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  1. ShanoirII

    Anti-Zoo Bingo Cards!

    Anyone who has ever heard an anti-zoo talk knows that they never add anything to the conversation that the last five did not. So, I had the idea to create a few Bingo cards around some of the mantras they chant. If you ever find yourself in a discussion with an anti-zoo (at which point you have...
  2. I

    Count to 10,000

    This is a thread where we will be counting to 1,000 in base ten. You can't post after yourself. Only post one number in each post. Number Reached Reached By 10 @IAmAFunGuy 50 @Stoli 100 @Pillar 250 @Tailo 500 @zooma 1,000 @zooma To start us off: 1
  3. Mickflare

    What not YLYL?

    You laugh you lose! Lets get some humor going, thats what we used while deployed and wonding when we were going to get blown up or have a rocket slam into the side of your vehicle ect.. Post something :D
  4. Puppy

    Name a thing and choose a color

    The game goes like this, first color is green Watermelons. Yellow Lemon. White Clouds. Blue Go on :D