1. N

    Movie idra naked and nerd and gay for horse dick.

    Want to learn to suck horse dick manual ground collection orall sperm collection. I want to make an movie from a breeding stable on uneversity, make a study on horse sperm as supplament and meal replacment using uneversity student for monitoring of a test subject . The only food source is...
  2. D

    Do you let your animal smell your grool/ovulation discharges?

    I do sometimes let my dog lick my grool especially when ovulating. There is something erotic in letting the dog know I am in heat ready for breeding and fertilization. I always spread my legs and let all the goodies drip
  3. Madtraxxas

    Hello everyone

    Hello Im new to this site. I hope im in the right place im really interested in being used/breed by animals has anyone done anything like this? Or organised anything that would fulfill my fantasy/needs?
  4. abc2020

    What’s your favourite dog breeds??

    My Favourite picks are: Rottweiler, Weimaraner and Hungarian Vizsla. What about you?
  5. MRYP

    Should my female get puppies?

    "I want to breed my dog" Everyone probably thought about having a puppy off of their own dog at one point in their life. I surely did. But breeding dogs, isn't as "easy" as it seems, because there are many questions and facts that come along with having the desire to breed ones dog: - Is my...