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  1. Pillar

    Guilty Pleasures

    Guilty pleasures? Does being alive count as a guilty pleasure?
  2. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    No. HYE had an animal that wasn't welcomed lick your face?
  3. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    No, and considering that I no longer own firearms, it's probably going to stay that way. HYE shot anything bigger than a .50 cal?
  4. Pillar

    Where should I go? (Leave the United States?)

    Too bad the world can't be like that with zoo sex.
  5. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    I haven't. HYE seen a crocodile?
  6. Pillar

    35/F/NYC Size queen craving her first knot...

    Welcome to Zooville, exclusivelyzoo! :D If you're looking for a cuck then I'm not the guy for you! :ROFLMAO:
  7. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    No. HYE seen a professional show (like a Broadway show)?
  8. Pillar

    Problems with zoo Acceptance

    That's what I like about Germany - you can have sex with your animals as long as they're not being abused.
  9. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    Yes - it was a "gift" that took all of my freedom away, in exchange for subservient privileges. HYE had someone build you up so they could just tear you down?
  10. Pillar

    Bump if your lonley and horny

    Sh*t, can you pass the blunt? Half a Bu...
  11. Pillar

    I have never...

    Call me a pessimist but I don't see it happening.
  12. Pillar

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    I have many wide-ranging emotions. Observing myself objectively, it makes me look bipolar. :LOL:
  13. Pillar

    Change one letter ONLY,

  14. Pillar

    I have never...

    Too bad it ain't gonna happen for me. That's life.
  15. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    Sometimes. HYE realized life likes to stick it up your ass, just because it can?
  16. Pillar

    Word association

  17. Pillar

    Change one letter ONLY,

  18. Pillar

    I just wanted to say....

    IJWTS... nothing. Edit: Actually, IJWTS... there is no such thing as compromise when everything is designed to be one-sided.
  19. Pillar

    Word association

  20. Pillar

    Change one letter ONLY,

  21. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    No. HYE spent too much time pondering?
  22. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    No. HYE unintentionally fucked up several chances at getting laid?
  23. Pillar

    Have you thought of a fellow Zoo today?

    @Tailo For being thoughtful. :)
  24. Pillar

    Have you ever...

    Yes HYE got tired of everything?
  25. Pillar

    Keep one drop one add one

    Long night
  26. Pillar

    23 F Latina zoo

    Welcome to Zooville/¡Bienvenido a Zooville Alejandra69! :D I hope you'll enjoy it here/¡espero que vás a gustarlo aquí!
  27. Pillar


    This is one hell of an introduction - just a straight up proposal. :ROFLMAO: Well, welcome to Zooville Marrymebeastygirl! :LOL: You're not a troll, right? :ROFLMAO: You could've just made a normal intro and gone over to the personals, buddy! :ROFLMAO:
  28. Pillar

    Placeing human fertilized egg in chimpanzee womb

    To quote Wikipedia: "The humanzee (Homo sapiens sapiens × Pan) is a hypothetical chimpanzee/human hybrid. An unsuccessful attempt to create such a hybrid was made by Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov in the 1920s." In other words, the humanzee never happened.
  29. Pillar

    What are you Thinking right now?

    God damnit I knew I was a cripple!
  30. Pillar

    What´s the last thing you ate?

    Rice, beans, fish and steak 🍱