new guy

  1. paradox123

    From Sweden

    Hi, 28 gay male from Sweden who's browsed zoo porn for a few years now. I'm active on two sites where you can share zoo porn. Wish to connect more with fellow zoophiles and finallt made an account here ^^
  2. 7

    New M member from NV

    Hello all. New member that has been into bestiality for years. Just on here to meet people who share the same fetishes and fantasies. Have not had any experience yet but u never know I may give it a try. I deeply enjoy watching videos of females getting licked and dicked by a canine but would...
  3. B

    Hello I am new here :)

    Black male in my late 20’s located in Tampa Florida! My grandfather had farm so I used to watch pigs horses and caws getting copulated for reproduction purposes, I was always fascinated by it! I remember the first time I lost my virginity was to a little boy that sucked my dick under the living...
  4. Mortis

    New here

    Been looking for says trying to find more of this I’ve been missing out
  5. T

    New and nervous

    Hi y'all. Well, let me introduce myself. I'm new here (I have never joined any websites of this kind as well), and well, I'm a little afraid of all this. Let me explain, I have had two sexual encounters with my dog (I'm male, and he penetrated me), and while I have enjoyed those encounters...
  6. Americanmuscle

    Hello peoples!

    Howdy! just signed up to see what this is all about and to chat around:3 don't hesitate to hit me up if you wanna chat about anything from zoo or cars, big card nerd here :p
  7. Kylan Velpa

    UK, new here, kinda confused.

    Hey. I'm a guy from the UK, and I honestly would never have described myself as a zoophile. What I'm looking for right now are answers. Because while I don't feel I'd have intercourse with an animal, I do feel a very deep connection to some, especially some cats and dogs. I've probably said "I...
  8. Major_Derp

    New In Town

    Hey everybody I'm new here 29yr old M from NYC and just wanted to say hello to the community. I really do enjoy watching Zoo but me my self personally have never done anything n I'm afraid of doing anything really just can't find myself getting hard to do it but love seeing it. I find it weird...