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The Bestia Amore Podcast

Hey folks, this is the blog for the BA Podcast!

We'll attempt to record every Wednesday, 10 PM EST. Our uploads will usually be within a day or two as we need time to edit and proof the pod.

Hope you all enjoy listening and we appreciate feedback.

Remember: we accept questions, comments, and even (possible) guest requests!

Feel free to contact us via DM, a public post here, or via our email.

Our YouTube channel is here.

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Latest updates

  1. Part 2 of Episode 3!

    Hey there! We got part 2 of Episode 3 recorded last night! It'll be uploaded in a day or so...
  2. No Part 2 this week. :(

    Well folks, I'm afraid part 2 of Episode 3 will have to wait, I'm apparently coming down with a...
  3. Recording tonight!

    RIght folks, we're going to try recording tonight for Part 2 of Episode 3! We'll likely have it...
  4. Episode 3 now live!

    Our third episode is now live on the channel! This will be a three part episode, we'll be doing...
  5. All recorded for Episode 3, Part 1!

    Welp, it's early Thursday Morning, but we got our recording done. Episode will likely be edited...
  6. No episode this week, and well-wishes to my co-host and family!

    Sorry to say folks, there won't be an episode this week as planned: one of our hosts had a...
  7. We're all set!

    Alright folks, we've gotten our topic picked! We'll be recording our first episode in the...
  8. Episode two is live!

    We've finally recorded, and I (Winter Green) have now edited / published it! You can find it here.
  9. Recording for EP-2 is done!

    So, we've gotten episode 2 recorded, it will be a day or so, but soon we'll be editing and...

Latest reviews

Audio quality could have been a bit better, perhaps, but overall a nice and informative podcast. Thanks for making it, y'all.
Great new podcast. Hope to see more!