1. Y

    Who knows what happened with user Azert6?

    I’m a big fan of his videos and it seems like he disappeared completely from the entire community.
  2. Z

    Have you had sex with a horse?

    I looked for a thread like this, but couldn't find any. The question is, have you had sex with a horse (mare or stallion), and if you had, what did it feel like? Also, how many horses have you had sex with? If you have a horse, is the horse your lover? Is there anyone who had sex with a mare...
  3. Indigo Dreams

    Questions about equines (but mostly stallions)

    1. Do mares and stallions tend to pair bond much or show loyalty, or is it basically a free for all once the heat starts? I suppose it depends on the environment, and I know animals often act differently in captivity versus the wild, or if they're allowed to get to know each other, or if there's...