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  1. peachyknott

    i’ve missed this place!

    wow it’s so good to see another zoo site up and running! i was on here and beast forum under the same name with the same red bra avatar haha 💕 i’ve changed my pp up this time though, new year new beginnings right? ☺️
  2. Angie113

    Hey from New England

    Hey all, call me Angie. Ive been a zoophile most of my life. My former lovers were dogs and cats but i no longer sleep with animals. Im here to talk about shared zoo experiences, maybe make friends, and lurk.
  3. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    Hello from Chicago!

    Hey there! I’m ftm and from Chicago! Currently inactive but trying to get active. I’m looking for fellow zoos in my area and just in general!:) Talking to like minded people has helped me so much, it was getting depressing I thought I was the only with these feelings
  4. aruss

    Hello! ...Again...

    Hi there everyone! Surprised to see the changes around here, but I'm happy the admins let us know about the breach. Time to change all the passwords associated with this email now 😱
  5. Thyrilanos

    Introducing myself properly

    Greetings fellow animal admirers, For myself, i was not long part of this forum and also missed to introduce myself. My name here is Thyrilanos, im 24 and a highly admirer of dogs. I live in Germany. and to be honest, still a virgin on the animal side. I wish you all and your animals a great...
  6. KeepingItSlow

    Well, hello again

    Hiii! I joined... not even a week ago on the other ZooVille, was very confused when this one said my username "didn't exist," lol. I'm a pre-op FtM trans man who has been into zoo for a few years now - but am only looking for my first time now. I hope to make some good friends here, and I...