1. Pup-Dingus_Kogan-Fox

    Noob, please help!

    How do I send pictures and videos in private chats?
  2. S

    Mare being hard to understand

    Hello ! I do own a mare since many years now, we're having good moments and experiences (not sexual) and i'm trying to introduce her to sex. To make it short, she is really a special mare, she has special moods, never show any sign of heat or anything and it's really hard to know what she...
  3. monkeyman

    How to not be afraid of horses

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. Ive always wanted to have a passionate relationship with a mare, but the problem is, im afraid of them. I always fear they Will harm me. Are there any ways to overcome this?
  4. S

    Beginnings, acceptance and doubts

    Hello everyone. Please forgive my poor English, but I am learning and I had to go to the translator. I don't have much time in this community. I was in BF for a short time years ago but it wasn't until this year that I entered fully. I am a 20 years old boy(Maybe trans girl in a future) who...
  5. L.A.M


    Iv been thinking about being inside a dog or mare (or sheep) for a long time, iv been searching far and wide for people who are willing to let me mate with their partners and it's been a good year of radio silence. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Kylan Velpa

    UK, new here, kinda confused.

    Hey. I'm a guy from the UK, and I honestly would never have described myself as a zoophile. What I'm looking for right now are answers. Because while I don't feel I'd have intercourse with an animal, I do feel a very deep connection to some, especially some cats and dogs. I've probably said "I...
  7. Kubrow

    Problems with my mate

    So ... I'm a male and I've been exploring this new side of me with my male dog for some months by now (5-6). We have few opportunities to "play" but we manage to have some private time from time to time hehehhehe .... But our relation has reached a sort of a "wall" I would say He looooooooves...
  8. FloofyNewfie

    Helping the Newbies Out

    So I've seen this a lot within the zoo community and I'm curious about it. There seems to be this mentality where more experienced zoophiles are completely unwilling to talk to beginner/young zoos or zoos without animals. It seems like to them, beginner zoos are just not worth their time and...
  9. J

    Looking for an animal to try

    Hi i am from wisconsin and am looking for another zoophile who would be willing to let me have my first time witht their female animal it is very hard to find avalible options here so please help!
  10. Dawniedoosey

    Need to borrow a big male dog but don’t know how

    (First post on any forum forgive all ignorances I have.)I’ve never been able to fulfill my intense desire I have to be fucked by a dog, I’ve been into beastie honestly since I was a kid. My dogs have been eating my pussy for as long as I can remember, and it feel better than any man can make me...
  11. H

    I've been outed several times. Seeking advice.

    I'm using a throw away account so I don't have these personal details linked to my main one. Sorry if that's sketchy, but I'm pretty paranoid about everything lately. I can't remember all the times I've been outed. CPTSD often causes memory loss around traumatic events. I estimate about half a...
  12. SloppyTac0

    Watching Videos on Zooville (Read if your having issues)

    If your having issues watching videos uploaded to Zooville, its likely that your trying to watch a video format that is not supported by your browser. Its important to note that unlike a "tube" site like YouTube or PornHub, which take videos uploaded by their users and re-encodes them into a...