first time

  1. K

    friend is about to take his first knot

    he doesnt use toys or butt play. hes going to be fucked by a pit with maybe 6-7inch dick, the width worries me. will there any problems for him?
  2. jellybean56

    How to have safe sex with a male dog? (I'm female)

    So I'm completely new to this, I'm female & I want to know how to safely get f*cked by a male dog. Is there risk of infections? Such as BV (bacterial vaginosis) when their PH of their skin throws off your PH down there, or risk of UTIs? (Urinary Tract Infections) bacteria going up the uretha...
  3. J

    I’ve licked a few pussies but I haven’t been able to fuck one because of my...size. Any tips on a breed that will accommodate me?

    My first time I was about 25 or so, I was going to my friend’s house to pick something up, I think it was a dresser or something. I forget. He wasn’t there, but he said to just go in and grab it. No one was at his house but his blue nose pit was lying on his bed. She was always really chill and...
  4. D

    I want my fiancee to start sexual relationship with my golden retriever.

    We are in relationship for almost eight years. We got engaged last January. We are a muslim couple living in a muslim country. We both love dogs very much. I have a golden retriever. Whenever my girl comes home my dog plays with her all the time. He loves her like me. My girl also love him too...
  5. B

    took my first knot today- total surprise

  6. P

    First time with a female dog

    So I’m about to try my first time with a female dog, a Golden Retriever. I’m very nervous. Any tips?