1. S

    Dog in diaper being fucked

    Let's share here pix, videos and our experience of this quite rare and unusual fetish ;) It will be great to add some details like what sex is the dog and what type was the intercourse,additional fetish play and so on :p
  2. Jëëco

    Anyone else find house cats sexy?

    I just find house cats sexy, especially when they sit right on your crotch and give you that shoulder look, it's like they're saying "You gonna fuck me or what human~?" Which i find just irresistible. Not being able to actually have sex with one doesn't even bother me, but I did nut on my...
  3. Jëëco

    Does crotch sniffing turn you on too?

    So does anyone else find a dog sniffing your crotch sexy? Because I swear every time a dog starts putting their nose on my dick and balls and hearing that sniffing noise, it's boner city. Once i actually thought about putting dog biscuits in my pants and going to the local dog park. Anyone else...