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The North Woods

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    The North Woods

    It was a hot summer day when Dawn and BJ left their cabin to take a walk in the north woods. The walked for an hour of so, when the hot August weather took its toll. They were exhausted and needed to take a break. They approached a clearing in the wood were they found a cool clear spring fed pond. The water was so cool and inviting that they jumped in clothes and all. A cool breeze was blowing now as Dawn and BJ romped and frolicked in the water.

    The two now began to play like kids in the water as they embraced in a friendly gesture of their friendship. Their eyes met and suddenly both moved closer as their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss. Until this point, they had only been close friends spending time together. Dawn’s legs grew week as her heart pounded. BJ’s heart pounded as he found his cock throbbing and wanting Dawn not as a friend but a lover. They both held each other closer and tightly when Dawn broke away, looking at BJ. BJ thought, “Oh shit! Was it over?” Dawn took his hand and pulled him to the sand covered beach. She reached down and undid his jeans allowing them to drop to his knees. She pulled down his underwear as his hard cock spring up. Dawn said nothing but went to her knees and began to suck BJ’s hard cock. Her moans could be herd as she looked up at BJ as if to ask, “Do you like this?”

    BJ looked deep into her eyes and Dawn knew that he wanted her. She stood up and slowly removed her clothes as if she was an erotic dancer. BJ watched her every move as she teased him with her smiles and glances. BJ too began to take his clothes off as if he too were a male striper giving Dawn a wonderful show. They both smiled at each other as they played their game. They knew the best was about to come. Now naked they slowly moved to each other and embraced. Their hot skin was touching each other as never before. Dawn smiled and looked into BJ’s eyes, “I want you! Make love to me!” They then slowly moved to the ground where BJ and Dawn began to make passionate love to each other. BJ sucked on her beasts and moved down to her pussy tonguing every inch of her body. . She moaned as BJ tongued her deep and hard. Dawn squirmed around and soon she was under BJ’s cock, which was dangling down. Dawn took it in her mouth and began to lick and suck. Both she and BJ now were caught up in heated passion and were oblivious to their surroundings.

    Dawn now pushed BJ away and looked into his eyes. Nothing else need be said; Dawn was ready to take BJ’s cock. Without hesitation, BJ crawled upon Dawn as she grabbed his back pulling him closer. “Fuck me you bastard! I want your cock. “BJ now slid his cock into Dawn’s wet pussy. She lurched up and he slammed ahead. He had found his mark as he began to slowly pound her waiting pussy. Dawn and BJ moaned like wild animals as they fucked in a frenzy. Soon both held one another tightly as BJ blew his hot jism deep in Dawn. She too moaned in ecstasy as she accepted his seed deep within her.

    Dawn and BJ now lay there side by side in each other’s arms, spent and exhausted. Soon they fell asleep in the warm sun. BJ was the first to awaken as he felt something furry brush past him. He sat up and saw the pack. A pack of five wild dogs, with each the size of large Danes. The leader was a large black dog that was about 150 lbs. He seemed to control the pack as they wondered around looking for food. Suddenly, the leader stuck his nose in Dawn’s freshly fucked cunt. She jumped up and her face met his. He growled as if to say, “don’t fuck with me bitch!” Dawn was frozen with fear. BJ kicked at the leader in an effort to scare him and the others off.

    BJ’s kick was met with a bite from a smaller white dog. BJ froze too with fear. The pack felt this and moved even closer to explore. The leader needed no coaxing, as he knew there was a bitch in heat before him. He began to lick at Dawn’s pussy in earnest. She kicked at him as he stuck his snout deep in her pussy. She tried to keep her legs closed as one smaller dog grabbed her by the hair from behind and jerked her back down. He held tight as his master licked and nipped at Dawn’s cunt. BJ now pissed off began to kick at the pack. He was grabbed by the throat by a large brown dog that he had not seen. BJ no longer able to resist settled down and held still.

    The leader now grabbed Dawn’s let with his front legs and mounted it. He wanted to fuck as he dry humped her leg. Not find a pussy he began to nip and bite at her moist cunt as if to say get up. The dog that held her by the hair pulled harder as Dawn was pulled around to her stomach and then onto all 4s. Now BJ was released and allowed to relax. Before he knew it, his cock began to harden watching the dog [CENSOR] before him. The smaller of the pack now began to lick at his cock. It was about an 80 lb male mutt.

    BJ looked back at Dawn as the large leader mounted her. She tried to crawl away but he grabbed her by the neck and bit down. Dawn froze and as she did, the leader began to hump at her pussy. He gasped her tightly around the hips stabbing is ever growing cock at her bitch cunt. He found his mark and with a hard leap, he slammed in as Dawn yelled in pain. With the momentum of a jackhammer, he slammed her pussy for all it was worth. Dawn soon was filled with the biggest cock she had ever felt. The leader then slowed down and she felt his knot swell within her. Dawn was his bitch in heat! She was being bred and had to take his cock.

    Just then, BJ and Dawn heard a women voice yelling at the dogs. The woman a young woman who they knew from the area approached and looked at them. Her name was Gwen. She smiled and said, “Well I see you met my lovers!” Gwen laughed , “Well Dawn, he finds you attractive I see.” Before Dawn could say a word, she felt a hot sensation come over her and suddenly an intense orgasm ravaged her body. Dawn moaned and cried out, “Fuck me! Oh yaaaaa.” Gwen laughed, “We have a new doggy fucker like me!”

    Gwen looked at BJ and smiled, “You’re next and I hope your ass is as loose as her pussy.” Three dogs then ran to BJ growling and showing their teeth. Gwen yelled, “Get on your fucken hands and knees! They want your ass you doggy slut.” BJ complied only out of fear. The dog that had been closet to him mounted up and began to dry hump. Bj tried to crawl away and keep his ass from being violated. As he did this a smaller hound bit at his face. BJ froze and spread his legs. The dog that had been dry humping found its mark and his cock slid deep within BJ. Gwen, laughed and said, “Relax BJ. You and Dawn belong to me now. You are my dog sluts to play with as I want.” BJ soon found himself ass to ass with the dog knotted inside him. His cock was hard now and as Gwen looked at it, she reached under him and began to jack him off.

    Here was BJ and Dawn ass to ass with dogs being bred and serving the new mistr

    Thanks for sharing.


      Good god this is hot