1. knottyornice

    Awkward Dork

    Howdy y'all, uhhhh new and shy user here, with no idea what the FUCK they're even doing, haha! Late 20s ftm (trans dude) in New England, who is thankfully married to a lovely lady Zoo! I'm a total zoo-virgin, and hey, I might never get farther than lurking and daydreaming, but that's okay...
  2. DogSweden

    So I got a new dog today

    Hi everyone So I got a new dog today It's a female pitbull 3 years old super calm and safe. I am so happy :love:
  3. AspensSecret

    New here 20’s TF

    Just an early 20’s trans girl, I enjoy dogs and other animals more than most men💗
  4. T

    Hello There!

    I found this site a few days ago and decided (after reading several threads and seeing how everyone acts) that this is a real, support, and open-minded community that I hope I could be one part of. So I made a profile and here we are! I'm a 26 year old guy who has been interested in sexual...
  5. W

    New and frankly a lil scared.

    Hey yall. I'm new to the lifestyle I guess you'd call it. I enjoy hentai and certain vids with the content but I feel very wrong about it like I'm going to be in trouble for liking what I like. I don't know of I'd ever explore irl. Are there other safe places to explore? How do you all feel so...
  6. H

    Thank You

    Hello. My partner & I wanted to Thank you for letting us join! We are new to this type of experience but we are both extremely interested in learning more about it! Have a great evening!! - HillsKC20
  7. Lucyfer87


    Hi . my name is lucifer. I have been from Poland for some year interested in K9 So far, all we know is from movies, forum. At the moment the most interesting for me is just looking. And all the excitement of mating, I think more and more about something real. Even a few times I managed to find a...
  8. P

    New Girl And Need Advice

    Hi Everyone! So I'm brand new to this site, but I've been wanting to do this for a long time, I've even tried a couple times but lost my nerve A have three big, dogs, German Shepard's who are large even for them, and I'm pretty small (5 Foot even) with no sexual experience, I'm really small and...
  9. T

    New and nervous

    Hi y'all. Well, let me introduce myself. I'm new here (I have never joined any websites of this kind as well), and well, I'm a little afraid of all this. Let me explain, I have had two sexual encounters with my dog (I'm male, and he penetrated me), and while I have enjoyed those encounters...
  10. G

    New User First Impressions?

    I just joined yesterday and its been an eye opening experience. Everyone is so calm and sane and friendly, I suddenly feel comfortable with my “deep dark“ desires, which don’t feel deep and dark any more. Just wondering if any other new users have initial thoughts or impressions, or if you’ve...
  11. Shyfur

    20M Arkansas fur looking for a mare uwu

    Hi all, new to all this but not to zoo. It all started for me waay back when I was 8, watching the other boys take turns on our mare, n by thcourage I got old enough and built up the courage, we had to move onto a different farm with stallions... didnt stop me tho! I've had fun with dogs and...
  12. Slaveprecious

    Hello fellow knotties

    Hello everyone! I am new to zoosville(obviously lol) but not new to pet love. I have had fantasies at a very early age as I have always felt a strong attachment with animals(particularly k9). I had my first experience at 15 with a lab. I’m in my 20s and I have my Master/husband and have...
  13. Amigazoos

    Im making zoo videos

  14. T

    Howdy from Texas

    I’m a 24 y/o male near the DFW area. I lurked a lot on BF back in the day and am hoping to Ben more active here. I’m looking to meet likeminded individuals and maybe have some experiences in the future. If any one is interested feel free to contact me. P.S. I will also be in South Carolina...
  15. FloofyNewfie

    Helping the Newbies Out

    So I've seen this a lot within the zoo community and I'm curious about it. There seems to be this mentality where more experienced zoophiles are completely unwilling to talk to beginner/young zoos or zoos without animals. It seems like to them, beginner zoos are just not worth their time and...
  16. T

    New to Forum

    Hello All, 21male here from the south of the UK! I am completely knew to this forum, I have had an interest in zoo for a very long time since I was young but never really new a community like this existed! I am so happy I found it and I look forward to getting to know more of you as time goes by.
  17. DobermanBooty

    Texas guys?

    Hey everyone! Just found the community and im so excited I'm not alone anymore!!!! :) anybody maybe wanna chat? I'm still sorta new :)
  18. newdist

    New here from the Midwest

    Hello everyone! Just a 28 year old male here with a interest in zoophilia. Not to say I don't like humans :) I guess I'll further introduce myself by how I started. Honestly, I was into dogs before humans. I began experimenting with my dog as a teenager because I was curios of what a knot felt...
  19. .white2abbit

    K9 Lover in Ontario

    Friendly 29 year old straight white male here from Durham Region, ON. Long time in the zoo lifestyle(18+ years), finally getting around to joining another forum. My girl is a beautiful black 4 year old Shep/Rottie mix named Octavia I have lots of experiences and coming outs to post about that...
  20. BlackLyon

    Hello ZOOCIETY

    Hello people, guys, girls, people in Between My name is Bastian, I'm from Texas specifically from Dallas, born and raised on a ranch, i work as a Model sometimes and im in colleges finishing my veterinarian School I am the youngest of two brothers also boys. My experience with zoophilia dates...