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    Dog Wedding

    I wrote this story several years ago and posted it on Beastforum. Now that it's gone, I figured I would share it here.


    It was an early spring morning, perfect for being outdoors. The green grass was still wet with dew, and the sunrise cast a million different colors through the clear sky. Over a hundred very comfortable cushioned chairs were set out in the back yard of the family’s ranch house to accommodate all the guests. At the front of the seating area was a stage with an elegant altar, decorated with flowers and ribbons.

    A man dressed in a suit stepped onto the stage and announced that the ceremony would commence in just a few minutes. A group of ushers assisted with getting everyone to their seats while the grooms were brought up to the stage.

    Shooter and Stud sat next to the podium with matching black bow ties around their necks. The mastiffs had been looking forward to this day for a long time as well, and it showed with each wag of their tails. Once the guests were all seated, it was time for the wedding to begin.

    The bride was still getting ready for her big day, posing in front of a full-length mirror as she smoothed the ruffles out of her beautiful white wedding gown. Just as she was slipping her feet into a pair of white high-heeled shoes, she heard her mother call up to say it was time.

    Kelly had only just turned 18. She was small, standing only about 5'1”, with big brown eyes and jet black hair that fell around the middle of her back. She looked absolutely radiant as she emerged from the house, and her father was right there waiting to escort her down the aisle.

    Upon reaching the stage, Kelly knelt down facing the dogs and spread her dress out in every direction. Her father kissed her forehead and ran his fingers through her hair before taking his seat with the rest of the family. The crowd hushed as the wedding officiator stepped up to the podium. He looked over at Kelly and smiled while putting on his wire-rimmed glasses and opening a book full of notes.

    Dave spoke very distinctly, in a calm and pleasing voice with a slight accent. He tapped at the microphone in front of him and addressed the audience. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bear witness to the joining of this young woman and these handsome canines into the sacred bond of matrimony. “

    The wife of a dog has a lot of duties to perform. Her husband isn’t able to take care of himself, and so his welfare depends greatly on her. In this particular arrangement, Kelly was going to have two husbands to care for, which meant twice the responsibility.

    Dave shuffled some papers around on the podium and glanced over the marriage contract Kelly had signed weeks earlier. It outlined all the specifics of the proposed relationship between her and the dogs. After taking a moment to read the first paragraph, he took the microphone in his hand and leaned down to speak with Kelly.

    “Kelly, do you wish to proceed with this ceremony and become a lifelong bitch to Shooter and Stud?”, Dave asked. This was the first time that anyone had used that particular term to describe her future role, but she seemed to be pleased with the concept. She replied with a firm “Yes”, accompanied by an eager nod of her head.

    Dave smiled and asked, “Do you promise to love and obey them, nurture and care for them, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you shall live?”. Kelly smiled and answered, “I promise.”

    With the basics out of the way, it was time for Dave to explain the more explicit details of the contract. “From this day forward, you will be Stud and Shooter’s breeding bitch. As such, you will be considered an article of their property. You will make yourself available to them anytime and anywhere they please. Do you understand?”

    Kelly blushed and nervously twirled a finger in her hair as she thought it over. After a brief pause she leaned closer to the microphone and replied, “I understand.”

    Dave smiled and gave Kelly a pat on the head as he stood up and turned back to the audience. “Now ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to ask you all to remain seated. As I’m sure most of you know, Kelly has graciously agreed to demonstrate her love and devotion to these animals by allowing us all to witness the consummation of their marriage right on this very stage.”

    Amidst the whispers and confusion, Kelly scooted closer to the crowd as Dave handed her the microphone and excused himself to go and prepare the stage. She smiled and brushed her hair away from her face, taking a moment to compose herself before speaking in her usual soft and delicate voice.

    “First, I want to thank you all for coming to share this very special day with me. I’m just a little nervous, so please bear with me.” Kelly glanced over her shoulder as a pair of ushers coaxed the two dogs into a large cage. Dave saw how anxious she was and offered her the notes he had been reading from, which she proceeded to flip through.

    Kelly took a breath, held it for a few seconds, and let it out slowly before she continued. “In just a few moments, I will be placed into a kennel with Shooter and Stud. I will present myself in an obedient manner, and allow them to claim me as their bitch. I will encourage both dogs to use me as they see fit, and submit to them completely without hesitation.”

    The winsome bride soon lost her train of thought until she looked to her parents and saw them give a nod of approval. She crawled on her hands and knees, stopping every couple of feet to rearrange her dress so she wouldn't trip on it. Finally, she put her head down and went inside to join her future mates. The metal door clicked shut behind her and she knew there was no turning back.

    Kelly sat and tersely brushed her hair, focusing her attention on the dogs as they closed in on her. Stud and Shooter shoved their snouts up her dress, sniffing and licking their lips. It seemed they were both itching to see what their prospective bitch had to offer. Before she could even react, Stud pounced on top of her and pinned her to the floor. While he was holding her down, Shooter latched onto her dress and tore it halfway off.

    The dogs backed away from Kelly for just a minute, giving her time to get up before leaping on her again. This time the dress came all the way off. Kelly squealed and jumped a little as they buried their noses into every fold of her body, especially the part still covered by her white silk panties.

    The first several rows of guests leaned forward, almost in unison, to get a better view as the dogs clambered all over Kelly's petite frame. Every movement she made was met with a low growl, reminding her of the fact that the dogs were now in charge. After another minute or so, the two excited males managed to tear the girl's panties off in two uneven pieces.

    Kelly glanced back to see Stud and Shooter towering over her. Their eyes met briefly and there was a short pause before the dogs ducked their heads to inspect her very closely. She blushed and put her head down, slightly embarrassed to be openly presenting herself in front of everyone.

    The mastiffs weren't shy at all about enjoying the bounty that was being given to them. They breathed in the intoxicating scent of their new bitch, and began to taste her virgin sex. Kelly closed her eyes and moaned softly as the pair dragged their rough tongues over her smooth slit before delving deep inside.

    In a matter of mere seconds, Shooter and Stud had aroused their bride so much that her labia parted instinctively. Their tongues flicked at the glistening lips and savored the nectar that dripped from within. Once they were satisfied with her response, the boys began to compete with each other over who would first lay claim to the new bitch.

    After a mild scuffle, Stud padded back over to Kelly and circled the girl somewhat menacingly. Brimming with excitement and frozen in fear, she kept perfectly still and gazed at the floor until he came around in front of her.

    Kelly's jaw dropped and she gasped audibly as she laid eyes on Stud's enormous penis, which was just starting to emerge from its furry sheath. It was already larger that she ever imagined it would be. The dog glared at her and made a humping motion with his hips, and a single drop of clear fluid fell from the tapered red tip.

    As Stud continued to make his way around her, Kelly looked back and saw that Shooter was also displaying his enthusiasm. Her face reddened noticeably and the audience chuckled a little at her undeniable innocence. That chuckle, however, quickly turned into an uproar as Stud attempted to mount his blushing bride.

    Kelly's head spun in surprise as Stud's weight forced her shoulders to the floor. The dog wrapped his large paws tightly around her slender waist and dragged her backward until his hips met hers. The panicked girl acted purely on instinct, spreading her legs wider and raising her small round butt high into the air.

    The crowd was in awe of the event that was unfolding before them. Just 10 minutes ago Kelly had never even seen a dog's penis. Yet here she was, down on all fours, almost shamelessly offering herself to a lustful animal nearly twice her size. For a moment there was concern among the spectators that she might be in over her head, but that feeling of anxiety waned as Kelly reached back demurely to guide Stud's growing erection to her entrance.

    As soon as Stud felt his tip being directed into the soft velvety folds of Kelly's vagina, he knew without a doubt that she was his for the taking. A pained scream echoed all around the area as he dug his nails into her delicate flesh and lunged forward, burying his shaft inside her. Undaunted by the screaming and bucking of her hips, Stud reared back and delivered another sharp thrust. Kelly looked back and watched through tear-filled eyes as the huge dog forced his thick member deeper and deeper.

    Even the people in the viewing area were shocked beyond belief, some staring incredulously while others could hardly bear to watch. Of course none of this had any effect on Stud, who was totally focused on breaking in his new bitch. He gripped her waist tighter and picked up the pace, working her over the way he would a common stray in heat. Kelly thrashed wildly beneath the massive dog, struggling to stay in position while being pounded hard from behind.

    The episode only lasted a few minutes, but it seemed like an hour had gone by before Stud released his grip and withdrew from Kelly's now dripping hole. Everyone was amazed at the sheer size of Stud's erect cock as it swung low between his legs, almost touching the ground. Kelly breathed a sigh and brushed her hair back as she glanced over her shoulder to see what everyone was looking at.

    Her back ached, her puffed and swollen pussy throbbed, and her legs were almost too weak to hold her up. All of this worried Kelly, but what weighed most heavily on her mind was that she still hadn't managed to accommodate Stud's knot, which she could now plainly see was about the size of a baseball.

    Kelly hung her head and pouted a bit. It was now becoming clear that consummating her marriage was not going to be as easy as she had thought. What scared her even more was the realization that as their wife and bitch, she was going to be subjected to all of this on a regular basis for the rest of her life.

    “There's no way I can do this,” Kelly muttered to herself. Suddenly she felt a slobbery tongue dragging along her cheek, licking away her tears. She looked up into Stud's big brown eyes and saw that he was truly grateful for what she had done already. The girl smiled and lifted her head to kiss her lover's snout, getting a little drool on her chin in the process. As it turned out, that small bit of encouragement was all it took for her to carry on. Kelly hugged Stud's neck and whispered softly into his pointed ear, “Don't worry, I'll do better next time.”

    Still on her hands and knees, wearing only a pair of white stockings and high-heeled shoes, Kelly again readied herself to be used by a dog in front of her entire family. This time it would be Shooter's turn to try out the newly christened bitch, but that wasn't the only thing that had changed. This time Kelly aimed to prove not only to everyone else, but to herself that she was capable of being the wife she knew her dogs deserved to have. Bearing that in mind, she stunned the crowd by lifting herself back into position and offering herself even more openly than before.

    With her legs spread wide and her taut ass raised, Kelly wantonly displayed herself to the entire congregation before directing her charms toward Shooter. All attention was on her, with no one saying a word. The deafening silence was broken by Kelly's exquisite voice as she spoke to him candidly, leaving nothing to be implied. “Please take me. I need you now. Make me your bitch.”

    Shooter's ears perked at the offer, which came to him with the added gesture of Kelly's ass wagging invitingly. The stocky mastiff acted without delay, heaving himself on top of her and grabbing her thighs. Her flawless positioning made it easy for him to hit his mark without any further assistance. Kelly grunted and moaned as the dog stabbed her repeatedly with his still growing cock. His method was different from Stud's, using much shorter and more rapid strokes as he worked the long slippery shaft all the way in.

    The piston-like thrusts of Shooter's cock should have been painful for her, but Kelly was so focused on pleasing him that she barely noticed at first. Then she felt his knot swell up in her narrow love canal, and the pointed tip of his cock pressing agonizingly against her cervix. It wiggled rhythmically up and down while the knot pulsated against the walls of her vagina. Still it seemed Shooter wasn't quite satisfied as he kept humping her without rest.

    The constant rocking motion and growing pressure certainly had its effect on Kelly. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly as she began to orgasm. Scattered whistles and applause emanated from the crowd as she bucked her hips and exclaimed, “Oh yes! Don't stop!”

    The quivering contractions of Kelly's pussy around his knot was the answer to Shooter's prayers, and he showed his appreciation by depositing a seemingly infinite supply of sperm into her womb. She was very pleased as well, cooing softly as he pumped his load into her. “Oh, Shooter, thank you.”

    Kelly bowed submissively as a spent Shooter collapsed on top of her and licked her neck affectionately. The two lovers remained tied for almost a full hour before Shooter finally pulled out, which gave the guests an intermission of sorts. When everyone returned to their seats, the petite lass was writhing on the floor in a puddle of cum.

    By now Kelly was slowly recovering from her rendezvous with Shooter, the evidence of which was still dribbling from her well-used pussy. As the young woman sat up and stretched her tensed muscles, she was able to look herself over and marvel at the physical manifestations of her new role.

    There were fresh claw marks on her waist and thighs, bruises and dirt on her legs, and dried splotches of semen all over her. What used to be a smooth immaculate mound was now a gaping, oozing, messy cunt. Kelly ran her dainty fingers over the swollen lips of her pussy, flinching at how sensitive it had become. Any other girl would likely have given up there, but not her. Instead she rolled obediently back onto her hands and knees, presenting herself like the bitch she was now yearning to become.

    Stud hurried over to mount his bitch again. Her show of confidence was impressive to say the least, but she mistakenly left the dog to poke around clumsily until his tip jabbed between the round fleshy cheeks of her butt.

    Kelly's eyes sprung wide open as Stud began to press into her puckered pink asshole. Naturally she was terrified, but she remembered her vow to surrender to her husbands. In an instant, the mastiff had shoved his length into her and began to fuck her hard enough to heave her lithe body off the floor with each thrust.

    Screaming and grasping for traction against the slick floor, Kelly flopped around like a rag doll as Stud rammed his thick cock in to the hilt. She chewed her bottom lip and shuddered while he used her without mercy.

    After knotting with her for a while, Stud slipped out of Kelly's ass with a pop. The gaping hole practically gushed as she collapsed to the ground. A few seconds later, she felt something thump her in the back of the head. When she looked up, she found herself staring at the dog's huge cock swaying inches from her face. It was apparent to her what he expected, and she wasn't about to disappoint him.

    Lifting her head and opening wide, Kelly took the throbbing dick and sucked gently at the tip. Stud stepped closer and leaned in, pushing farther into her warm mouth, and she in turn started to suck him more purposefully. It was only a few minutes before she was gagging and drooling with the thick meat lodged in her throat.

    When Stud's penis finally retreated back into its sheath, Shooter was standing just a few feet away with his own erection poking out. Kelly couldn't help but giggle at the jealousy that seemed to exist between her lovers. With a cheerful grin, she crawled over to service him.

    By the time she finished giving Shooter a messy blowjob, Stud was back and ready for more. At this point Kelly was so exhausted she could barely hold herself up. Her eyes drifted lazily over to the massive dog as he glared at her and barked. With a relenting sigh, she gathered all the strength she had left and assumed the position yet again.

    In his usual style, Stud moved on top of Kelly and wrapped his paws around her, thrusting hard with his powerful hips. As she wiggled her upturned ass and yipped ardently, there was no question that she had adapted to her new duties with a tremendous degree of dedication. She moaned and whined like a bitch in heat, rocking her hips and enticing Stud even further before guiding his rigid cock into her hole.

    What followed could only be described as the most incredible lovemaking session ever. With her back painfully arched and her legs spread wide, Kelly accepted Stud's knot graciously and purred as he emptied a huge load of his seed deep inside her. Following another lengthy tie, the dog pulled out and stood proudly while his wife spun around to suck his wet dick.

    The afterglow was interrupted by the loud click of the steel door opening. Kelly swallowed the last few drops of Stud's cum and crawled feebly out of the kennel. Her hair was a matted and tangled mess, her smooth skin glistened with sweat, and she positively reeked of cum. Despite all of this, she smiled sweetly and blew a kiss to the large gathering as they stood and cheered.

    Dave returned to the stage to announce that Kelly was officially married to the dogs, and congratulate her on the outstanding performance. The newlyweds posed for a few pictures while the guests went to the reception.

    By now it was early afternoon and the sun was shining brightly over the grassy yard. Tables were set out with food and drinks for everyone, as well as a very large wedding cake. Of course the bride was given the first piece, which she humbly ate from her father's hand. After that, she shared a bowl of dog food with her new husbands and exchanged sloppy kisses with them.

    Several toasts were made to the threesome, and drinks were served up in mass quantity. While everyone sipped on champagne, Kelly opted to drink a mixture of the dogs' semen from a glass. After putting on a show for the first half of the day, she wasn't the least bit shy about tending to her duties in public.

    Kelly also opened her wedding gifts during the luncheon, most of which were some form of dog toy or treat, but the last one was the best. Kelly's breath hung in her throat as she anxiously opened the small box and saw the most beautiful silver collar adorned with little pink rhinestones. She happily fastened it around her neck and thanked her parents for the perfect gift.

    After mingling with her guests for a while and posing for a few more pictures, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways and Kelly to go back inside with the dogs right on her tail. The three of them enjoyed a nice relaxing bubble bath before going to bed, and spent the rest of the evening breeding until they were too tired to move.

    Thanks for sharing. Good story.


      www Good story,i'd like to be Kelly.


        Highly erotic, can I be a bridesmaid ? 😁


          I remember this story. Thank you for sharing. Welcome to the new forum.


            I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've also posted the second part of the story for those of you that are interested. It's called The Honeymoon.


              best ever wedding to be at


                ❤️ Can I catch the bouquet and be next to be wed?


                • MrBlonde74
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                  Just one Groom ?

                • lickmykitten
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                  Never just one

                Very beautiful would be many of our dreams


                  I remember this. Thanks for reposting. It deserves a new audience.


                    Kelly is an adorable bitch


                      glad to see this story again, thank you for sharing.


                        Would love to attend a wedding like this. I am sure my husband would be okay sharing me with a k9 hubby; hint, he already does!


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                          That is a very sexy, do yous refer to your K9 lover as your husband, would be great if you have a private ceremony where your human husband would give you away and you made vows infront of a minister, then went away for the weekend on your honeymoon as yo human hubby waited at home.