1. bitchlover97

    hello i want you all to meet my friends donkeys

    Hello I'm new here and I want to talk to you guys about my friends donkeys, my friend is much older than me and runs a fair on Barmouth beach (UK town) I worked with him when I was 14 and left when I was 18 during that time I fell in love with the donkeys he had, mostly the females, when he used...
  2. Y

    Who knows what happened with user Azert6?

    I’m a big fan of his videos and it seems like he disappeared completely from the entire community.
  3. Ilovemarepuss

    North wales.

    Is anyone from around North Wales or closer. Interested in mares. I’ve had a few but my opportunity disappeared.
  4. Indigo Dreams

    Questions about equines (but mostly stallions)

    1. Do mares and stallions tend to pair bond much or show loyalty, or is it basically a free for all once the heat starts? I suppose it depends on the environment, and I know animals often act differently in captivity versus the wild, or if they're allowed to get to know each other, or if there's...