1. Sissy4Dogs

    Advice on Finding an Owner for my First Time!

    Hello, I'm a 27 y/o sissy, and I've never gone all the way with a dog before, only ever sucked doggie cock on 3 different occasions! I'm looking for an owner near me to help me lose my doggie virginity! I'm very tight so a BIG dog is out of the question, but I've taken a few decent sized human...
  2. A

    To where did everything move?

    I guess that because of the new laws in the US, a lot of the forums and some of the best content sites like bestialitylovers and petsex where closed down. However, this does of course not mean that there are less people into zoo stuff, and where there is a will, there is a way. I mean its...
  3. Esmeralda0009

    Un grupo Telegram para tod@s.❤️

    Si desean estar en el grupo de Telegram escríbanme en PRIVADO sus nombres de usuario para agregarles, no posteen ningún nombre de usuario ni link en esta publicación, gracias. Respetemos las reglas de esta comunidad. ?????