1. FloofyNewfie

    Pursuing Missionary with my dog?

    Hello, so I had disgusted this on another thread and figured I should really create a thread of my own about it. So my Newfie girl is absolutely crazy about sex, in and out of heat, and many of you know by now. Since I won't shut up about her! Lol. But one thing she doesn't like is missionary...
  2. pes

    Erection issues around dogs

    I have a problem that when I start petting a dog mine or other I start getting an erection. :D This limits how much time I have to enjoy a dog. Especially if it is a sexy dog. :gsd_love: It almost got me into trouble once. :D Kissing is absolutely impossible, since that would be an instant...
  3. Clawdeen Wolf

    What Is The Largest Breed You Have Ever Been With?

    My two biggest have been Great Dane and Mastiff. What Is The Largest Breed You Have Ever Been With?
  4. D

    For those who don't own a pet....

    After being on the forum for a while now, I see that owning a pet wouldn't be for me because of my lifestyle. For those who don't own a pet and are sexualy active with animals, how do you do it? How do you seduce or charm the animal to let them play with their pussy? (female dogs, cow and pigs)
  5. D

    Owning a dog questions.

    I am lonely. Dating sucks. I need constant affection. I wonder if owning a pet could help with this but I know that owning one can have some challenges as well. Those are my questions. 1-I know that you need to be outgoing to own a dog and have A LOT of time for them. I am curious to know if...
  6. D

    Spaying/neuthering your dogs. North America vs the rest of the world.

    I see a lot of people from North America seing spaying/neutheuring their dog as the best solution. Compared to other parts of the world like some countries in Europe are against it. Why people in North America are all in on this? I understand that they want to prevent a overpopulation of dogs...
  7. SpasmsOfMating

    Questions about dog mating and anatomy

    Here's some things I'm curious about, could someone knowledgeable elaborate? 1. There was once a guide to sex with dogs that insisted the male's orgasm only occurs right before the tie, and during the tie, he does ejaculate constantly but doesn't feel orgasmic pleasure, but is rather bored...
  8. 6

    horse fucking dog? Zoophilia

    Video of horse fucking dog? So far I've only seen two videos.
  9. J

    if you could make the dog get pregnant

    would you wanna have a family with your dog?
  10. huskylove2020

    Anyone else naked as much as possible?

    I try to always be naked as much as I can for my boy. It’s just him and I in the house. I love wandering around naked and knowing that any time he wants, he can do as he pleases to me. Makes me feel like I’m truly there to be his toy. I’ll get woken up during the night to him licking my pussy...
  11. DogSweden

    A Dogs Guide to Sex With Humans

    Dogs like most creatures, are innately, naturally sexual beings. But their sexuality is naturally oriented towards other dogs. They may not see us as sexual beings, however. This is something they have to learn. So, I want to talk about sexuality. His. Humans and Dogs have been living together...
  12. Sodamnrandom

    Dog cum amounts?

    Hi so this may be a weird question(it may have been asked before, and I may be posting in the wrong section). But I'm wondering what factors contribute to how much cum a male doggy will unload? I've seen videos where the dog cums right across the room, I've seen vids where the dog cums...
  13. abc2020

    Will a male dog be loyal to me long term?

    Hi So... assuming I get a puppy and bring him up/let him grow up and start to play with him when hes mature enough. To start with I would let him get my scent/lick me few times before I let him penetrate me. Long term will he stay loyal to me or as soon as he sees a dog bitch he will go after...
  14. FloofyNewfie

    Stretching a dogs vagina out?

    Oh boy, I hope I'm not opening a big can of worms by posting this. Try to keep things civil. So many zoos attest to the ability of stretching a dogs vagina out. But there seems to be an equal amount that says it cannot be done. The method I was told about involved starting out with small sex...
  15. LeftFilly

    Animal Housing Fire Safety - Please take a moment to plan how to save your loved one

    Hello, Just wanted to post a friendly reminder here as we approach summer and wildfire season in the northern hemisphere to please take the time to consider your fire response and evacuation plan for wherever your loved ones are located. Please make sure that your fire extinguishers are...
  16. I

    whats the most exotic animal you've had sex with

    anything is welcomed, from dog, cat, horse, lion what ever
  17. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone taken a dog's virginity?

    So, I've never gotten the opportunity to take the virginity of a canine. I'm sexually active with my Newfoundland girl but I got her at the age of two from a zoo who's known to share his canines. So, who knows how many cocks have been in her by now? Lol For those who were able to take the...
  18. FloofyNewfie

    Sex Just After Heat - Yes or No?

    This is a bit of a weird question. So, normally for this type of question I'd go to my two trusted zoo friends. Both have a lot of expirence. But on this question their answers actually conflict. One friends says that I should wait 7 days after a heat cycle has finished before I start fucking...
  19. T

    Receiving Previously Mated Male K9

    Full disclosure: this question isn't for me, but for a friend of mine. As a result, I may not be describing the situation perfectly. I've never met the dog in-question and am trusting what I've been told. I'm also not a zoophile myself and am mostly on this forum for curiosity rather than sexual...
  20. Z

    REVIEW AND STORY: ElypseArt's Inflatable Dog Dildo

    Hey all! So I want to preface by saying that I have never taken an actual dog before so I can not say whether it is accurate or not, but I have seen other reviews that says they feel very accurate when you fill them with warm water. At the end, I included how I used it last night. <3 THE COLOR...
  21. FloofyNewfie

    What are your animals to you?

    So I've seen the answer to this question vary wildly. Some people call their animals Mates, Husbands/Wives, or even just companions. I tend you use the word "Mate" to describe my Newfoundland girl, while I see my shiba inu as more of a pet, but in some ways still a mate as well. But I do treat...
  22. FloofyNewfie

    Cesar Millan, love or hate him?

    So from what I've seen of Cesar Millan aka "The Dog Whisperer" I tend to disagree with many of his training methods. So many people both love and hate him. I've only seen a handful of episodes years and years ago. One zoo friend even suspects he might be a zoo since after his wife left him his...
  23. FloofyNewfie

    Helping the Newbies Out

    So I've seen this a lot within the zoo community and I'm curious about it. There seems to be this mentality where more experienced zoophiles are completely unwilling to talk to beginner/young zoos or zoos without animals. It seems like to them, beginner zoos are just not worth their time and...
  24. FloofyNewfie

    What type/breed of dog do you have?

    What type of breed of dog do you have? I would post a lot more breeds but the polling limit is 10. So I just chose some of the more common breeds I've seen, plus a few other categories. I myself have a pure breed Newfoundland and a Shiba Inu mix. You can select all that apply.
  25. T

    New to Forum

    Hello All, 21male here from the south of the UK! I am completely knew to this forum, I have had an interest in zoo for a very long time since I was young but never really new a community like this existed! I am so happy I found it and I look forward to getting to know more of you as time goes by.
  26. newdist

    Favorite dog porn?

    Thought this would be a good place to share some of your favorite dog porn. Anything goes: gay, straight, threesomes, etc. Just has to be ones you like. Here are some of mine; enjoy!
  27. FloofyNewfie

    Female Dogs Enjoying Sex Out Of Heat?

    I know this is going to sound like me boasting, but it's not my intention one bit. Okay, so male zoos who have female dogs, do your girls love sex out of heat? I've spoken with a lot of zoos over the years and it seems like bitches are usually not very horny or slutty unless in heat. I've also...
  28. W

    It hurts when he gets in (M/M)

    So I’ve been mating with my boy for a few months now, and it’s absolutely great for both of us. He’s a very well equipped 2yo GSD mix. It generally happens like so: he mounts me, and when he finds his way in I need to stimulate him, otherwise he just stops humping and dismounts. That way, he...
  29. newdist

    New here from the Midwest

    Hello everyone! Just a 28 year old male here with a interest in zoophilia. Not to say I don't like humans :) I guess I'll further introduce myself by how I started. Honestly, I was into dogs before humans. I began experimenting with my dog as a teenager because I was curios of what a knot felt...
  30. FloofyNewfie

    Involuntarily Exclusive!

    To start out I'm not an Incel! Lol That header was to grab your attention! xD So right now I'm technically exclusive as I'm only in partnership with a doggie girl. While I'm not actively looking for a woman, if I found the right person I'd have no problems with dating one. I haven't dated a...