Zooier Than Thou

Zooier Than Thou

Zooier Than Thou is yet another monthly podcast covering the zoophile community and all things zooey and wonderful. Featuring current events, dating advice, and insider tips on rubbing shoulders with the Zooluminati elite, all with a great deal of silliness, Zooier Than Thou sets itself apart from the pack with an openly positive and joyful interpretation of what it is to be a zoophile.
Hosts Fausty and Toggle bring two lifetimes of animal activism and cross-species romance to the mic, with the help of a dedicated cast and crew of zooey talent. There may be hundreds of others out there doing the same thing, but ZooTT aims to do it the best!
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  1. S2E6. Healthy, Happy, and Zooey 2020

    Our longest episode yet is jam-packed with zooey wellness! Plus, join Canis for a guided...
  2. S2E5. Zoo Pride 2020!

    The ZooTT crew is joined by several new zooey content creators for this celebration of zoo...
  3. S2E4. A Culture of Caring

    Lovecat and Canis are joined by Steeeve to discuss zoo culture and the foundations for a healthy...
  4. S2E3. Mixed Relationships: Zoos and Non-Zoos

    Doodle and Kitty host this episode about romantic relationships between zoos and their non-zoo...
  5. S2E2. The Furry Fandom

    Toggle is joined by Canis Gnosis for this dive into the furry fandom. Featuring interviews with...
  6. S2E1. The Path Forward

    Sigma and Toggle discuss the positive future ahead of zoos to kick off a brand new season of...
  7. S1E12.5. Twelve Months of ZooTT

    Lovecat and Toggle take a look back at the first season of ZooTT and discuss what comes next in...
  8. S1E12. ZETA Verein

    This episode features an enlightening interview with Michael Kiok and Komet of Germany's ZETA...
  9. S1E11.5. A Zoo's Legacy

    Two zoos seek to leave a legacy behind for future generations. Featuring an interview with Appa...
  10. S1E11. Tales of Zoo History

    Join us for this special, guest-hosted episode about zoo history! Steeeve recalls how he Forrest...
  11. S1E10.5. Happy Zoo Year!

    Join us for this roundtable reflection on the past, present, and future of ZooTT, and for a very...
  12. S1E10. 'Tis the Season for Coming Out

    Lovecat and Toggle tackle the difficulties and benefits of coming out as zoo in this special...
  13. S1E9.5 - Thankful for Non-Zoo Allies

    In this very grateful episode of ZooTT, Toggle and Fausty interview three non-zoo allies: a best...
  14. S1E9 - Legal Beagles (Part 1)

    "A Dog Is A Dishwasher"? Dive into our introduction to English law in the first part of a series...
  15. S1E8.5. Howloween!

    Join us for an extra spoopy Howloween episode! Enjoy three tales of zooey horror in what may be...
  16. S1E8. Healthy, Happy, and Zooey

    The boys are joined by Canis Gnosis and Anziris for a robust discussion of what it means to be...
  17. S1E7.5 - Lucid Moments

    In this episode, we interview Lucid Creator about a YouTube livesteam that went off the rails...
  18. S1E7. Women in the Zoo Community

    This jam-packed episode explores the issues of women in the zoo community, guided by our guest...
  19. S1E6.5. Media Mastery

    This New Moon episode of ZooTT discusses defining our zooey narrative in a media landscape in...
  20. S1E6. The World Needs Zooish Wisdom!

    In this extra jam-packed episode, Toggle and Fausty discuss zooish wisdom, Zooey is a...

Latest reviews

Thanks for representing us.
This is a real gem here!
Good advices you give and really entertaining :)
Thank you <3
My name is anna I am a 21 yo girl from Sweeden I just wanted to say I love your podcast that's how I found zooville.

My first Zoo experience: So i first got into this when i was younger. I remember it stated my pitbull mounting me and out of curiosity i decided to take it a step further and moved to letting him eat me out, after feeling how wonderful it was i decided to take it a step further and let him mount properly, My dog wasn't the best at first since he had absolutely no experience at all and it would always end with cum on my legs but after about 5 attempts he ended up getting his cock in my pussy. i moved and he got off me and started to lick my ass and pussy then mounted me again so he can attempted again and this time he rammed himself into my pussy, i was shocked and i loved how rough he was with me, i wanted to moan but my family was asleep throughout the house and i didn't want to get busted so i covered my mouth and let him rut into me like his bitch until i felt him not me. at first i was worried cause i wasn't aware of he and i being tied, i had no clue about it at all and i had to anxiously wait it out till he pulled out of me and l cleaned up myself and the mess i made from having his cum leak out of me and after that day i dedicated myself to being my dogs cumdump whenever we had the chance
Most definitely worth your time! Give them a listen! So many intellectual conversations that are refreshing to hear for anyone.
Thanks for such a kind endorsement <3
girl here I just want to say thank you to you a super good podcast.
You're welcome! And thank you for listening!
This podcast turned me into a zoo ally. It's funny, quirky, and informative. They always have something new to talk about. The podcast does a great job at uniting zoos, and it will often feature guest appearances from the community. Just give it a listen and see how you like it!
You're so kind <3 We're happy to have you as an ally! Stay Defiant!
Thank you for your wonderful podcast and thank you for telling about this site too. I have only been listening to a few episodes as of yet, but the personalities and the humor you put into this, is just what i needed. It's also what "we" need, since it can only put us all in a good spotlight when someone as positive as you all, talks about these topics. Thank you! :)
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it as you listen through the episodes!!
Keep doing what your doing, love everything you've done so far with the podcast, your laying the important groundwork for all our zooie futures.
I myself am a girl who just wants to say I appreciate your podcast. Especially the section Women in the Zoo Community
I'm so glad! We STILL need more female perspectives on our podcast, so PLEASE feel free to write in, or even contact us about contributing!
A very good Podcast