered to lie down face down on the bench and place her hands out to the side near the shackles. Dawn knew that she was in trouble and began to cry hysterically. She again was ordered to place her hands in the shackles and as she was about to be struck obeyed.

    Suddenly the blond woman that she had seen in the house appeared in the black robe similar to that of the high priestess. The blonde whose name is Abby reached out and shackled Dawn’s hands at the wrist as she lay face down on the bench. Abby went around behind grabbing both Dawn’s legs spreading them further parting them into the shackles alongside the bench. After she was shackled several other young women wearing robes appeared.

    The high priestess then ordered all the women to disrobe and circle Dawn. Dawn eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the barn and she was able to see more vividly. The women that surrounded her were all very good looking young women. Yet the high priestess remained fully robed standing before her. The high priestess than picked up a book from a nearby stand and opened it. She thought she had been abducted by a satanic group that was going to kill her. The priestess than began to read from the book “Almighty animal Gods, we have found you a new servant. It is our desire to enter her in to our flock of your servants and loan ourselves to you to quench your burning need to copulate.” With this all the young women including high priestess began to chant in a language that Dawn could not understand.

    Suddenly Dawn felt the cold hands of someone rubbing her cunt. She began to struggle and each time she struggled she was struck by the high priestess who ordered her to remain still. She felt a warm solution being spread about her asshole and cunt. The solution made her feel hot making her become sexually aroused. The high priestess them looked at Dawn and told her that was time for her to join the covenant. With at the high priestess disrobed and walked away from Dawn into the darkened area.

    After several minutes the high priestess returned to her being followed large black Dane dog. Dawn immediately knew that this was a stud due the fact his hung from beneath his legs. Dawn looked at the Dane becoming quite calm. She was able to communicate with the large dog without saying a word. She was told on that his name was Wolfgang and that he was the leader of the covenant. He also told her that she was to be brought into the animal covenant and that any attempts at resistance were pointless. Wolfgang told her she must submit to their carnal desires.

    Wolfgang then walked around behind her and sniffed her cunt. Laughing Wolfgang said, “I could smell that luscious cunt before I stopped your car!” He then stuck his tongue deep into Dawn’s cunt. She squirmed and tried to move way from the probing tongue. Her attempts to flee were useless and with each squirm the tongue went deeper and deeper into her cunt. Soon she had squirmed so far that the bonds were tight and she could not move. Wolfgang then quit licking his prize and looked at her telling her that she was his to do with what he wanted.

    With each unspoken word her pussy became wetter and wetter, making her desire anything that had a cock. Her inward carnal desires had been awakened by the solution and Wolfgang’s tongue. Dawn was now powerless to do anything but submit as told. Wolfgang began to lick again and nibble at her cunt. She soon began to relax and moan in pleasure as his magical presence had seduced his prize. She would do anything at this point. Sensing this, Wolfgang ordered the shackles to be released. The woman removed the shackles as trained and Dawn remained in position. Dawn had entered a dream state being able to move but hot by her will. She could also now understand the chats that were still going on around her. The chanting was “Oh mighty animal Gods fuck these women. Make them learn your carnal desires!”

    Wolfang now reared up on Dawn and began to hump his haunches directing his cock toward his prize. His cock was dripping pre-cum all over Dawn and her ass as he rubbing it back and forth lubricating her cunt before his entry. The tip on his cock found its mark and he stopped still. Dawn frantically moved trying to get it in. Wolfgang then loudly spoke to all, “She shall be one of us in a few moments. As I take her animal virginity, she will know what the ultimate sexually pleasure shall be!” He then lurched forward slamming his cock deep into Dawn. Dawn screamed as she felt the battering ram enter her, but not from pain but pleasure. With each thrust she backed into it taking Wolfgang deeper and deeper. Soon she felt a large knot enter his cunt and with one hard thrust it was pushed deep inside her. Wolfgang had tied Dawn and began to spurt hot cum deep into his prize. Dawn moan in pleasure and could not even move because of the orgasms she was experiencing. All she could do was moan. Wolfgang then dismounted Dawn making the ass to ass turn with her being stuck on his throbbing member.

    Wolfgang then began to parade around the barn and then outside pulling Dawn behind. With each step he took his cock spurted off another stream of cum. Dawn just moaned in pleasure. As they paraded past the other animals they too became aroused and began to follow in a train like line. Back to the barn they went and as they returned to the original ritual bench Wolfgang’s cock shrank leaving downs cunt with a pop. His cum ran down her legs and onto the ground.

    He looked at her and said, “You have been initiated by me the dog god, you see these other animals they too shall initiate you into our covenant. “ Dawn looked deep into Wolfgang’s eyes and said. “Yes master!”

    Dawn now lay exhausted on the bench as her body continued to spasm in ecstasy after been bred by Wolfgang. Dawn looked around and saw all the other woman naked and watching as Wolfgang ordered each of them to approach Dawn. Wolfgang really said nothing, but each woman knew what to do. The all lined up and began to take turns licking Dawn all over and the high Priestess took her rightful position of lapping at Dawns gaping cunt, which was now leaking Wolfgang’s sweet nectar. Dawn just lay there and moan with all the attention her body was getting from her fellow coven members.

    Suddenly all the coven members stopped licking and pleasing Dawn and backed away. Dawn, frustrated looked around and saw Wolfgang standing near. He spoke not a word but she knew what to do. She assumed a breeding position on the animal coven alters. As she did so she had an overwhelming feeling of sexual desire, knowing she had to not only do as instructed but that she must please all whom she encountered. She could smell the musky scent of the barn and the animals within. The scent was overwhelming and only made her desire to mate stronger. Her body now rejuvenated with energy as she looked deep into Wolfgang’s eyes. She knew it was time to submit again, she readied herself for Wolfgang but felt a cold snoot lick and nip at her cunt.

    She spread her legs open for the intruder and remained still as Wolfgang told her that the other animals must be serviced too. Remaining still she heard a squeal and with that a large Chester White boar pig stood beside her. He walked around sniffing and examining her every place. He weighed about 250 lbs and his balls attached to his rear looked like two mini basketballs as he walked before her. He stopped before her and backed his ass to Dawn’s face, she looked at the balls which hung under the twisty tail. Before she could control anything she found herself licking on the balls and licking the asshole above them. She knew Wolfgang was pleased.

    Wolfgang now took a position as to view the offering before him and the coven. All members of the coven gathered at the feet of Wolfgang and sat watching as if mesmerized but the events unfolding before them. The boar now walked around behind Dawn and began to stick his snoot into her pussy, making her long for more. The boar now pushed her legs further apart making her ready for his serving. He placed his head upon Dawn’s back and she gasped at the weight as he tested her for breeding like he would a sow. His hair was hard and course, but Dawn knew she dare not move.

    Dawn remained still and again the boar tested her. She relaxed as she looked into Wolfgang’s eyes with love and lust. She knew he was pleased and she wanted nothing more then to please him. Then it happened, she felt herself get mounted like a sow ready to breed. The giant boar had mounted up and his legs cam down along her sides. She could feel his hot breath on her neck and drool running down. He was breathing hard and grunting. She remained still as she kept looking into Wolfgang’s eyes. She could feel the boar’s cock probing and spinning like a cork screw trying to find his sow’s cunt. Dawn began to long for the cock and wanted it burred deep inside her. She shifted again and the long pink cork screw found its mark, twisting and spinning in. Dawn now held still as the cock began to probe her insides for a hole to spew off in.

    She felt the cock twist and turn and twist backing out and then returning into her. Suddenly, it twisted and found her cervix opening. It screwed its way in and Dawn felt it lock in and quick twisting. The boar then lurched forward farting as he did, driving his locked cock deeper into Dawn. She moaned and relaxed as the boar now began to spasm within her. She knew he was coming and spewing his seed deep within her. She felt as though she was being filled with a garden hose as the boar began to empty his ball sacks deep inside her.

    Dawn suddenly began to scream, but with pleasure not pain as her cunt began to spasm at the feeling of slimy hot piggy cum. Her cunt continued to spasm as the boar remained upon her for 15 min. She could feel his cock spasm and pump. Her pussy lips now looked like a foaming mess at the boar’s seed began to leak back out and run down her legs onto the barn floor. The boar dismounted and as he did she felt his cock tip with drawn bringing with it a flood of cum that she had received from his balls. She looked at Wolfgang as she lay still and knew that he was pleased with her and that there was more to come. The boar walked again in front of Dawn and stuck his ass toward her. She saw now that his balls hung like leathery sacks. She knew that his seed was now inside her and she began to lick and fondle his balls and ass as if to thank him.

    The boar and Dawn now looked at Wolfgang and without a word the boar walked away leaving Dawn lying on the alter of desire. Looking at Wolfgang, Dawn knew he was pleased. He howled and the other coven member took there placed around Dawn and began to lick. Dawn looked around and saw bulls, goats and ram sheep and 5 other large dogs waiting off in the dimly lit barn. She took a deep smell and the musky aroma and stench seemed to make her only want more. Dawn longed for the other animals that awaited her.

    Very erotic
    thank you


      Part 2 please xx


        So nice!! I need part 2


          GREAT story!!!
          Please go on...
          Meanwhile a GREAT thanks!!!


            Chapter 2 please.


              Absolutely beautiful can't wait to read more


                great story hope you do continue :-)
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                  Realy nice. Thank you.


                    I love it.