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Latest reviews

Love the podcast I listen to it everytime a new one comes out. the host really know what topics to cover and do so in a way that everyone can understand
A somehow dark story of a zoo, with many dark spots, the guy wanted to wash out this story, but there is some points missings, it paint a reality around zoophilia that is not, for me, the average zoophile in the world.
Really excellent, for the moment the best book about zoophilia I ever read.
First book I I would advise to every person questioning herself about the question.
A serious, unbiased and excellently executed study. I was actually invited to the study, notified of it by my a zoo-friend who was helping her get contacts, but at the last moment I backed out. Seeing what Hani did with it, I regret that decision and wish in hindsight I'd taken part.
Difficult to get onboard with the initial premise. For instance, why is it okay to have sex with a human but not eat them? So many problems with the non-sequitur point of comparison.
For Cafe Zoo in Blogs
Very intresting Blog
Thank you!
Super interesting podcast
Keep up your good work
Thanks! I'm super stoked about this next episode!
informative and philosophical
I'm glad to hear that we resonate with you in that way.