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  1. FloofyNewfie

    I'm Scared to Take My Female Dog to The Vet

    Hello all, don't worry my girls are in good health. So my fears may or may not be rational. I fuck my Newfie girl quite often and sometimes cum will just leak out of her vagina. I fear that it might happen one day when I eventually do need to take my girl to the vet. One time I hadn't fucked...
  2. Noel

    Interesting underwear for women to keep dog's knot in

    Pretty interesting concept that makes human vagina a bit like dog's. Not only do these stripes make the vulva stick out more, but they also make it harder for the dog pull out.
  3. K

    Need help,bitch sex

    This is my first post ever regarding bestiality.I'm new to zoophilia,got myself a lab bitch last year,she is 10 months old now and its her first heat,her bleeding has stopped yesterday so I tried to to have intercourse with her today,but there's a problem..I was stretching her for over an...
  4. Adaji

    Would a female lab be too small?

    What breeds of females, starting with minimum size can an average male 5 1/2 -6 inch non girth male penis fit into? Is a Labrador retriever too small? Is it true after a couple litter of puppies they “loosen up”? I have a friend with a female lab who Uses toys of different sizes on his bitch...
  5. K

    I want a reality check

    I've wanted a dog for a long time but never have been able to get one. Well that's changed and I plan on getting a lovely lady soon now I know that fantasies are never the same as reality. So I need some of you experienced peeps to tell me the negatives of your relationships. Also I'm...
  6. argonian343

    Spayed or not?

    I'm gonna get a dog soon, ill probably wait a few years to spay her tho
  7. V

    Female dog nipples and dog milk.

    I am curious to know if female dogs likes us to play with her nipples. Also, how is the taste of dog milk compared to cow milk? I am curious. 🤔 😝
  8. V

    Women pussy vs female dog pussy

    I am really curious to see if a female dog pussy is better than a woman's pussy.
  9. V

    Curious blackman here.

    Hello. Good bye