1. LoveNottLust1

    IMVU gameplay

    Do you have an account for IMVU on computer or phone app
  2. I

    Count to 10,000

    This is a thread where we will be counting to 1,000 in base ten. You can't post after yourself. Only post one number in each post. Number Reached Reached By 10 @IAmAFunGuy 50 @Stoli 100 @Pillar 250 @Tailo 500 @zooma 1,000 @zooma To start us off: 1
  3. Puppy

    Name a thing and choose a color

    The game goes like this, first color is green Watermelons. Yellow Lemon. White Clouds. Blue Go on :D
  4. I

    One Word Story

    Post one word at a time that goes along with the sentence. The end goal is to write a nice story.... But that probably won't happen. You can do punctuation at the same time as a word, but the same person must not put a word twice in a row. I will periodically go through and write down the...