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OH. It didn't go to the specific blog entry. That last comment was for the Oct. 18 one you posted. Double oh -- it seems like adding a comment does not add a comment but replaces the previous comment. IF that's not a glitch, if that's what's happening, then I'll repeat: Your synopsis of Brin reminded me of the CS Lewis Space Trilogy (Which I need to read again, as my brain is full of cobwebs, it was so long ago. I just remember it as a book that made me wonder if Lewis was zoo. Pre-Internet days, so anything I ran across that hinted at similar interspecies communication and interactions made me do cartwheels in the lawn.
An easy read that at times leaves you shocked. Some of the plot gets murky near the end as it gets pretty frantic, but over all worth your time. Doug's story is sure to move anyone who walks his same path. I am glad someone wrote this book and that I was lucky enough to buy a copy of it. If you only have time to read one zoosish book this year, I know the market is flooded with them, make it this one.
I remember participating in this. I like how it stayed in the middle ground.
Audio quality could have been a bit better, perhaps, but overall a nice and informative podcast. Thanks for making it, y'all.
Thanks for representing us.
This is a real gem here!
Good advices you give and really entertaining :)
Thank you <3
im in same boat. Just moved into my flat and considering things
As a Canadian, hope this piece of trash didn't get passed..... though knowing other countries' efforts it probably did. Funny how efforts to ban bestiality almost always go through but efforts to soften laws almost never
Good stuff so far but will this be updated?
For Cafe Zoo in Blogs
I like the series of articles I've read so far, especially your most recent one about profiling potential allies. I've had this one friend I've wanted to come out to for a while now and I trust them personally and know they'd probably be fine with it, and though they don't align with some of the ideal traits they have shown hints of zooeyness itself before, or so I think So I really appreciate the post and the hard work and dedication that goes into making these weekly posts a reality :) though I am still unsure of how to approach them about this.....