1. Texntyler

    How do you keep the knot in if you can't reach it?

    Periodically I left my dog hump and fuck me but because I like to stretch myself sometimes his knot always comes out and it's painful but I would rather be filled up until his dick goes soft is there a safe way for us to stay tied even though I can't reach?
  2. Evie

    Preparing for Knot advice (women specific)

    While I'm not there yet, I am wanting to start preparing myself for my first k9 partner. Did you do any such actions for your mate? What can I do to make it so I'm not too tight for him?
  3. VesperThorns

    Vesper's Daily Tip

    Figure it'd be a fun way to get my post count up by just sharing advice. Some of it's serious, some of it's silly. With that said, here goes! Day 1: Take hold of your day and do one thing positive and as a treat, ideally at the start of your day. This puts you in a better mood to tackle the...
  4. S

    Beginnings, acceptance and doubts

    Hello everyone. Please forgive my poor English, but I am learning and I had to go to the translator. I don't have much time in this community. I was in BF for a short time years ago but it wasn't until this year that I entered fully. I am a 20 years old boy(Maybe trans girl in a future) who...
  5. letstaketturns

    Have you ever tried outdoors?

    I was just curious if anyone else has tried anything outdoors? Like on a hike or trail. I've tried a few times but besides a few licks he gets to distracted etc.. If anyone has experience or advice I would appreciate it!? ? Pic is of our recent adventure although it was a pretty public spot so...
  6. A

    Where to find / get to know zoo partners?

    I'm heavily into zoo stuff but I don't know how to approach people like me (this being a taboo is the biggest problem). Is there a page / forum / site that I can go to, so I can meet people with the same kind of sexuality? I would love to have a gf who is into dogs, that's it.
  7. Disanima

    Owning a pig

    Hi there fellows, I've always had a dream into owning a pet pig :pig_love: I have a thing for really large farm breeds, but I think it may be really difficult to manage one of them (or to avoid stupid questions on why I own it without eating it), so, I came to the conclusion that owning a...
  8. Flint

    Achieving Prostate Orgasm

    Hi, I have been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but couldn't decide what category to put it under, so I figured this would be as good as any. I have been experimenting on my own for a little under a year now, I am now 18 and I have never been able to achieve prostate orgasm. I was...
  9. Kubrow

    Problems with my mate

    So ... I'm a male and I've been exploring this new side of me with my male dog for some months by now (5-6). We have few opportunities to "play" but we manage to have some private time from time to time hehehhehe .... But our relation has reached a sort of a "wall" I would say He looooooooves...
  10. werqu

    Tips For Women About Sex With Big Dogs [BeastForum re-post]

    [This was written by user SamanthaJonesUK on beastforum, very useful advice.] I’ve written this document as I really struggled to find real facts that were appropriate. I will cover the facts as I see / have experienced. * Large dogs are not easy to control nor are they easy to do this with...
  11. H

    I've been outed several times. Seeking advice.

    I'm using a throw away account so I don't have these personal details linked to my main one. Sorry if that's sketchy, but I'm pretty paranoid about everything lately. I can't remember all the times I've been outed. CPTSD often causes memory loss around traumatic events. I estimate about half a...
  12. MissKate

    Beginner's questions

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this world, and my knowledge is mostly from videos I've watched. I have quite a few questions, and I've looked over the tutorials but couldn't find real answers for that. If you could share your wisdom it'd be awesome ❤ 1. It seems dogs in the videos sniff around...
  13. Redleader6

    If anyone is looking for advice or a teacher

    Ive been a trainer for females with male dogs for several years now. Ive done in person and online teaching and breeding. Currently my 7+ years have been exclusively for females with male animals, mostly dogs but a few horses, rarely something else. Im open to helping anyone but im not sure how...
  14. K

    I want a reality check

    I've wanted a dog for a long time but never have been able to get one. Well that's changed and I plan on getting a lovely lady soon now I know that fantasies are never the same as reality. So I need some of you experienced peeps to tell me the negatives of your relationships. Also I'm...
  15. Jëëco

    The best condiments to encourage a dog to lick your penis?

    What is the best kind of condiment, sauce, or food to encourage a dog to lick your penis? I've used ketchup but im sure they're could a better alternative though the bitch i used it on seemed to love it.