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  1. Wisconsin Bestiality Bill passed by Senate, heading to Assembly

  2. Don't seek illegal sex publicly

    Of course, the point is that human-non human sex is explicitly against the law in the US, almost...
  3. Sex with Animals: Is Proposed CA Bestiality Law (AB 611) Fatally Flawed?

    Raises some good questions, then retardedly cites animals’ inability to consent or effectively...
  4. Is sex with animals really "so" bad?

    http://sciencenordic.com/denmark-mov...-really-so-bad Is bestiality harmful to the animals...
  5. It’s not crazy to love a dog so much

    An oldie but goody, thankfully archived. Hubby does it doggy style Phnom Penh - A newlywed...
  6. Undercover Investigation Leads to Arrest for Attempted Bestiality

    From the Loudon Times-Mirror, Maryland. https://loudounnow.com/2019/05/03/un...ed-bestiality/...
  7. A non-zoo farmer responds to Sweden's bestiality ban with notable rationality

    Sweden banned bestiality in 2014. In this TheLocal.se story regarding the ban, a Swedish farmer...
  8. Canadian Bill C84 Anti-Bestiality Parlimentary Discussion Audio.

    Click here for the live stream - MP3 of the main discussion is attached, not the complete...