1. Mickflare

    Wardruna- Raido

    Great song and a handsome stallion. " Dark clouds drift within The longing lures pulls my mind Will you carry me? I want to go Fair foal, I bid you Sacks rich with gold of the fields Fare swiftly on flying hoofs Carry me, and I promise you Ride out Raido The storm is stilled, the mind it...
  2. hounddog01

    Lou dog. from the rock band Sublime (Dalmatian)

    Do you think Lou got any action on the road with Sublime? I like to picture hot females following the band on the road and wanting some red rocket from Lou. Do you think the band sang anything about beastiality? or told stories of how they would bring Lou on the road with them? also I know...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Songs About Zoophilia!

    Hey all! So, I'm wondering if anyone can post some songs about or related to zoophilia or bestiality? I remember a thread on ZF back in the day about this very same subject. The only two I can think of is... Blink 182 - I wanna fuck a dog in the ass: Pepper Coyote - Blast Radius (aka, no...